Prom Updo for 2012

Prom can be one of the most awaited events in a girl’s life. Every girl would want to look her best for her very first prom night. Beautiful gowns, exquisite jewelry, well manicured hands; elegant accessories, prom nights propel every girl to make every effort to look her stunning best for the party! Well, no outfit can ever be complete without the right hairstyle, and proms are one such occasion where one needs to find the right hairstyle to complete the look.

For prom night, you can go with prom updo 2012 hairstyles. Prom updo 2012 can gives you a sophisticated and classy look at the same time. Prom updo 2012 hairstyles can be a very stylish affair and this can totally make or break your outfit. To have the right kind of coiffure for proms, you need few good ideas along with the right stylist! Here are some prom updo ideas for 2012 that you can consider.

  • Even if you have short hair, you can create various attractive looking messy updo hairstyles. One quickest updo idea is to comb your hair back, then tie them back with a rubber band. Take out some strands from sides to soften your look. You can also leave some side bangs out if you want. Another way to create a messy updo, without changing straight hair to wavy, is to side part your front hair, then middle part your back hair. Then form pigtails on both sides, roll them up and fix them into two buns.
  • As you have straight and short hair, some hair will come out of the pigtails, that will give a cool casual look. Leave some side bangs open.
  • You can also create great looking half updos with long or medium hair. First comb your hair, then take half of your hair and secure a bun with this hair. Leave the rest of the hair open, and take out few strands from sides of your hair.
  • Another way to create romantic looking updos for prom night, is french twist hairstyles. To create, brush your hair, and then create a French bun and secure it with lots of thin hair pins. Take out few strands from the sides if you wish to soften the look.
  • Another idea from prom updo 2012  is try a side updo. They look romantic and are very in. You can create any type of updo hairstyle, but whatever you do, fix the updo on one side of the head. Also, if you are parting your hair sideways, then fix the updo on the side of the head which lies on the major parted side of the hair. Curly or straight simple updos go great as side updos.
  • A topknot can be created using medium length and long hair. Just comb all the hair upwards and secure it on the top of the head in a bun. Use ribbons or headbands to accessorize. And there are several variations of top knots that you could try, such as; wrapped top knot, braided top knot, messy top bun, etc..
  • Elegant updos are usually a popular choice for prom. These updos are best suited for medium length to long hair. Elegant updos can look best when worn with gowns that have open backs or sequined necklines. These help to bring more attention to your neck area.

Another suggestion. Grab some pictures below which the most you like and give it to your hairstylist to get the best results…

With so many options and flexibilities, prom updo 2012 are the top choice of preference for many of the prom goers. An addition of a decorative floral pin at the nape or on the side of the ear gives you a stylish look. Once you are done creating your prom hairstyle, apply some good quality hair spray to it. This will make the hair appear shinier and keep the style in place for longer.








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