Quick and Easy Updos for Medium Hair

We often times discussing about medium hair. And as you can see, medium hair are very versatile, and okay to maintain. With medium hair one can create many braid, pony and updo hairstyles. Updo hairstyles work great as formal hairstyles, and also they are great savers from a bad hair day. Here are the various ideas of quick and easy updos for medium hair :

The Casual Half up style

The casual half up is also one of the easy updos for medium hair and to make this hairstyle you first leave a bit of side hair and front hair and make a high ponytail using half of the rest of the hair. In case your hair is straight, you can add some curls to make it appear more feminine and when you taking the top hair to make the curls, ensure to take a small portion at a time. Then take an inch of hair from the ponytail made and enfold it around the hair band then employ a bobby pin to secure it in place. Finally, tease the top hair to add some volume. Also, pinch a small part of the hair then pull out some of it to also add some volume. You can then spray to give it a shiny look.

French Bun Hair Updo

To create updos for medium hair here is another idea. Comb your hair nicely and then form a French bun. French bun is easy to create, but if you are doing for the first time then take a friends help. For French bun, the hair are rolled in such a way that it helps to create a vertical beautiful bun, which is fixed with lots of hair clips. Then wear dangling earrings or a floral hair clip to accessorize.

Messy Bun

Messy bun is a very easy updo to create with medium hair, and a quick hairstyle too. To create Comb or brush hair just enough to remove big tangles. Use thumbs or index fingers to gather hair above the ears into a half ponytail held loosely in one hand. Use the comb or brush to backcomb the underside of this section, giving hair fullness. Lay the section back down and secure all hair back into an elastic ponytail holder. Do not smooth out any hair on top of the head. Curl one-inch sections of hair with the curling iron. Hold each curl for five to ten seconds, just long enough to make a wave or loose curl. Use bobby pins to secure curls around the ponytail, obscuring the elastic piece. Loosen any free ends with fingers to create more fullness and messiness. Spray the style with aerosol hairspray.

Updo Twist

For another idea of easy updo for medium hair, try this one out; Updo twist! To create; first, brush all hair to one side of the head. Gather hair in a ponytail and hold it in one hand. Hairspray the back of the hair. Insert hairpins or bobby pins vertically on the ponytail side to hold it in place. It might be necessary to use several bobby pins to fully secure hair. Jason P. Ruel of the Bella Online website recommends placing bobby pins in an “X” formation for better security. Roll the loose hair over the top of the bobby pins, obscuring them from view. Direct the ponytail ends upward toward the top of the head. Use more hairpins to tuck the roll over the existing bobby pins and maintain the style. Curl the remaining ponytail ends on top of the hair. Leave these ends loose or finger them apart for a fluffy style.

Quick and Easy Updos for Medium Hair Gallery:

The above are some easy updos for medium hair only meant for you that might be able to change your look within a very short time. To make your style hold better, use a hairspray after you are done styling your hair.










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