The Gorgeous Flat Twist Hairstyles

Flat twist hairstyles are very popular among women, especially with those who have curly or kinky hair. Women with curly or kinky hair often fall short of hairstyles and have to sport the same ones repeatedly. Nowadays, this trend is changing and many new hairstyles are seen invading the curly hair world. One of them is the flat hair twist which is meant for curly hair and looks great on it.

This is an every-day hairstyle, yet still looks very polished. It also allows you a great deal of creative freedom for making hairstyles. These twists look so funky that women with straight hair curl their hair only so that they can boast flat twist hairstyles.


This hairstyle is suitable for hair that is naturally curly and for anyone who wants to have hair partly contained and partly displaying natural curls. This hairstyle consists of hair that is flat twisted from the hairline to three or four inches back. The flat twist ends there and the natural curls, with the help of gel or a styling product, cascade down the back of the head. As a finishing touch, add a head band or a scarf.


The flat twist bun works well for an evening night out, a formal interview or business meeting or a hairstyle to keep hair out of your face and off your neck. To create the flat twist bun, create a flat twist on top of your head, and then secure the rest of the hair into a bun by twisting it to one side and wrapping it around itself. Secure the bun in place with a hair band or clips. The bun can either be a low bun or a high bun.

French Twist

Flat twisted hair shaped into a French twist is an ideal hairdo for flat twisted hair. Flat twists are so easy to manipulate, it’s not hard at all to get them into a curved formation along your head, ideal for making a French twist. This hairstyle consists of lines of flat twists curving upwards horizontally along either side of the head until they meet in the middle. Once the sections of hair meet from either side, the hair twists into a standard French twist and secured by pins.

The Examples Styles of Flat Twits

Nicole Ari Parker with Flat Twist

Flat twist hairstyles are works best on natural African-American hair. Also, fat twists are a good hairstyle if you are willing to sleep with a stocking cap, because it will last for several days.




Dreadlock Hairstyles

Dreadlock hairstyles have come a long way, moving from one culture to the next, one country to another. From it’s birthplace in North Africa (where the first ever dreadlocks were seen), it has now become a part of our latest fashion culture. The history of dreadlocks is vast and it has taken huge inspirations and associations from Hinduism, Egyptian, Rastafarianism, Islamic, and Hebrew cultures.  Not just popular in the African-American community, but other ethnic groups and Caucasians are wanting to grow dreadlocks and show them off proudly. As a sign of latest fashion trend, various dreadlock hairstyles are being searched for. And nowadays, people are even trying the dreadlock look at work as well. So don’t get confused or disheartened that you can’t have cool dreadlock hairstyles for all occasions.

Women’s Dreadlock Hair


One can use backcombing to achieve dreadlock hairstyles. Here, you can control the size and the shape of the dreads and they can range from being thick to really thin and sexy. There are certain disadvantages when it comes to backcombing your hair. The initial hours are pretty trying and would need you to go slow with the process. Another method would be the wool hat rubbing method. The individual can do this on his/her own. For this, you need to take a woolen sweater and rub it over the hair in circles. The problem with this method is that your head can really hurt and it may sometimes takes as long as three years for your hair to actually start looking like dreadlocks. The dreads may even form in an uneven fashion, sometimes huge or sometimes flat in their appearance. Yet another way to achieve dreadlocks is called the dread perming. But the disadvantage of the process is that it is a chemical process and would require professional maintenance. Twisting your hair is an all-natural way to have dreads as well. Here, you can control the size of dreads and the way they form. Besides, this method is easily available in most beauty salons and the charge is usually lower than the perming method.  Dreads can be washed in the same manner as one would wash a sponge. Wash your dreadlock with residue free soaps and shampoos. Another such wild rumor that exists about dreadlocks is that avoiding the use of a comb would help one to get better dreads. In fact, this makes it less pleasing to the eye.

Men’s Dreadlock Hair

Dreadlock hairstyles are favored by both women and men. A useful tip if you’ve already made up your mind about getting one of these black hairstyles, visit your salon and talk to your stylist. He/she will be perfect to consult these hairstyles with and run some suggestions with. Since he/she knows you and has worked with your hair before, getting the right dreadlock style that suits you will be easier.





Sew in Weave Hairstyles

The sew in weave hairstyles can be a great option if you want to give your natural hair a break from the daily styling and processing it undergoes. Sew-in weaves involve cornrowing the natural hair to form a base through which hair extensions are sewn. From short hair to long, or just a different hairstyle, a hair weave can help you achieve the look you want, with hair extensions, without disturbing your natural locks.

It is also a good way of covering up thinning hair, as hair weaves are also meant to add volume to the hair. They are also a stronger option than wigs.  Mentioned below are some variety and different styles of sew in hairstyles, let’s take a look!

Weaves Braided Into Your Hair

Braided weaves are placed in your hair by cornrowing the weave into place. This style allows the person to have a weave put into the hair without using glue or other substances to hold it into place. The cornrows stay in your hair as long as you want the weave. The number of cornrows that you get will depend on how thick a hair style you want and how the hairdresser plans on styling your hair when the process is complete.

Hair Weaves Made From Natural Hair

Weaves made from real hair can come from a human source or an animal such as a yak. They are much more expensive than a synthetic hair weave, however they are known to last longer.

Long Hair Styles Weaved Into Hair

A professional hair stylist can create long hairstyles when she adds the weave into your hair. The longer hairstyle will get shaped to suite your personal preferences and facial features. This hairstyle will be maintained as you would normally maintain your hair.

Weaved In Short Hairstyles

Shorter hairstyles can get created with weaved hair by the hair stylist cutting your hair into a shape and style that you like. You will need to maintain your hairstyle by getting the hair trimmed on your normal trimming schedule and by treating it as you normally would. This option helps women fill in their hair if it is to thin and can add body if the hair does not normally have body.

Fully Sewn-In

Here’s another sew in weave hairstyles; fully sewn-in. A fully sewn-in weave is one with little to no natural hair exposed. With a fully sewn-in weave, all of your natural hair is typically cornrowed, and the hair is sewn into the rows. You can achieve long, short, curly or straight styles with a full sew in, but because full sew ins leave little to no scalp exposure, they often look less natural than partial weave styles.

Partially Sewn-In

In a partially sewn-in weave, a portion of your natural hair is left out of the weave, and the weave is sewn in to blend with your natural hair. Partial weaves typically appear more natural and less dramatic because the weave must blend naturally with your real hair texture and color.


If your weave is made of human hair, you can create curls in the same way that you would natural hair. Curling irons can create tight or loose curls, or you can purchase synthetic or human hair that is already curled in your desired pattern.


You can create ponytails using sewn in weaves if you leave out hair around the hair line. Weaves can be used to create a basic ponytail or bun or a dramatic updo.


    1. Decide whether you want synthetic or human hair. Both can be washed and conditioned, but each has its unique differences. Synthetic hair is most commonly cheaper than human hair because it is derived from fibers instead of humans. Synthetic hair can look and feel just like human hair, however, it tends to frizz rather quickly and badly. It is best used for sew-in weaves intended to stay in your hair for up to a month. Human hair is the most ideal choice for a sew-in weave because not only does it look more natural than synthetic hair, it also lasts much longer with proper maintenance. Human hair extensions come in different grades, the highest and most expensive being Remy. Your extensions will be mostly tangle- and matting-free while using Remy human hair extensions.
    2. The primary goal of a sew-in weave is to make the style look natural, as if the extensions are your own hair. If you choose to get a partial sew-in weave, in which some of your natural hair is used to blend with the extensions, it is imperative that you pick extensions that are close in texture and color to the part of your hair with which they’ll blend. However, if you decide to get a full install, in which none of your natural hair is used, you can choose any texture and color you desire. It can be hard to exactly match the texture of your own hair to a particular brand of extensions, but heat or chemicals can help with that. For example, perm rods can be set on straight natural hair in order to match a curly extension texture. Furthermore, layering the hair extensions can also help blend the natural hair with the weave hair.
    3. A bulky sew-in weave can be a horrendous sight. Therefore, it is critical that your sew-in weave be as flat as possible. A flat sew-in hair weave promotes a much more natural look. A weave net is commonly used to accomplish this, serving as a flat surface through which to sew. However, a net is not necessary. Braiding the natural hair into small cornrows in your desired pattern, such as the snake, straight back to the neck and circular, can help you get a flat hair weave. The smaller the cornrows, the flatter the hair weave. Be sure to secure the ends of the braids by sewing them up onto their original braids.

A wide variety of styles are available when using sewn in weave hairstyles. With different lengths, textures and colors, weaves can be used to create versatile looks and styles that range from highly dramatic to those that look as natural as your own hair.






Box Braids Hairstyles

Box braids hairstyles are individual braids starting at the roots of the hair. They are separated by small parts that look like boxes. These are much similar to the micro braids where-in you get a number of braids on your mane. Box braids can be created with extensions or natural hair and can be maneuvered into various styles. Extensions increase the length, fullness and styling optionsYou can find hair extensions in varied colors, textures and lengths. Go for single-colored hair extensions or have the multi-tone effect by using extensions of two shades of same colors. Let us move on to understand how to do box braids on natural hair using hair extensions.

The Steps
  1. Start the procedure by thoroughly washing and conditioning your locks. Dry them well and get the tools like flat comb, rubber bands, clips, and water spray.
  2. If your hair is much unmanageable, the same can be first flat ironed and then box braided. Flat ironing hair will make working on them easier. Now, divide your entire hair in four big and equal sections. Loose wind up each section of hair using a large hair clutcher, leaving the lower left side section free.
  3. Now, you have to take a very thin strand of hair and divide it into two equal sections. Take one hair extension. Attach the hair extension to your hair depending upon its type and use it as the third section. You can part hair in three sections and club this extension with one of the three sections as well. Now, you have three strands to work upon.
  4. These braids consist of three-strand braids, one of which is a synthetic strand and rest of two are strands of natural hair. Now start braiding these three strands to have a long and tight braid. As you have to style hair into multiple micro braids further adding extensions to each braid, the procedure needs professional help.
  5. As you finish one braid, secure it using a rubber band. Now, take another thin section of hair, part it into two strands, add an extension and braid the three strands from root to ends. Go on following the procedure and braiding thin strands of this section of hair. Once the lower left section of your mane is completely styled into multiple braids, work on the lower right side section, followed by rest of the sections. Make sure that you secure each braid with a tiny rubber band.


  • Wash braids weekly, and apply a light braiding oil to your scalp daily. Keep braids smooth and shiny by sleeping with a satin scarf wrapped around your braids. Don’t wear box braids or longer than 8 weeks, and trim hair after they are taken out.
  • The services of a professional hair stylist are required to weave box braids, and the entire process can take 6 to 12 hours. Properly maintained, box braids can last several weeks.
  • Box braids not only take a long time to weave, they also can take up to 2 hours to remove.

If you want to do box braids hairstyles without hair extensions, then you can follow the instruction below.

  1. Wash and deep condition your hair. Then starting from the back of your head section off sections of hair. You can decide how big or small to make your box braids. This all depends on how much time you have to create this hair style. If you are unsure how the outcome will look find a picture of braided hair styles you would like to try.
  2. Use the back of a rat tail comb to make smaller diagonal parts to begin plaiting your natural hair without extensions.
  3. Use shea butter, or your favorite hair oils on the ends of your hair. If your hair is dry use a spray bottle of leave in conditioner or water.
  4. Separate the ends starting at the bottom with your fingers. Rushing through this part, can cause you to tangle the ends of your hair. Run the oil or your favorite hair butter through your hands and on this section of hair.
  5. Separate the hair into three sections and begin to plait/braid.
  6. Oil the ends of your hair at least once a day.


  • Try curling the ends of your hair with flexi rods or other hair rollers.
  • Oil the ends of your hair every day.
  • Grow hair faster by wearing protective hairstyles often.

And here are some example style of box braids hairstyles :

Box braid being a hairstyle that stays in place for a few months, you need to follow the right hair care and washing procedure. As you will be styling your box braided hair further, it is best to avoid heat styling. With colorful beads and hair accessories, playing up the braids is not a tough job. Remember to maintain your braids. Massage your scalp with Vitamin E oil or olive oil at least once a week to prevent dry flaking scalp and prevent itching. You will only need to wash your braids a few times a week. Focus on washing your scalp and not the braids themselves. Avoid regular use of heavy conditioners that can build up inside the braids and cause dandruff.





Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

Lauren Conrad, aka L.C. of MTV’s hit show “The Hills” and former star of MTV’s “Laguna Beach” is a style icon known for her hair and fashion trend-setting. From her perfection of those golden blonde highlights to her signature headbands, Lauren’s hair is hip and trendy at all times. Her hairstyles are absolutely helped and inspiring so many women to enhance their appearance in every occasion. Be it formal to casual, for winter to summer, Lauren Conrad hairstyles are always looks effortlessly stylish!


Ballerina Bun

The Steps

  • To get Lauren Conrad’s hairstyle, start with day old hair (it will have more grip to it).
  • Apply a dollop of styling gel to your hair and comb it through well. Brush all of your hair up into a high ponytail, and secure it tightly with an elastic.
  • Take your ponytail and wrap it around the elastic to form a ballerina bun.
  • Secure the bun using bobby pins.
  • Mist your updo with strong-hold hairspray to make sure it stays in place.

Side Ponytail

The Steps

  • Apply a smoothing cream and blow dry hair straight.
  • Create a side part and pull your hair into a low, off-center pony.
  • Use a curling iron on the very ends of your hair, but keep the rest of your strands straight.
  • Now bring your cute ponytail forward over one shoulder for the finishing touch.

Side French Braid

The Steps

  • Part hair slightly off-center. On the heavier side, grab a section at the hairline and split it into three.
  • Start braiding like you would a regular French braid.
  •  Next, add in a piece of hair from the top. Skip the part where you’d grab a new piece from the bottom (like you would in a French braid) and continue braiding instead. Take another piece from the top and add it in. Continue this pattern until you have 5 to 7 sections added in.
  • Once you’re just past the ear, stop adding in new hair and continue to braid normally. Tie if off with a clear elastic, and you’re done!
Lauren Conrad Wavy Hair with Ribbon Headband

The Steps

  • Apply a quarter-size amount of styling lotion onto damp hair and blow dry two-inch sections straight with a paddle brush.
  • Spritz the lower part of a one-inch section with styling spray. Grab the ends and wrap the section around a large curling rod or a curling iron without the clamp.
  • Hold in place for a few seconds to set the curl and release. Repeat all over while alternating the curl direction.
  • Create a slightly off-center part and add an outfit-matching ribbon as a headband.

For another Lauren Conrad hairstyles, you can go check some video tutorial below :

The Video Tutorial of Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

Source: Youtube

The Example Styles of Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

So, if you are a fan of Lauren Conrad Hairstyles then you must trying out some ideas above to go.  Lauren Conrad is a beautiful,smart, and gorgeous woman who really inspiring us for her hairstyles and fashion.  Big thanks to Lauren!






Chin Length Hairstyles for Summer

Summer is coming! so you have a bunch plan of summer activities? Like swimming, BBq party, Biking, Shopping, and all summer stuff. Then you need some outfit and simple hairstyles that can complement your appearance during summer. Well, it’s all about the heat. When it comes to the summer hairstyles, all the matter is you should choose the shorter and the simplest one! Almost all short hairstyles are easy to manage. But, if you have short hair that doesn’t mean that there are limited hairstyle options, there are many hairstyle and hair color ideas one can try out on short hair length. Even people finding it hard to manage long hair can opt for chin length hairstyles. These are definitely good options of hairstyles during summer.

There are many chin length hairstyles one can go for. One can go for layers, angled,textured, choppy, etc.


Chin length hairstyles cut in angles framing the jawbone are another version of the bob haircut. Trendy variations can be wildly asymmetrical or mildly alternative. Angles can also accentuate curly hair, or angled hair can be curled for a more glamorous look


Textured hairstyles are advanced hairstyles that work on any current layered or bobbed chin-length hairstyle. They can also add dimension, volume, and artistic flair to straight or wavy hair. The hairstylist may chop up the layers and add geometric angles that fall along the jawline.

Layered Hairstyles

These are great hairstyles and there are various ways to cut your hair. These hairstyles look great no matter what hair type you have. People with wavy, fine, or curly hair can opt for these haircuts. You can go for a simple even front layered haircuts, or go for layered cut at the crown and base. Accompany them with side sweeping bangs. You can cut your hair to look neat or messy.

Funky Layers

If you want to experiment with a new haircut, ask for funky layers. This cut is chin length with layers of different lengths, some of which are very short. You can choose an edgy cut or a “nice girl” cut. These cuts can be styled with gel and a straightener to show off the layers. Another option is to let the haircut style itself, and let the layers fall into place naturally without any styling. This type of haircut adds volume to your hair as well as versatility. Hair can be smoothed for more formal occasions, or it can be tousled for a more messy, casual effect. Tell your stylist what you are looking for, and how many uneven, layered sections you really want. Keep in mind this cut requires some styling, and won’t work in a ponytail, since the choppy layers are too short.

Short Choppy Hairstyles

Choppy layered hairstyles are something which can be done on any kind of haircut, which can be layered, bob or graduated. These are good hairstyle options if you are bored with your plain straight or wavy hair. To get choppy hairstyles, you need to work on all your hair strands. Hold a hair strand at 45º angle, and then tilt your scissors and make a cut. This way work on all your hair strands, cut the strands at a different length to create a good-looking textured and choppy hairdo look.

Pixie Hairstyles

Today one can see various styles of bangs. Pixie hairstyles are very popular among women when it comes to short hairstyles. These hairstyles are very easy to maintain. In these styles the hair on the sides and back are cut into small crops, while some layers are added to the crown to add volume and style. With this style you can accompany long side bangs, which almost reach to the chin. This will give the hairstyle a trendy and cool look.

Example Styles for Chin Length’do

There are many hair color ideas you can try out on chin layered hairstyle. For summer, you can try some bright highlights. If you are going for graduated or choppy hairstyles, then you can also opt for chunky highlights. You can also consider coloring all your hair with a hair color which will give a good tinge of brown or red to your hair. Make sure you go for a hair color which goes with your eye color and complexion. If it is fall time, then consider going for lowlights. So, the summer time wont be hassled anymore, so choose these short chin length hairstyles! you can accompany them with cool hair color ideas, to make your hairstyle look even more unique and stylish in Summer!





Gothic Hairstyles for Men

The Goth look had its roots in the late 1970s post-punk scene in the United Kingdom; by the 1980s, the look was distinctive. Some ’80s Goths grew their hair extremely long and wore it straight down, but the majority preferred a layered cut that allowed for more volume when styled. Besides black colour, key elements of 1980s Goth hair include big volume and a carefully constructed messy look.

If you are a man who had interest with gothic hair and stuff, then mentioned ideas of gothic hairstyles for men below are definitely for you.

Classic Goth

Try a retro ’80s Goth style, like the one Ian Astbury rocked as the front man for The Cult. This style is long, no bangs, straight and cold black. Add a few layers to maintain your style, and have it thinned to reduce frizz. Rub a quarter-sized amount of frizz-controlling hair gel into your wet hair and comb through. Allow hair to air dry, or use your blow dryer on a low setting if you need to speed up the process. Once hair is dry, spray with leave-in moisturizing conditioner and allow it to set and dry. Heat your flat iron and drag it through small sections of hair to get it pin straight. Repeat as necessary to ensure every strand is straight. Hit with frizz-controlling hair spray and brush through. Allow to dry before brushing again

Goth Hair with Punk Flair

This cut requires long bangs and collar length hair. Add lots of razor cuts into your style and slant your bangs so they come to a point off to one side in front. Cut short to medium-length layers into your crown and dye your hair cold black. Add a few midnight blue streaks to your bangs and sides so it blends with the black color. Apply a dime-sized amount of hair gel in wet hair. Brush through and style while wet. Part off to one side and pull your bangs down over your eyes. Allow hair to air dry and then spray the top with hair spray. Lightly tease the top, and then comb through to blend into the cut. Rub a few drops of styling serum into your palms, then drag them through your bangs and pull down.

Romantic Long Styles

Some Goths are drawn to Victorian fashions and styles associated with a more-romanticized vampire culture as opposed to hard-core punk. Men’s gothic hairstyles that fit this look include sleek, shoulder-length hair that is brushed straight back with no part and worn all one length. Others choose to modernize that look by wearing long hair in the middle and shaving the sides underneath. Yet another style is a shag similar to those that Goth girls wear. This unisex look is worn long in back and cut in choppy layers that frame the face.

The Example Styles of Gothic Hair for Men

Black is the undisputed theme color of all goth fashion. The movement exists to celebrate all things dark. Many goths dye their hair jet-black. Another important tenet of the goth lifestyle, though, is self-expression and throwing off the bonds of conformity. Many goth guys use color to individualize their hairstyles by dying the tips of their long hair a bright color or by dying their Mohawks several different colors. Some guys even desire to go further away from the fray in expressing themselves and dye their hair pure white.

Gothic hairstyles thus are a vibrant kind of hairdos that may not really appeal to many. Attractive in their own special way, I think these are really super-awesome for men and can turn many heads towards you with the kind of attention they draw!




The Quick Weave Hairstyles

Many women wear hair weaves to add volume, length and personality to their hairstyles. Although women can use a variety of materials for hair weaving, most use synthetic or human hair. A quick weave is a hair extension technique used to change the length, style, and natural color of the hair. Since the hair extensions are applied to a protective cap, there is no damage to the natural hair. The quick weave is temporary and normally lasts one to two weeks. With the quick weave hairstyles, you can change your hair as often as the impulse strikes you.

Quick weaves allow you this kind of variety without the long-term commitment, and lengthy application time. They offer quality, but at half the cost and in half the time. Like traditional weaves, the quick weave hairstyles are easy to style and can be cut into any desired shape or design. These weaves come in synthetic and human hair options. Using a quick weave hair style allows you to blend a front portion of your natural hair with a weave piece that can be applied and removed in seconds.

Curly Weaves

With the right product line your hair regimen can run as quickly as: shampoo, condition, add product and off you go! In fact, if your weave features tight curls, you won’t be building a relationship with a hairbrush any time soon. At most, you’ll need to run a very wide tooth comb through your hair once you step out of the shower. You will also need to keep your curls hydrated with a good glossing product. You never want to use too much, however, because most shine-enhancing products will weigh the hair down when used in large amounts. Tight curls need to maintain a flirty bounce.

Half Quick Weaves

Half weaves are those that allow half of your natural hair to be exposed, while the other half is braided and covered with the half weave. The choice of textures, colors and lengths will vary, including curly and straight styles. The half weaves are attached to your natural hair either with hair combs or a drawstring. Both the combs and the drawstring will be made into the weave piece, so you will not need to purchase these items separately.

Traditional Quick Weaves

Traditional quick weaves, like pre-packaged quick weaves, can be glued in or sewn in, depending on the amount of security and time you are willing to sacrifice.

The bob haircut is not just one style; you can change the shape of a bob cut, giving it the three-in-one effect. Party, classical and elegant looks can all be achieved with one bob cut. Adding hair putty or sculpting clay can give you a more retro, Gothic or contemporary look. Sweeping a bang behind the ear is a great style for a dinner date. Use a light leave-in conditioner to control the movement of your bangs and untamed strands of hair. Gel tends to harden, flake and damage hair follicles, so use gel sparingly. Traditional bob cuts are asymmetrical and are evenly cut at the length of the jawbone. Trendy bobs tend to be layered in the back of the head and vary in facial length, with one side of the bob sometimes longer than the other.

The Mohawk instantly slenderizes the face and contours the cheeks. Its shape, low sides and high middle can be easily maintained with hair putty, gel or sculpting clay. Deciding to style your hair in a Mohawk takes courage, especially for women. Do not fear, because a freshly cut Mohawk is suitable for any occasion. Despite the major misconception, you don’t have to be a rock star to enjoy the wear of a stylish Mohawk. Cut hair low on the sides; one inch of hair should remain for styling purposes. If you want an extreme Mohawk, cut your hair lower than the recommended amount on both sides of your head. Cut the middle portion of your hair, measuring from your left to right temple, to the length that you desire. Finish the style by spiking and shaping your hair.

The bowl, unlike the bob, does not allow much versatility. It is not meant to transform, and it holds one shape—the bowl shape. The bowl should be shaped as if a bowl was covering your head and then your hair was cut along the outer part of the bowl. Today, we tend not to use the bowl anymore. Achieving this style is much easier, but would require some professional assistance because of the cutting technique required.

Tips :

  • To maintain your weave, use human hair instead of synthetic hair. Human hair looks more natural, is easier to style and is less likely to tangle. Just like you would with your own hair, wash and condition your weave often, but do it gently. You can also use certain weaves, such as sew-ins and lace-front style, to grow your real hair since they can allow your real hair to take a much-needed break from chemicals and everyday stress.
  • Securing an efficient product line to care for your hair that’s a must. Since the hair used in your weave will not be the same as your natural hair type, and is most often comprised of Asian or Indian hair (if you are using synthetic hair, your styling options are greatly limited and should not include heat styling), you won’t need quite the moisturizing factor of products specifically designed for hair of African origin.

Example Styles of Quick Weave Hair

With these quick weave hairstyles, getting a new look is no longer a tough task. While opting for quick weave hairstyles, always remember you need to visit an expert stylist. A professional will be able to give you these different looks with much ease. Also ensure you know all about hair care after the quick weave. Weaves need some amount of maintenance. Use quality products, so that your natural hair is not damaged. Once you wish to change your look, always go back to the professional to remove the attached hair weaves. Have fun flaunting the new look and ignore the envious glances!





DIY: Create Your Own Boho Hairstyles

The word “boho” is short for “Bohemian” and refers to the free and natural style of fashion and beauty that is similar to the hippie style. Boho hairstyles are characterized by flowing waves that don’t look too polished and neat and have a more natural look. You can also use your creativity if you want to do your hair boho style with artsy accessories. Whether your hair is naturally wavy or naturally straight, you can achieve this look.

To create this chic boho hairstyles, you need the proper steps/instructions to do. Below are some boho hairstyles variation along with the instructions. Check it now!


The Steps

  • Using your hands and fingers, brush all your hair to one side of your shoulder. Once all your hair is gathered to one side, make a part on the opposite side of your head, about two inches from the center, using a comb. Smooth bumps using your fingers.
  • Separate your hair into three sections. Begin by bringing the very back piece over the middle piece. Pull to ensure the braid is tight. Place the front piece over the middle piece. Pull. Repeat until you have only about an inch of hair left. Fasten with a rubber band or other stretchable fastening device by placing hair in the middle of the circle and looping until tight.
  • Pull out wisps of hair on the side opposite to your braid so you have a few stands hanging down. Secure any loose hairs in the back with bobby pins.

Messy Bun

The Steps

  • Wet hair and let it air dry. Scrunch hair for some volume and curl.
  • When hair is completely dry, backcomb top quarter of hair (from hairline at scalp to one-quarter inch back) to add more volume.
  • Gather all hair in a bunch in the back center of the head with the left hand. Twist the hair into a tight coil and begin to loop the hair around itself. With the right hand, secure loosely with a rubber band or other fastening device by placing around hair and looping around the bun. Smooth all bumps with fingers, if you prefer. Some hair should be coming out of the bun. If not, pull wisps from the bun with your fingers.

Freshly-Showered Look

The Steps

  • Wet hair completely. Do not brush it.
  • Apply a dime-sized amount of gel or pomade to the palm. Distribute through unbrushed hair by taking handfuls of hair and squeezing the handfuls with the fingers.
  • Let hair air dry. Hair should be wavy and slightly unkempt-looking. Secure one side of the hair with a bobby pin, if you prefer.

Braided Boho

The Steps

  • Wash your hair and towel it dry to remove excess moisture. The braiding process is easier if your hair is damp, not wet or fully dry.Comb your hair to remove any tangles. Apply styling product to your hair to minimize frizz and help keep the braid in place. You want a messy-looking braid, but one that stays in place.
  • Separate the sections of your hair and decide where to start the braid. If you are wearing the braid to one side, pull it over your shoulder and start the braid at your collarbone. If creating a braid to pin up, start it at the nape of your neck.
  • Braid using a simple three-section method, bringing each section over the top of the next. Smooth each section as you add it to the braid. Don’t braid too tightly as you want the look soft and messy.
  • Strategically loosen sections around your face to provide a frame. Leave your braid down your back or over your shoulder. Alternately, pin it up for a chic, but boho look.

Boho Hairstyles Example Pictures

Boho Hairstyles Video Tutorial

Source: Youtube

Boho hairstyles are contrary to the straight-laced, every-hair-in-place hairstyles. A bohemian hairstyle is all about wispy, curly, tangled and free-flowing hair. The common necessities when performing a hairstyle, such as hairspray, gel or pomade, are completely unnecessary; bohemian hairstyles are made to be mussed, tangled and touched. Good Luck!





1920′s Hairstyles for Men

The 1920s saw a great change in hairstyles and fashion. In an era that was characterized by lifestyle changes and freedom of expression, hairstyles reflected this changing culture. It was mainly youth culture that instigated this change, however, it was soon adopted by older generations.

In this decade, men’s hair styling was a simpler and more traditional affair, without the fame of the Shingle bob or Eton crop. Yet this was a modern era and men’s fashion developed into a highly groomed look, which kept pace with the crisp female image of the ’20s. Below are some variations 1920s hairstyles for men that great for formal or casual occasions. Take a look!

Side Parting

The hair was swept apart with the use of hair products. This parting usually occurred at the center of the head, but also could be parted slightly off center. Tonic kept the hair parting away from the face. The hair on the top and sides of the head were also plastered down with the use of tonic.

Mustaches and Beards

Mustaches and beards were also popular, particularly among older men, though not as much as before. Some young people wore mustaches to make them look older. However, by the end of the 1920s, popularity of the mustaches decreased.

Military Cut

A military haircut was another popular hairstyle. The hair was cut very short, typically less than 1 cm. Men who were doing sports especially liked this type of haircut as it was more comfortable than longer hair. In addition, most young boys had their hair cut in a similar fashion.

Ocean Type Waves

Here’s another variation of 1920s hairstyles for men. A slicked down ripple hair effect was a popular style within black communities in 1920. The extensive use of hair products helped slick the hair down on the head while also creating a non-uniform wave effect.

Boys’ Styles

Young boys had a short hairstyle, which was extremely common in 1920. Their hair was short on the back and on the sides of the head, with no specific styling. No hair products were used. Caps for children were also very popular.

Example Styles


The lifestyle associated with the Roaring Twenties was only for the rich and the few, yet has affected fashion ever since. The mobster style of famous gangsters, such as Al Capone, is now popular for ’20s themed parties. These men wore smart suits, clean-shaven faces and hair swept to the back and side with pomade. The effect of traditional pomade, which by the’20s was usually made with beeswax and mineral oil rather than bear fat, is to give a slightly dark and glossy look to hair. This polish needs to be recreated if you want to give your hair an authentic ’20s look. Rudolph Valentino wore one of the famous slicked-back styles of the time, where hair sat close to the head and had an almost wet shine. The 1920s,  was a period in history known for jazz, dance and fashion. Men of that era also had distinct 1920s hairstyles.