Punk Hairstyles for Women

Punk hairstyles are hairstyles that kinda challenging enough for every woman. This style is a reflection of a punk movement. For freedom and idealism, the punk community brings this style continued to flourish from time to time. Even today, twenty years down the line and so, punk is a much-loved look, sported by not only rebellious teenagers but also very obviously, the rock icons that they idolize. Punk hairstyles need a requisite attitude and without that the look may appear either ghastly or fall flat.  If you like different styles, then I suggest you try this style.


Shaving your head completely is quite a bold statement for anyone to make, especially for a woman. But there are many famous celebrities who have done so in the past and sported this punk hairstyle like Sinead O’Connor. So, if you think you can carry off a bald look, then you should try the skinhead style. Very obviously, there aren’t many styling options for your hair here but you can accessorize with piercings and tattoos.

Choppy Layers

Once you have decided the style you want, you need to get it cut. First get the hair cut into the desired length and basic shape. Then get it cut into deep choppy layers. Whether it comes to getting punk short hair or long punk hair, choppy layers are a must. As choppy layers bring out an edgy and well-defined strands look. To cut the hair choppy, the stylist will hold a hair strand, and tilt the scissor at a 45 degree angle to make a cut. This way the stylist will cut all the hair strands into different lengths to get a layered effect.

Sun Hawk

A new hybrid of the old-fashioned mohawk, sun hawk (also known as fan hair) gives bizarre a new meaning. Get ready to stock up on a lot of gel and hairspray to materialize the sun hawk fashion. With short layers in the back and the front hair is cut into bangs. The look emulates the sun and definitely makes you “stand out” in the crowd.


Don’t want to cut off your shining glory? Well, this is one of the best options for punk hairstyles for women with long hair. Shag hairstyles allow a lot of versatility and can be made to look more tamed in a formal occasion. In a shag haircut, your hair is cut in different lengths all over your head and instead of using a pair of scissors, the stylist uses a razor to give your hair that much-needed edge. Highlights in bold colors add to the appeal of the style and defines your individuality.


A popular hairstyle for curly hair is the rockabilly cut. If you have natural curls, working with 1940s and 1950s popular style is a piece of cake, as your hair needs to be curled to get the look. For girls who don’t have natural curls, you can easily achieve this look by perming your hair. The hairstyle can be worn for couple of days if you don’t wash your hair and wear a scarf while you’re sleeping. Rockabilly needs a lot of practice and skill to make it look authentic.

Punk Hairstyles for Women pictures

Punk hairstyles make a bold fashion statement. You can go with the above styles or just try some striking color for you hair. But, do remember to take advice from your professional hairstylist regarding the best punk hairstyle that will create a magical look for you.








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