Popular Haircuts 2012

Looking for the hottest haircuts in 2012? then you need to keep reading in this page. You know, many hair trends come and gone, but some of them are still in and favored by many people at this year, 2012. Some celebrities on the red carpet could be your inspiration to get a new idea. Therefore, you need to more up-to-date and see the difference. Then after you decide, to achieve the best results;you can go visit your hairstylist or your favorite salon in the downtown.

The perfect haircuts can create a personal statement for everyone, as it is the first thing most people see when they first meet you. Great haircuts are adapted to the changes in style, while notable haircuts are often cultural statements. There are many options of popular haircuts 2012, out of which you can choose the one you like the most.


The Pixie

Pixie haircut are still chic and the best in 2012, because this haircuts are very low on maintenance. So, consider getting a short pixie cut. This cut is short and elongates the neck. Although this haircut is short, there are different short layers throughout the cropped top. There is a layered cut around the ears and forehead. Women with a pixie cut can also have fringe, which adds to the look.

The Bob

Hair at this length can be with or without layers. This is a great cut for girls who prefer minimal styling. Shorter hair is easy to wash, condition, dry and detangle, and it takes up less time than long hair because there’s less hair to manage. It’s a very low-maintenance cut that still looks great and age-appropriate for girls of all ages. And

Blunt Razor Cut

The sharp razor is a very useful tool when women wish to opt for a stylish 2012 hairdo! The razor cut is about adding layers and more texture to the hair. The angles can be changed as per the desired look.


Speaking of fringe, they can really change the shape of a woman’s face. There are various types of fringe. Thick fringe, blunt and straight fringe come down over the forehead and fall right above the eyes, even grazing the eyelashes. Choppy fringe are uneven, so they create a textured look. Wispy are lightly spread fringe; side swept fringe are long enough to go diagonally across the forehead and can be pinned back. Curly headed women can also cut ringlet fringe, as long as they are long enough to be pinned back and also thin enough, because they have more body than straight hair.

The Fauxhawk

Here’s another popular haircuts 2012 for women; the faux hawk. This look can either transform shorter hair or works as a haircut in itself, with closely cropped sides and longer strands in the middle to style into a peak. Much like the pixie, those with exquisite bone structure are best able to pull off the fauxhawk, though the extra hair makes this cut flattering on a wider array of women.  Women sporting a fauxhawk need only minimal styling to look effortlessly cool. Using a hair gel or pomade, they can define their peak to the desired height, adding definition for an edgier feel.

Long Layers

Long hair is sexy. Long layered hair has different longer lengths. This style is amazing, because it can be done to straight, wavy, and curly hair. The front layers are usually shorter and frame the face, which makes the style elegant. The dimension of varying layers also gives hair the appearance of body.



The undershave cut is a more extreme version of the undercut in which the sides and back of the head are sheared down to the scalp, leaving the hair long on top. Because of the stark contrast created by this look, undershaves are popular in punk and goth subcultures. They are also used by skaters and metalheads, who grow the hair on top past shoulder length and tie it back, leaving the sides and back completely shaved.

Faux Hawk

These are very stylish haircuts, and one doesn’t need to use harsh hairstyling products to maintain it, Cut your hair on the sides into short crops, and keep the middle hair longer. Then style the middle hair upwards and forwards using an extra hold gel. The faux hawk is an edgy cool style.

Indie Haircut

This haircut keeps it simple: it consists of short hair combed to the front and sides at even lengths. Another way is to use a lot of gel to form downward spikes. This will give you the look of a scruffy yet stylish guy. The “indie” haircut was popularized by the indie rock scene and was developed in England and the United States in the new millennium.

Spiky Haircut

Short spikes in a much messy way is an ‘in’ thing for men. Color those spikes with a blonde or brown hair color to give yourself a stylish and sophisticated look.

The Example Pictures of Popular Haircuts 2012

These were some popular haircuts 2012! And besides these haircuts, you can go some popular styles like comb over, side braids, wavy curls or long sleek hairstyles for women.  For men, there are five top hairstyles in 2012 according malestandard.com. Such as; the quiff, the peaked side crop, the side parted, long styles and indie.  This year is all about glamorous and creativity. So, don’t stop to experiment and find the perfect haircuts or hairstyles for you. With a great stylist, there should be nothing impossible for you to achieve your crowning glory in 2012. Have fun!


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