Pravana Hair Color

The striking colors become an attractive option for coloring hair at the moment. It’s quite funky and trendy at the same time when you wear it right on your hair. Despite your ages, younger or older, doesn’t matter at all. It’s no big deal as long as the colors suits you well. Like purple, pink, red fire, all flashy colors are fun!

For all these colors you can find it at pravana hair color products.  This product is the most versatile color offering unbeatable performance, color vibrancy, and 100% gray coverage. Keratin amino acids provide protection, strength, and brilliant, unbelievable shine.


There are two Pravana hair color products to choose, such as; ChromaSilk Hair Color System and ChromaSilk Vivids. ChromaSilk hair color system includes a full range of 101 permanent colors, a series of 10 vibrant semi-permanent colors, ChromaSilk Vivids, and 6 Silk Degrees plant-based, semi-permanent botanical colors.  A full range of 101 permanent, low-ammonia colors that employ a proprietary blend of keratin amino acids and pure silk protein. Provides lasting protection, added strength, and unparalleled shine. A collection of 10 shades of the most vibrant colors imaginable.  ChromaSilk Vivids, can be combined with more conventional colors to provide an array of stunning color effects. Vivids are the longest-lasting colors of their type available anywhere.



Pravana hair color does maintain your hair without causing any problem. This means that it is safe to apply this type of hair color. Another good thing about pravana hair color is that it deviates from the copy cat idea. That is to say, the style you want is created to you without having to copy what is in the magazines. The only thing you should do is to tell the hair dresser what you want. You can decide to use pravana hair color to get something very unique; something that others have not done on their hair. Unique hair style gives uniqueness to the person having it. Everyone can decide to do something that is unique to them with this hair color without having to follow what others have.


Pravana hair color gives you the best style. If you are a stylish person and want something that can change your look, this is the right hair color to go for.






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