Perms for Long Hair

If you have long hair and looking for a different hairstyle, but are not willing to get a haircut try out perms for long hair. It will be a refreshing change from your straight hair. A perm, often called a permanent wave, is a chemical process that adds permanent waves or curls to the hair. The entire process consists of two parts. The first part involves wrapping the hair into the desired shape, and the second part involves a chemical bath that alters the shape of each strand from straight to wavy or curly.

Mentioned below are the varieties Perms for Long Hair that you can choose:

Spiral Perms

Uniform spiral perm hairstyle is created by using a special type of long hair rods. Hair strands are then woven around the spiral perm rods to form ringlet like curls all around the head. You can opt for partial or whole length treatment. In the former case, only the lower portion is treated with perming solution, while the latter is for whole hair treatment.

Curly Perms

If you’ve finally decided on perming your hair, then go all out and get some classic curls. Curls or perms can be loose or tight. If you’re wondering which one will go with your face structure, here’s a tip. Short or tight curls will look better on a round face. Loose curls framing a long, oval shaped face look better! Let them hang loose, or tie them up in a high ponytail, both look great!

Spot Perms

This is one of the most favored of perms for long hair. Because in this perms, it involves just a partial perming of the hair. Which means that your hair will be permed in such a way, that it will appear to have a natural wave to it. Team up this hairstyle with bangs and you have a gorgeous mane, ready to be flaunted! This hairstyle looks best when the hair is left hanging loose. Tying it up will not do it full justice. So, even for a formal event, you can just adorn your hair with a pretty, sparkling clip or small hairpins.

Body Perm

For all of you who complain of having thin and flat hair, here’s a perfect solution for it. Get a body wave perm. This type of perm will appear to add volume to your hair. And for your flat hair woes, it will add a decent amount of bounce to your hair. So you don’t have to worry about having limp and lifeless hair. You can show off these gorgeous curls and watch others turn green. You can also go in for a perm that begins at the roots. This will add further lift to your hair and give it that fresh and vibrant look.


How to Perm Long Hair

Here is the procedure for perming long hair.

  • Once you have decided that your hair texture will take up the perming process, you can start off with it. There are perming kits available in the market. Before going for any of these kits, make sure what type of perms you want. There are tightly packed curls or loose waves.
  • Now that you have decided the style, buy the ‘at home perming kit’. If you are not very sure of doing it on your own, you can go to a licensed hair stylist.
  • If you have decided to do it at home, read the instructions carefully. You can also take the help of a friend for it.
  • Always remember to wear gloves and carefully handle the chemicals in the kit. Washing your hair before you begin, is a must.
  • After washing hair, do not comb it, just wrap it with the perming rods. Now, the way in which you want your hair to get curly, you have to wrap them in the same way. There are many shapes in which these rods are available. You can use them according to the curls desired.
  • Then, apply the perming solution to every strand of your hair. Also, apply it to your scalp and massage well.
  • You will get a neutralizer in the kit. Apply this neutralizer to your hair until it dries off on the hair. This completes the process. Remember, not to style your hair for at least 24 hours.

It is advisable to visit a good salon for a perming treatment. This is because, perming hair at home is a bit risky as any wrong step can cost you irreparable damage. Therefore, it is at your own risk to perm hair at home. Follow good permed hair care of conditioning hair, to keep the frizz and tangles away from your hair, and maintain great looking permed hair. Good luck!









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