Prom Hairstyles for Strapless Dresses

A strapless dress would look gorgeous on somebody who has beautiful and broad shoulders to flaunt, especially for prom night. These can look fantastic when they are long and short as well. If you have an hourglass figure, you can go in for a body hugging kind. For those who do not wish to display their legs, they can add a fun element to the strapless dress by wearing a tiered style. This can get you a classy look without really baring it all.

In addition, to  look chic and gorgeous in a strapless dress  you also need the right hairstyle. You need to figure out about this one.But don’t worry, there are several hairstyles that fits with strapless dresses for prom night! You can opt one of the prom hairstyles for strapless dresses below, such as:

Top Crop

The first idea of the prom hairstyles for strapless dresses is the top crop hairstyle! The top crop hairstyle is intended for women with short hair. It can be styled so the front bangs sway to the side to give the look some texture and is complemented well by headbands or wedding veils. Jewelry such as earrings and necklaces also stand out with this hairstyle. It’s a very easy look to achieve: simply dampen the hair and apply shine-boosting mousse. Then just blow dry and style it.


Wearing hair up and away from the face and shoulders is a common formal style, and there are updo variations to suit both mood and whim. You can pull back the hair in a severe bun, with no loose strands at all, or leave a few tendrils out on the side that you can loosely curl with your fingers. Another option is parting your hair on the side and pulling the hair back in a loose and messy chignon with small braids weaved through for added femininity.

Long and Loose

Hair cascading down bare shoulders can be just as attractive as hair pulled up when wearing a strapless dresses. A straightening iron can give wavy hair a shiny sleek style while a curling iron adds waves to bone-straight looks. The hair can be pulled to one side with a bejeweled clip or worn completely free while framing the cheekbones. Loose styles do not always need salon help, and a glamorously messy look can be achieved by blow-drying your hair upside-down for volume and then teasing it with styling gel and hairspray.

Relaxed Bun

This hairstyle is achieved when the hair is pulled back in a loose bun. Pull out a few small ½-inch sections of hair in the front and let them hang. This frames the face beautifully. The relaxed bun is held together with bobby pins; match the pins to the color of the hair. Any age group can wear this style. The relaxed bun gives a delicate, feminine appearance.

Ponytail with Headband

A ponytail is a casual style and leaves the focus on the neck and shoulders. To achieve a dressier appearance with a ponytail, add an embellished headband. The ponytail needs to be high on the head and held tight with a fabric-covered elastic holder. Young women and teenagers are the best age group for this hairstyle. It is a youthful and fun look. The high ponytail with a headband is an appropriate style for prom.

And for the example, take a look some pictures below!

The focus of this prom look is definitely on the hair, face, and collarbone. The almost skin toned dress creates a neutral look, with the sparkly skin echoed in the sheen of the fabric. The unusual necklace draws attention towards the dramatic makeup on the face. These prom hairstyles with strapless dresses had very different looks based on whether the focal point was on the dress, hair, or entire look.










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