Edgy Hairstyles for Men

Edgy hairstyles are unconventional yet attractive haircuts.  For men, who want to edgy styles many options are available; most require simple salon assistance or just a few supplies to use at home. Mentioned below are some ideas of the edgy hairstyles for men that might can give a new change into an edgy look.


Shaved or partially shaved heads are edgy punk hairstyles. The edgy punk look is all about asymmetry, so shaving only one side of the head or creating a mohawk are part of the style.

Spiked Hair

Spiked hair is definitely can represent an edgy look for every men. Cut your hair short around the ears, leaving the top and sides about one to two inches long. Then cut the hair in short, choppy layers to add texture. Use a mousse or styling gel to finger-style the hair into small, spiky sections that stand up and away from the scalp.


Elvis Presley and the rockabillies first donned the pompadour, now a fixture in the world of high-fashion hair styles. Create a pompadour by leaving the hair fairly long on the sides and even longer on top. Activate a significant amount of pomade by rubbing it in your hands then use it to slick back the hair at sides and top of your head. Use a comb to shape the front-top into a bulbous, wave form. Add a contemporary appearance by messing the hair up slightly in the back for a semi-bed-head look.

Fanned Mohawk

Another ideas of the edgy hairstyles for men; Fanned mohawk. Men who enjoy the edgy, punk look of professional skateboarders, emo musicians and young actors can emulate the style with the fanned mohawk.  The fanned mohawk requires men to shave the sides of their heads entirely, leaving the top and back long. To style, wet it and then blow dry. When dry, work a thick, heavy styling product such as wax into the hair, pulling your hands from the root through the end, until it stands up straight. Work from your forehead to the nape of your neck until your hair stands straight up. For a more dramatic variation, apply more gel, gather hair in clumps and work it into spikes from the front to the back of the head.

And here are for a few example styles of the edgy hairstyles for men.

The edgy hairstyles can put you on the map when it comes to fashion and style. After all, hair may be the first thing a person notices about you, so it’s a good idea to make a great first impression. Whether you want to have an extremely edgy hairstyle, a temporary one or are simply considering options for your next mane transformation, there are dozens of styles to choose from (you can choose one of the edgy hairstyles above). Before selecting your future do, think about which styles suit your personality and which ones are most fantastic! Cheeers!






Edgy Haircuts for Girls

If you’re just stick the same boring haircut for years. Then you need to get out of that rut and ready to try out for edgy haircuts, be sure that you are mentally ready for the change!  For starts, decide what kind of edgy haircut you want first. Don’t do what most people do. Don’t do mainstream haircut. Just decide the different ones.  Or if not you can go for European hair styling magazines or fashion magazines instead. At there, you will find some unique and of course variety of edgy haircut that might can give you a new idea. Then choose between a short edgy haircut or a longer style. Some people have a hard time parting with their long locks, and there are many options for keeping them and still adding style. However, most edgy cuts are shorter and incorporate a lot of layers.

For the first idea, you can go bob haircut to get an edgy look. Add some color and razor sharp edges to your hair if the traditional classic bob isn’t cutting it for you. Stack the bob high in the back so that it’s nearly shaved close to your neckline and gets slightly longer as it inches up the back of your head. Your hair should gradually get longer as it reaches the front of your head and allow the front two strands to hang down longer than the rest of your cut. Add jagged layers throughout the front and sides of your cut. Give your do some more attitude by adding hot pink chunky highlights throughout the style.

On the other hand, emo scene haircuts are still popular and favored by many girls. Keep your long hair but add lots of jagged edges to your tresses, especially around the sides and crown of your head. Your bangs should be cut no shorter than cheekbone length and layered. Use thinning scissors to thin the bottom portion of this cut so that it lies flat and straight. This cut looks amazing with color, so add bright streaks on the ends of only your long pieces and along the front. Use a quarter-sized amount of hair gel and a blow dryer on wet hair. Brush hair straight down while drying. Heat up your flat iron until it gets smoking hot and drag it through small sections of hair until it is pin straight. Tease the crown of your head, then smooth down with a brush or comb. Push your bangs off to the side with your fingers and finish the look with a light misting of hairspray.

Consider playing with your hair color. Remember that the edgy haircuts for girls aren’t just about the cut. You might make a bold switch from brunette to blonde or vice versa, or add a few streaks of a punky shade. Clip images that show the hair cut and color you desire. Make an appointment. Get recommendations from friends who have cool cuts, or read reviews online. Schedule a consultation first and better yet go for a trim or two so that you can get comfortable with your new stylist before trusting him or her to do something drastic to your hair.

To maintain your haircut you will need to keep getting a trim regularly every 6-8 weeks, to maintain the edgy choppy hair. If you end up not liking your new cut, don’t worry, hair grows. Stock up on styling products. Edgy haircuts require a lot of pomade or gel to style, which you my not be used to. Ask your stylist to show you how to use them. Avoid making big changes to your hair when you’ve gone through a difficult time, like a break-up. Experiment with color, hair length and layer depth which can gives you an edgy look. And don’t forget, make sure that your parents are cool with you altering your appearance before you take up the scissors or add color to your hair into an edgy styles. Cheers!




Balayage Highlights

Highlights are a great way to add a bit of brightness to your hairstyle or a touch of dimension and depth to your ‘do. And the hottest thing in highlighting hair right now is balayage highlights! Balayage highlighting is a color treatment that uses a hand-painting technique to add highlights throughout hair. The end result is sun-kissed and natural looking. According to www.balayage.com, you can get the balayage highlighting treatment on wet or dry hair, and it offers versatility compared with other highlighting methods. Opt for the balayage highlighting technique if you want a stylish and sun-kissed look for your hair highlights.

The Example Results of Balayage Highlights

Balayage highlights originated in Parisian salons. This technique involves a hair stylist literally painting pieces of hair with a color brush, and results in a natural look. The stylist chooses which strands of hair to highlight. Usually a smaller highlighting brush is required for this type of highlighting because it allows for more precision. Low-lighting can also be performed this way. Sometimes long strands of cotton are used to separate sections of the hair if more than one color is being used. This prevents hair colors from “bleeding.” These types of highlights can be done on wet or dry hair.
Many celebrities are opting for this balayage highlights. A variety of balayage highlight looks can be created. For example, imagine a hairstyle consisting of curly, layered hair where the tips of the layered curls are tinted in a dramatic color. This could be achieved by using a color brush to paint the ends of the hair without needing any additional tools. The use of foil in a balayage method is likely simply a matter of the stylist’s concern over color-bleed or dripping. Traditional balayage doesn’t use foils and generally uses a tinting or lightening mixture that is thick enough to prevent the need for foil. A new technique of balayage, is more healthier way to haighlighting your hair.  Balayage highlight is a must-do style this year.





Grow Your Hair Longer and Faster

Women love their hair and will go for the extra-million mile to get the perfect long hair. They treat it as someone would treat precious ornaments. Long hair is a stand-out factor that never goes unnoticed or unappreciated by the admirer. Nowadays, with the increase in pollution and constantly changing lifestyle, it has become extremely difficult to maintain long hair.  Hair is thick when they are short but start thinning gradually during growth.

Growth of hair mostly depends on genetics. However, there are some external ways in which hair growth can be stimulated. A lot of beauty products claim to give you the thicker, longer hair you’ve always wanted, but it takes a little more work than that. All you need to do is follow a few quick and easy steps of how to make your hair grow longer.

Regular Washing

You’re wondering how to make your hair grow longer, right? Well, the first thing to do is to get the basics right. Regularly washing your hair with a good shampoo will help in cleaning your hair as well as the scalp. And here are some washing tips; Do not pile the hair on top of your head when washing – this creates tangles. Instead, work the shampoo from the scalp through to the ends carefully with your fingers. Choose a shampoo that won’t weigh your hair down. Long hair has significant natural weight, and heavy shampoos will make the hair flat and listless. Rinse the hair with cold water to seal the cuticle, thereby minimizing damage. A cold water rinse also leaves hair shiny and sleek. Do not towel-scrub wet hair – squeeze moisture out carefully and wrap the hair gently with a towel to remove excess water. Do not wash the hair too frequently: letting long hair get dirty occasionally helps spread natural oils through to the ends. Clean hair is healthy hair, and the more healthy your hair, the better it will grow.


Long hair needs regular conditioning to rejuvenate strands that may be years old. Conditioning tips for how to grow your hair long include: Use a leave-in conditioner with SPF protection to safeguard against sun damage, opt for occasional deep conditioning treatments: once a month for healthy hair; more frequently for delicate or damaged hair. Avoid applying conditioner to the scalp where it can clog follicles and inhibit hair growth.

Moisturize Your Hair

Keep your hair moisturized at all times, so as to prevent breakage, split ends, thinning, and discoloration. This can be accomplished by treating the hair shaft, and tips with a deep conditioner. Let the conditioner remain for at least 5 minutes and then wash it off. It is not advisable to rub conditioner on the scalp as it weakens the roots, and if its allowed to remain on the hair for too long. However, this rule does not apply for natural homemade conditioners such as aloe vera gel, egg yolk, yogurt, or milk.


Using herbs is a good idea if you have a sensitive scalp and want to avoid chemical hair products. For the most part, herbal remedies are completely natural. It should be noted however, that there is still a chance of an allergic reaction if you are applying herbal solutions to your scalp or if you are ingesting herbs orally. Testing just a small amount of the herb on your scalp or in your stomach is a good idea before applying or ingesting the full amount. If you do have an adverse reaction, you should cease using the herb immediately, and contact a physician for advice.

Protein Intake

Most of you would know that your hair is actually made out of protein. And for those of you who didn’t know, well, now you do! It is true that your hair is a reflection of your overall health and diet. A person with a balanced diet will have strong and healthy hair as opposed to a person whose diet is lacking in vital, essential nutrients. Improving the protein intake in your diet can help in making your hair strong and healthy and promoting better hair growth. For that purpose, you could consider eating protein-rich food such as eggs, fish, chicken, sprouts, pulses, etc.

Oil and Head Massage

If you’ve tried all the above but have still managed to get a satisfactory answer to your question, then maybe it’s time to go the extra mile. Yes, if you want to grow hair faster naturally, then you should get regular oil and head massages done. These help to not only increase the circulation in your head which helps in hair growth but also improves the health of the scalp. However, ensure that you use the best oil for hair which nourishes and strengthens the hair strand and the hair follicle. It is said that coconut oil for hair growth works wonders! Besides this, there are also many hair masks that you can apply on your hair so as to better their health.

Avoid Perming Hair

Perming your hair or using harsh chemicals like peroxide should be avoided. Perming your hair can damage your hair, as the chemicals used for perming can weaken the hair, leading to hair loss. If you want to color your hair, you can use non peroxide hair colors or 100% natural henna. Henna also acts as a conditioner for the scalp. Using henna for hair growth is beneficial, as it is a natural product and has no harmful chemicals.

Long Hair Styles

Healthier, longer, thicker hair is every person’s dream, isn’t it? The best method for how to make your grow your hair longer is to have patience while applying different care tips for encouraging length. Hair grows an average of six inches per year, so cultivating waist-length locks can take from four to seven years even with assiduous care. At the same time, treating the hair properly inside and out is critical for healthy hair. As hair gets longer, dull, limp strands are more noticeable than with short styles, making proper care crucial for a stylish long look.






Drew Barrymore Red Hair

If you ever remember some actress on the red carpet has beautiful dyed red hair last year. And one of them is Drew Barrymore. The 36-year-old actress was spotted at Kimberly Snyder’s book launch party for “The Beauty Detox Solution” in West Hollywood, California with dyed red hair.

Barrymore’s thick, chestnut strands were styled carefree and the hue warmed up her creamy complexion. Also, at Chanel’s benefit dinner for the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Ocean Initiative in June 2011, Barrymore wore red tousled waves that were definitely worthy of the red carpet. Some say, Drew Barrymore red hair look really suits and look so beautiful on her. You know, Drew Barrymore who has been previously sported the trendy ‘dip dye’ look, has replaced her two-tone red locks with a glossy.

Drew Barrymore Red Hair Pictures


Drew Barrymore red hair favored by many women in that moment. Red color is the color is known to warm up all skin tones, says William George, owner of James Joseph Salon in Boston.  To get this you can go with sn at-home foam hair color, which is drip-free and spreads easily. Good luck!




Women’s Haircuts 2012

Women’s haircuts 2012 are all about revival, evolutions, creativity and glamorous! You can see some of the best 2011 haircuts are reborn, which cuts are offering reworked and revivals of styles that sit perfectly with the year’s fashion trends.

And also, some of them are reflected from the most iconic styles of the 20th century, infuse them with quality, and it is the basis for the dominant styles of 2012.

Short haircuts

Short hair has always been in style, and now the pixie and bob cut is considered the most stylish short haircut in 2012. A few wispy layers make this cut a little more feminine than the standard crop cut, while retaining a level of sexiness and sass. While the pixie cut works best on women with fine features, it can be manipulated to work on any face shape and size. Applying a bold hair color with the pixie haircut can draw attention away from your features. The bob is basically a blunt cut, making the hair appear to be cut in one straight line. The bob is a versatile look allowing many length options including the short bob that falls right around the ears, the chin-length bob, and the shoulder-length bob. Bangs or asymmetrical cuts are also options, which add a different twist to the traditional bob. Discuss length and other styling options with your stylist to discover which version of the bob is best suited for you.

Medium Haircuts

Medium hair offers a versatile cut. They are chic and stylish, but can still be pulled up into a ponytail and other updo’s. Medium haircuts usually fall somewhere between right underneath the chin and right under the shoulder blade. Today’s most stylish medium cuts take advantage of layers to add texture and dimension. Chipped or razored ends allow for a more creative style, which is why they are also extremely popular. Either blunt bangs or side bangs can also be added to the layered medium haircut to enhance the modern look.

Long Choppy Layers

If you’re not willing to chop off all of your hair, you can consider long choppy layers. Choppy layers are a little more irregular than the standard long layers. This provides a slightly edgier look while still maintaining your long luscious hair.

Long  Straight Haircut

Straight haircut is the easiest to carry. If you want to flaunt your hair length, get a straight haircut. It falls into place on its own. You don’t need to do any styling for a straight haircut. But you have to instruct your hairstylist to cut finely, as it has to be perfectly even in length. The smallest mistake is visible in this type of haircut, so check carefully to see that the length of the hair is the same all over.

 Long Layered Haircuts

For a long layered haircut, the back hair is trimmed in a straight cut or ‘U’. The front hair is trimmed into delicate layers; the shortest layer starts below the chin and gradually increases in length as you go to the sides. Finally, the hair can be rolled up inside to achieve a fashionable look

The Example Styles of Women’s Haircuts 2012



These were are some ideas of women’s haircuts 2012. When considering a new haircut, you should think about your body type first. Tall women with straight hair and boyish figures could look like pinheads with a pixie haircut. If you are cute and petite, you should avoid super long hair which can dwarf a tiny body. Then, if you’re not really sure about your choice, it’s okay to ask your hairstylist before you get a new haircut. In addition, with your hairstylist you can achieve the best results instead. So, better to ask and don’t hesitate to try out some ideas above. Good luck!





Nicole Richie Hair Styles

Nicole Richie is best known for her celebutante series, “The Simple Life,” starring her BFF and partying buddy, Paris Hilton. Nicole Richie hair has sported a variety of hairstyles, from braids to extensions, and all in a color shade of orange-blond.  And she is now known for stunning hairstyles like hippie chick with a headband, long and soft waves and an all-natural brunette with bangs. To get a great hairstyle like her, first of all; you need to set a realistic budget for a cut or style. Pick a style that matches your daily routine, whether it includes business meetings or dropping your child off at school and running errands.

Nicole Richie hair styles are mostly with bangs/fringe. You need to grow your bangs long. Part them in the middle or to the side to frame your face, especially if you have an oval-shaped face like Nicole’s. Sweep them over your eye to imitate Nicole’s sexy, mysterious look. Or you can ask your hairdresser specifically for a cut called the “deconstructed chignon with a deep side part.” This follows the general shape of Nicole’s hair.

Don’t forget to condition your hair in the shower with a volumizing hair conditioner or apply a leave-in volumizing gel while hanging your head upside down on a regular basis. Blow-dry your hair according to the side part. Smooth hair with a large round brush whether you’re leaving your hair down or pulling it back into a ponytail. Spray some finishing hairspray to finalize hairdo.  These just a few steps to get a hairstyle like Nicole Richie hair. Actually, Nicole’s hair has a lot of styles and variations. If you don’t mind let us see some example pictures of Nicole Richie hair styles, that might can give you a new inspiration. Take a look!


Nicole Richie is one of the most inspiring celebrities on the red carpet when it comes to hair styles! Her locks is definitely can gives you a new idea!  If you agree, then you don’t have to hesitate try out one of her hairstyles that you like the most to enhance your appearance in any occasions. Cheers!




Popular Haircuts 2012

Looking for the hottest haircuts in 2012? then you need to keep reading in this page. You know, many hair trends come and gone, but some of them are still in and favored by many people at this year, 2012. Some celebrities on the red carpet could be your inspiration to get a new idea. Therefore, you need to more up-to-date and see the difference. Then after you decide, to achieve the best results;you can go visit your hairstylist or your favorite salon in the downtown.

The perfect haircuts can create a personal statement for everyone, as it is the first thing most people see when they first meet you. Great haircuts are adapted to the changes in style, while notable haircuts are often cultural statements. There are many options of popular haircuts 2012, out of which you can choose the one you like the most.


The Pixie

Pixie haircut are still chic and the best in 2012, because this haircuts are very low on maintenance. So, consider getting a short pixie cut. This cut is short and elongates the neck. Although this haircut is short, there are different short layers throughout the cropped top. There is a layered cut around the ears and forehead. Women with a pixie cut can also have fringe, which adds to the look.

The Bob

Hair at this length can be with or without layers. This is a great cut for girls who prefer minimal styling. Shorter hair is easy to wash, condition, dry and detangle, and it takes up less time than long hair because there’s less hair to manage. It’s a very low-maintenance cut that still looks great and age-appropriate for girls of all ages. And

Blunt Razor Cut

The sharp razor is a very useful tool when women wish to opt for a stylish 2012 hairdo! The razor cut is about adding layers and more texture to the hair. The angles can be changed as per the desired look.


Speaking of fringe, they can really change the shape of a woman’s face. There are various types of fringe. Thick fringe, blunt and straight fringe come down over the forehead and fall right above the eyes, even grazing the eyelashes. Choppy fringe are uneven, so they create a textured look. Wispy are lightly spread fringe; side swept fringe are long enough to go diagonally across the forehead and can be pinned back. Curly headed women can also cut ringlet fringe, as long as they are long enough to be pinned back and also thin enough, because they have more body than straight hair.

The Fauxhawk

Here’s another popular haircuts 2012 for women; the faux hawk. This look can either transform shorter hair or works as a haircut in itself, with closely cropped sides and longer strands in the middle to style into a peak. Much like the pixie, those with exquisite bone structure are best able to pull off the fauxhawk, though the extra hair makes this cut flattering on a wider array of women.  Women sporting a fauxhawk need only minimal styling to look effortlessly cool. Using a hair gel or pomade, they can define their peak to the desired height, adding definition for an edgier feel.

Long Layers

Long hair is sexy. Long layered hair has different longer lengths. This style is amazing, because it can be done to straight, wavy, and curly hair. The front layers are usually shorter and frame the face, which makes the style elegant. The dimension of varying layers also gives hair the appearance of body.



The undershave cut is a more extreme version of the undercut in which the sides and back of the head are sheared down to the scalp, leaving the hair long on top. Because of the stark contrast created by this look, undershaves are popular in punk and goth subcultures. They are also used by skaters and metalheads, who grow the hair on top past shoulder length and tie it back, leaving the sides and back completely shaved.

Faux Hawk

These are very stylish haircuts, and one doesn’t need to use harsh hairstyling products to maintain it, Cut your hair on the sides into short crops, and keep the middle hair longer. Then style the middle hair upwards and forwards using an extra hold gel. The faux hawk is an edgy cool style.

Indie Haircut

This haircut keeps it simple: it consists of short hair combed to the front and sides at even lengths. Another way is to use a lot of gel to form downward spikes. This will give you the look of a scruffy yet stylish guy. The “indie” haircut was popularized by the indie rock scene and was developed in England and the United States in the new millennium.

Spiky Haircut

Short spikes in a much messy way is an ‘in’ thing for men. Color those spikes with a blonde or brown hair color to give yourself a stylish and sophisticated look.

The Example Pictures of Popular Haircuts 2012

These were some popular haircuts 2012! And besides these haircuts, you can go some popular styles like comb over, side braids, wavy curls or long sleek hairstyles for women.  For men, there are five top hairstyles in 2012 according malestandard.com. Such as; the quiff, the peaked side crop, the side parted, long styles and indie.  This year is all about glamorous and creativity. So, don’t stop to experiment and find the perfect haircuts or hairstyles for you. With a great stylist, there should be nothing impossible for you to achieve your crowning glory in 2012. Have fun!


Funky Haircuts 2012

If normal is boring, then you need to try some funky haircuts to spice up life! Funky haircuts therefore are in great demand as they help the person take a zany look and add an element of interest in their life. These 2012 haircuts are a fun and low maintenance alternative to long trendy hair styles. Although certainly not for the scissor shy, these looks can instantly add the drama and excitement you need to make the convincing snip. For both girls and guys, these funky haircuts 2012 can be options  to get a new look. Mentioned below are some ideas of funky haircuts in 2012 that you can consider to try. Let’s take a look!

For Girls


Funky cuts always have a handful styles with bangs. Bangs are a great way to add drama and sharpen facial features. Whether you wear off center bangs or rock an asymmetrical fringe, adding a slice of interest at the hairline is a flattering way to break up your cut. Bangs work on nearly everyone.

Going Asymmetric

Asymmetrical haircuts have enjoyed plenty of time in the spotlight. Though the look usually leans more toward the dramatic side, it doesn’t have to make you look like a rock star every time. Even the chicest, most blunt cuts can be softened with a bit of ingenuity. If your sassy bob hair style is asymmetrical, it’s slightly shorter in the back and becomes gradually longer toward the front. If you wish to soften the look, pin back those edgy longer pieces with a clip, leaving a piece or two to frame the face. This unites the best of both worlds – your funky asymmetrical cut is apparent, but the clip and face-framing strands add a touch of innocence


If you missed your chance to rock out with one of the most celebrated all girl rock bands, you can relive the stage days of Joan Jett with your own 80s-inspired shag. Longer bangs with shoulder-grazing ends can be spiked up for a funky look and textured throughout the top and the back for a funky resurrection of a favorite punk style. Shags are a sexy style that beg to be considered if you want to keep your length but need some drama and visual interest. A shag is defined by cropped interior layers, making it a great cut for anyone with color treated hair and breakage from excessive damage. A shag can be a very versatile wash and wear cut, so be sure to consider the options of layers when you’re looking for an exciting funky haircut.


Another funky haircuts 2012 for girls is a spiked ‘do. When hair is chopped into a pixie cut, the ends can be slicked and defined to create tough-chic spikes. For a new spin on a funky look, this cut can also be worn soft and tousled. Versatility makes this style another short hair trend that has indefinite staying power. Because of the boldness in a spiked punk style, you’ll need to have the personality to pull the look off. Not for the timid at heart, a short funky crop requires a dramatic and eccentric persona. Women who prefer a feminine and soft style may not feel their best in such a short hairstyle. To avoid a hair nightmare, consider your own confidence levels and personality before making such a powerful and bold statement.

For Guys

Emo Cut

The emo hairstyle is a medium-length cut with fringe that are long enough to cover the eyes. The bulk of the hair is kept messy while the fringe are combed over one side of the face. The emo haircut is usually dyed black, but streaks in the black are just as popular.


Guys can use Mohawks to their advantage. Shave both sides of the head and leave a strip of hair in the center that can be shaped to look like the spikes on a dragons back. Make sure the points are sharp and stand well. Use a very firm styling gel. For those who do not wish to use products, try applying egg whites. Color it a bright orange or red and explore your wild side!

Spike Cut

This haircut can be worn by both girls and guys. For guy, the spiked cut is a short haircut that leaves the hair at varying lengths over the head in spikes that are an inch or two long. Hair gel holds the spikes in place.

The Examples Style of Funky Haircuts 2012



There are endless possibilities when it comes to funky haircuts. Remember, this is bound to make you look different, so you need to do this with an open mind to enjoy the results!





Short Layered Bobs

If you want a low maintenance style with plenty of movement, why not consider any of the following short layered bobs? You know, bobs are not only gorgeous, but also very versatile and sassy to sport. If you are really tired of that ‘girl next door’ look with long tresses, then it’s time you show her the versatility of short bob haircuts which are layered. A layered short style on bobs can offer instant change while maintaining some of the traditional softness of a medium or long haircut.

The short layered bobs also suits almost any face structure and gives your face a slightly gentler look. Layered bobs are a great way to incorporate shorter tresses with a modern and timeless shape. A bob is a perfect style option for the career minded professional that wants a serious, yet feminine cut. With the addition of layers, the already chic bob has increased movement and shape.

For examples, let’s us take a look some pictures of short layered bobs below.

A short layered bob is a no-fuss haircut, no doubt. It’s a lightweight cut that is done in layers to thin out over-thick hair or to add texture to hair that is limp, straight or fine. To get this cuts, ask you stylist to cut your hair in such a way that there are long layers on top of the head. This gives the bob more volume at the top and sides. The hair at the side should be cut with layers starting at the cheekbones to give it a softer and younger look. A layered short bob should look like hair is shorter at the front than at the back. This type of haircut works best with thick wavy hair. To style this haircut, you need to apply a volumizing mousse at the top of hair and blow dry hair straight. While a short cut isn’t on everyone’s list, many more people could be happy with the results simply by taking a chance. If you think a shorter style is for you, toss around ideas with your stylist and find a shape that suits you. Cheers!