Pubic Hairstyles for Men

With the modern age taking over our lives in ways more than one, and hairstyle has been one of the major areas that have witnessed this influence of modern age. In the name of style and fashion, people are setting new trends with every passing day, and there is no denying this fact! The modern age might make beauty akin to skin deep, but that does not stop extending the spread of beauty to every part of the human skin, visible or not! So much so that pubic hair waxing, vaginal enhancement, laser hair removal and the likes are all very commonplace and widespread. There are different kinds of pubic hairstyles that are doing the rounds these days among both men as well as women. Whoever said that pubic hairstyles for men are only meant for women can go take a hike while the men folks are a part of this fashion party!

There are numerous ways to go about styling your pubic hair such as using scissors or pubic hair shavers to trim your pubic hair (A more practical and easy to maintain approach), shaving your pubic hair or waxing (The best but most painful way). You can do this yourself or get it done professionally (Best results but more expensive).

Nowadays you can get pubic hair styles that come in different shapes and sizes, giving you the choice to express yourself in unlimited ways. Some of the more main stream pubic hair shaven styles out there are the Landing strip, heart shape and triangle patch. Besides that, there are many other less main stream shaved pubic hair styles that are out there like the lightning bolt, diamond shape, or any other shape that you can imagine! In the end, you can pretty much use your creative abilities and come up with your own styles..

Are pubic hairstyles for men difficult to do?

Like anything in life, you have to learn to crawl before you can walk. The same applies to trimming or shaving your pubic hairs. First timers should start by reading the guide to shaving pubic hair.

A Guide to wet shaving of the pubic hair

  1. Trim your pubic hair down with clean scissors or electric trimmer. Make sure that scissors and razors are clean. This will help prevent some serious infections, especially if you do by any chance cut your self.
  2. Soak your pubic area or even better, your whole body, in a nice warm bath for about ten minutes. This helps to soften your coarse pubic hairs thus making the shaving process a lot more smoother.
  3. Make sure that your pubic area is wet and soapy. Best advise is to use some form of shaving gel. Don’t forget to test for any type of allergic reactions when using some of these gells.
  4. Ok, now comes the razor to skin part. Make sure your hands are steady!( Just trying to scare you a little :-) ). Always try your best to stretch out the folds to make your skin’s surface is as flat as possible. This helps to prevent unnecessary cuts.
  5. Try to go with the grain of your hair. This helps prevent skin irritation and ingrown hairs. For those who wish to cut against the grain for a closer shave, wait at least a month before taking that route. Let your pubic area first get used to the razor.
  6. When you are done, dry your pubic area thoroughly and apply some type of antiseptic cream and baby powder.

Practise these steps all the time and you will be one happy smoothie! If ya don’t practise these steps, well, don’t come crying to us about how you couldn’t stop scratching down there all day because it was so damn itchy. You’ve been warned my fine featherless friend. :D

This will save you a lot of trouble and give you a more enjoyable shaving experience. One other thing that is very important to know is that the more elaborate the pubic hairstyles for men, the more maintenance will be required.








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