Quinceanera Hairstyles for Young Girls

Quinceanera is a coming of age party that is organized in many Latin American households, when a girl turns 15. The party is supposed to symbolize the transition of a girl to a woman. A Quinceanera ceremony is comparable to weddings in the way they are organized, and are similar in grandeur with ceremonies being organized in the church, followed by a party afterward. The dance that the girl celebrating her Quinceanera, dances with her father, is an important tradition of the ceremony, as are the gifts that the young woman receives.

The way a girl presents herself at her Quinceanera is of paramount importance, and is the reason why dresses for the occasion are considered to be as unique and special as wedding gowns. With the importance placed on the girl’s looks, another part that comes under scrutiny is the hairstyle that she sports. This is where good hairstyles come into play, making it one of the key aspects of the girl’s look and appearance.  There are many Quinceanera hairstyles that great for Quinceanera party. Here, we have some hairstyles that have been doing the rounds of Quinceanera parties in recent times.

Loose Braid

The Quinceanera girls will clamor around her to figure out how she found a headband that matches her hair perfectly. Actually, it’s a simple process called the loose braid, used with the party girl’s own hair. All that’s required is to blow dry hair as straight as possible and part in the center. A section of hair from each part (about 1 inch) is kept separate while the rest of the hair is gathered in a loose ponytail to keep out of the way. Take each of the sections and braid them (tight for a polished look, loose for a casual look), then loop each one across the head towards the opposite ear. Pin with a bobby pin or jeweled clasp. Free the ponytail and fluff out the hair.

Gentle Waves

This is another style of Quinceanera hairstyles that works best for short hair. On dry hair, separate hair into sections with a rat tail comb, leaving one section of hair loose at the nape of your neck. Spray hair with a heat-protecting hairspray. Grab a small amount of hair at the base of your neck and curl it with a 1 inch barrel curling iron. Smooth the hair by running the iron from root to tip, then curl it. Let the curl drop out of the iron and pin it into place. Repeat with the rest of your hair. Spray hairspray on the pinned curls and wait 30 minutes. Starting at the nape of your neck, unwind the curls from the pins, then brush hair softly. Comb hair into a wave and clip under each wave. Continue until all hair is pined, then spray with hairspray. After drying, remove the clips and pin hair with a barrette.

Half Updo with Bohemian Twirl

If you prefer a half-do hairstyle for your ceremonial Mass and following party, you can pull your hair back with a braid around the crown of your head for a bohemian twirl. You can soften the look with locks of hair that fall over your shoulders by pulling the ends of your hair downward and spraying your hair with a spray that allows your hair to flow naturally.

Half Updo with Pins

You might want to try a half-do hairstyle by pinning back the tresses that frame your face. You can pin the tresses with colored hair pins, which should match the color of your quinceanera dress, scattering the pinned locks throughout the back of your hair. You can loop the hair strands before pinning your hair to create a flowing look. Curl the tresses lightly and secure the style with a holding spray.

Messy Updo

Luscious locks swept back in a “careless” manner always look superb for someone who wants to make jaws drop when they enter the room. The loose updo will highlight your beautiful face and show your carefree side. Adding a small tiara about 2 to 3 inches from the hairline will give it a great, sparkly effect.

Curled Up-Do With Adornments

A traditional way to wear Quinceanera hair is in an elegant up-do with curls and adornments. The best way to achieve this is by applying a shine serum to clean, dry and smooth hair. Leave 1/4 of hair down around the face and gently pull the rest up into a high ponytail. Pull up the hair left down as well, twisting it slightly and pinning it up with the rest of the hair while leaving a few strands around the face. With a curling iron, curl all of the hair and pin it down just enough that the curls are showing but it will stay put. Curl the strands around the face and top hair off with hairspray. Many different types of adornments can be added to this style, such as a tiara at the crown of the head just in front of the mass of curls, or decorative pins added to the hair and into the center of the curls.

For a quinceanera, a young girl with shorter locks might prefer a longer look. With extensions, her dream look can be achieved. Some ladies choose to adorn their hair with stylish accessories such as feathers, flowers, studded clips or jewels. During the quinceanera, keep an “emergency hair kit” on hand to deal with any hair mishaps. The kit includes bobby pins, hairspray, a brush, a comb, an anti-frizz product and baby powder, which is used to absorb oil build-up caused by sweating.

Quinceanera Hairstyles for Young Girls

These were just some of the Quinceanera hairstyles that you can opt for your fifteenth birthday. Proper hair care will ensure that your hair does not get ruined by the hair styling products that you use on your hair. It is always better to consult a stylist before deciding on a hairstyle, as the stylist will be able to give you the different options for hairstyles that you can have, depending on what will suit you. Choose one of these hairstyles and enjoy being the belle of the ball being thrown in your honor.





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