Popular Medium Bob Haircut Ideas for Summer

Hairstyles trends change from season to season but it seems that there are a few hairstyles that manage to remain trendy due to their fabulous style. For summer, bob haircut is the best choice.  Especially if you have medium hair. There are a lot of variation of haircuts for you.  All you need to do is, choose that suits your face shape. This summer however the medium bob haircuts for summer manage to stand out by far as summer is the hottest and most relaxed season of all. And this allows women to opt for quick and easy, low maintenance haircut which looks fabulous during summer.

Below are some popular medium bob haircuts for summer just meant for you:

Messy bob haircut

Messy bob haircuts are great for someone who likes variety. If the classic bob just isn’t funky enough for you, mess it up: the unkempt look is sweet if you can pull it off.

Inverted bob haircut

This haircut is one of the most popular medium bob haircuts for summer. An inverted bob haircut is an asymmetrical variation of the bob haircut, which is traditionally shorter in length. The hair is much shorter in the back, with an almost “stacked” appearance, giving a great deal of height in the crown area. Longer layers are left to frame the front of the face. The haircut is sometimes called “posh bob”, nicknamed after Victoria Beckham who has also worn an inverted bob. The style is also sometimes called concave bob, stacked bob, or wedge bob.

Layer Cut

It is one of the best medium haircuts for summer. The biggest advantage of layer cut is that it adds volume to your hair and you can determine the amount of layers as per your hair texture. For example, if your hair is really thin you can go for many layers that increases the volume substantially and if your hair is moderately thin then few layers will also do for you. Hairstyles with bangs and layers for medium hair are also in vogue. Another interesting thing you can try is having more layers on the front side and keeping the back hair straight or with few layers. For the professional look, you can keep the front hair without layers and dash some layers to the back hair. You can also use soft curls or perming with medium layered hairstyles and it is one of the best medium length hairstyles that looks just gorgeous on any woman.

Asymmetric Cut

In order for this type of haircut to receive the desired result it needs to be created on sleek straight hair as this hair type will enhance the asymmetric style cut of the hair. You can choose the style that suits you best as there are a variety of ways to upgrade the stylish look of your bob with a asymmetric cut.

Choppy layered haircut

Add drama to your bob hairstyle with choppy layers. Use this hip haircutting trend to thin out your locks and get rid of unmanageable texture. Keep monotony at bay with a versatile tapered crop. See the mesmerizing examples below created by our favorite stylists. Furthermore, you can also rely on the positive impact bangs can have on your chic midi. A blunt fringe offers a geometric and more futuristic feel to your hairdo. Use the best styling products to keep your blunt fringe sleek and super-polished.

Graduated Bob haircut

This cut requires you to use classic graduation techniques to create a totally modern asymmetric feel. Partition the hair into three clean sections. From the top of the left ear, to the top of the opposite temple. This will allow for the square clean outline on the left hand side. This area starts an inch in from the parting, runs round the contour of the head, and down below the crown area in a circular fashion. This area incorporates the curved round outline from the fringe to the back graduation. This leaves a circular section, which is disconnected in the crown area to facilitate movement. Divide the first section from the crown to the back of the left ear. Do not cut the hair in the hairline too short to avoid an aggressive result. Slowly pivot sections around to achieve the desired angle. Take diagonal sections that run down towards the front of the hairline and connect with underneath graduation. Gently check through your existing shape, this process is to clean and not to alter the internal shape. Begin the second side in the same manner and repeat the process with diagonal sections moving up the centre section and pivoting around to the top of the ear. Apply a pointing technique to soften the edge creating a graduated outline. The amount of elevation will vary, pending head shape and texture. Following the same pattern connect in the back area using the appropriate elevation. Once the hair is dry, refine and define the outline shape. Refine the outline on the other side according to shape. Use a pointing technique to give a softer and natural feel to the overall look.

Wispy layered bob haircut

This choppy, layered bob features a wispy, side-swept fringe. For this style to be achieved, hair is towel-dried and then straightened with an iron. A wax is applied to the ends to create a textured look.

For another popular medium bob ideas haircuts for summer see the pictures below!

You have to remember, these bob haircuts is the most versatile haircut.  With a few technique in popular medium bob ideas haircuts for summer such as above, you don’t have to think hard to perform stunning appearance in the summer.  For treatment, use conditioner and hair mask to keep the moisture of your hair.







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