Pomade Hairstyles for Men

Pomade is any sort of solid hair styling product including waxes, clays, gels, glues and creams. Pomade is different from other styling products in that in doesn’t dry or harden and is usually hard to wash out. With pomade, you can get any pomade hairstyle , and an example is the greaser style. The greaser hairstyles itself has many variations like pompadour, rockabilly, ducktail and sideburns. But despite that, pomade also can be used to add shine, texturize the hair, control flyaways and create spiky or piecey look or you can use it for any modern hairstyle.

Perhaps almost all men already knew about this incredible product for long time ago. With pomade, all men can make a bold statement!

 The Pomade Hairstyles for Men


The pompadour is a men’s hairstyle that became wildly popular in the 1950s, thanks to icons of the decade, such as Elvis Presley and James Dean. The style is defined by combing greased hair upward and back from the forehead. Today the pompadour lives on as a choice for men who desire a dramatic hairstyle.


The mohawk hair style was first noticed by Samuel de Champlain in what is now Canada. Despite the name, the hairstyle was first noticed on Huron Native Americans, though there were also other Native American tribes that wore the hairstyle. The mohawk hairstyle became popular in the 1970s with punk rockers and their fans. The actor Mr. T is also famous for his mohawk hair style. The fauxhawk hairstyle is based upon the mohawk hairstyle.


Sideburns can add interest and masculinity to any face.  Most men prefer to have sideburns, and they can be worn many different ways. While some prefer to keep them short and neat, others like to don long Elvis chops. A simple hairstyle can be transformed with the right sideburns.


 The quiff is a component of a hairstyle which involves the man adding volume and emphasis to the hair at the front of his head. The style was a feature of men’s hair in the 1950s and survives in several different forms. Straight, wavy and curly hair is suitable for a quiff style, but styling products such as pomade are necessary for the style to hold.

The Pictures of Pomade Hairstyle for Men

Essential oils mixed in with the pomade keep hair smelling fresh and fragrant. Make your own hair pomade and limit the number of chemicals and dyes that go in the pomade. Pomade also can add considerable weight to the hair by causing strands to join together, showing separation in the hair. used on dry hair, this makes the hair very easy to mold. allows greater manageability. should be used sparingly on fine hair because of the weight. As a man’s grooming product, pomade is excellent on their hair.  Pick one the best idea for pomade hairstyle above, and be ready for the party!







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