Razor Cut Hairstyles

Razor cut hairstyles can make hair look modern, sleek and stylish. This type of cut presents an aura of confidence that’s harder to pull off with a simple bob or bun, and is best achieved by a professional with the proper tools. The best hair for razor cuts: short, thick, and straight.

You’ll get a flippy look rather than a limp-locked style that no amount of volumizing mousse can cure.This is also ideal for bangs to keep them from looking weighed down. To achieve a nice razor cut, the blade must be sharp enough to slice, not saw, through layers of hair. Hair can be easily damaged if a razor cut is done on dry hair or with a blunt razor. Razor combs are suggested for first-timers over straight razors, for safety and ease.  If you looking for the hairstyles of this cut, mentioned below are some razor cut hairstyles only given for you :

Emo Styles

Emo and punk styles are for girls with straight hair. Chose the color of your choice and highlight the chopped layers. Then spray your hair, set it with hair thinning razor. Bring the long sharp ends of the hair in front and add volume on the top to get the emo look.

Bob Hairstyle

A bob hairstyle can benefit from the razor-cutting technique because it allows the bob to have movement :
Razored Bob

These textured hairstyles are for short bob cut hair. Razor cut at ends with multiple uneven layers. Set your hair with waxed fingers and gels in varied directions. Look like a pop star and rock the disco.

Inverted Bob

Inverted bob has the hair sliced to extremely short at the back and smooth long pointed end layers hanging from front. The hair is razored at perfect angles and then set with straightening gels. You can use colored hair mascara to highlight the angles of the cut.

Choppy Bob

Chop your straight hair precisely with razor. Get this rough edged cut , let it stay as it is. Just blow dry with a round brush and get the careless messy look. Chicks go for it for today’s party.
Long Length style

Long straight hair looks best with razor cuts. Cut your hair with pointed ends with a comb razor. You can add flicks in the front as well. This smooth razor cut gives you neat look by enhancing volume of your hair and adding lots of sharp edges to your hair.

For this razor cut hairstyles, it’s important to consider your hair texture first. It looks better on some hair types such as straight hair rather than curly. And you should realize that razor cut styles take maintenance, regular upkeep with a sharp blade is required, as the cut grows out unevenly.




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