Pin Curls for Short Hair

Trying to emulate the hair styles of celebrities can seem like an even greater challenge. The good news is that many celebrity hairstyles are easy to achieve. And pin curls is one of the most popular celebrity hairstyles. Pin curl is one of the retro 40′s hairstyles that making a comeback!This hairstyle technique is simple to create and has the advantage that you do not have to go to bed with curlers in your hair, but will still wake up with a head of curls you can style as you please. And some of you may think that this hair style only for long hair. That’s not true. If you have short hair, you still can get this style. With pin curls short hair, you can achieve a classic, elegant, glamorous look for your special occasion.

To get pin curls short hair, you can start with wash your hair first. Use the shampoo, and apply conditioner if you usually use it. It shouldn’t be soaking wet, but you want the hair wet enough so it can dry in the shape of the pin curls. Have a spray bottle handy in case portions of your hair begin to dry before you get all your curls pinned. Use a comb with a long tail to help separate hair into neat sections.  Separate strands into 1/4 to 1″ uniform sections in the areas of your head where you want the pin curls.  Use a bobby pin or a curling pin to secure the curl. You may need more than one bobby pin to ensure that the ends tuck in securely. Continue curling pin curls all the way around your head. When you’re done, it looks like a bunch of small circles pinned to your head. Allow your pin curls to dry completely and then unpin your curls. You can finish your curls with your favorite styling product.

The best thing about pin curls looks are the great variations and they’re less likely to damage your hair because no hairdryers or curling irons are necessary to achieve them. How sweet it is! You can also use some hair accessories like hair combs with flowers, headbands, bows, barrettes, snoods, feathers, etc. Oh, don’t forget about headbands and flapper hats too. Pin curls short hair can be your best option to get a beautiful, voluptuous locks. Once you’ve mastered the basic pin curl techniques, experiment to create your own looks even with short hair. Cheers!


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