Pin Curls for Short Hair

Trying to emulate the hair styles of celebrities can seem like an even greater challenge. The good news is that many celebrity hairstyles are easy to achieve. And pin curls is one of the most popular celebrity hairstyles. Pin curl is one of the retro 40′s hairstyles that making a comeback!This hairstyle technique is simple to create and has the advantage that you do not have to go to bed with curlers in your hair, but will still wake up with a head of curls you can style as you please. And some of you may think that this hair style only for long hair. That’s not true. If you have short hair, you still can get this style. With pin curls short hair, you can achieve a classic, elegant, glamorous look for your special occasion.

To get pin curls short hair, you can start with wash your hair first. Use the shampoo, and apply conditioner if you usually use it. It shouldn’t be soaking wet, but you want the hair wet enough so it can dry in the shape of the pin curls. Have a spray bottle handy in case portions of your hair begin to dry before you get all your curls pinned. Use a comb with a long tail to help separate hair into neat sections.  Separate strands into 1/4 to 1″ uniform sections in the areas of your head where you want the pin curls.  Use a bobby pin or a curling pin to secure the curl. You may need more than one bobby pin to ensure that the ends tuck in securely. Continue curling pin curls all the way around your head. When you’re done, it looks like a bunch of small circles pinned to your head. Allow your pin curls to dry completely and then unpin your curls. You can finish your curls with your favorite styling product.

The best thing about pin curls looks are the great variations and they’re less likely to damage your hair because no hairdryers or curling irons are necessary to achieve them. How sweet it is! You can also use some hair accessories like hair combs with flowers, headbands, bows, barrettes, snoods, feathers, etc. Oh, don’t forget about headbands and flapper hats too. Pin curls short hair can be your best option to get a beautiful, voluptuous locks. Once you’ve mastered the basic pin curl techniques, experiment to create your own looks even with short hair. Cheers!


Kristin Cavallari Hair

Kristin Cavallari is an American television personality and actress. She is best known for her starring roles on the former MTV reality television programs Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and its spin-off, The Hills. Kristin Cavallari has always been known as one of the most adorable, and stylish, reality stars with gorgeous hairstyles. However, now that she’s recently became parents with her husband Jay Cutler for the first time. The reality star, and Chicago Bears quarterback, welcomed son Camden Jack six weeks ago, a moment that made them a “new family” and changed life instantly (according Perhaps after this, she’s getting restless with her hairstyle. You know, Kristin always look beautiful no matter what she does to her hair. And that’s true. Kristin Cavallari hair styles always looks trendy and stunning!

When it comes to her hair, we often see Kristin with her beautiful blonde hair. With a few touches of style as a straight sleek, updo, side swept or just with a loose curl . And all of these hairstyles absolutely stunning on Kristin Cavallari hair. Some of you may want to imitate her hair, for your special occasions. And i think, that’s a good idea. You can go with her braided updo, or her loose curl for evening events. To get updo like Kristin’s, firstly wash your hair with shampoo. “If the hair is clean, apply a mousse throughout the hair and dry with your hands. Find your natural part and do three small braids on the sides (two on one side, one on the other). Section the hair into two going diagonally in the back to include one side in the top section, the other in the bottom section. Twist each section around to form a messy bun and secure with large hair pins. If you need to tighten the braids against the head apathy loop into the bun, use small bobby pins. Leave a few pieces out around the face for softness and lightly spray to lock in the placement and texture of this do-it-yourself updo.” According Celebrity hairstylist Marcus Francis on

To get her side swept, you can start with blow dry hair straight and then create a side part. Then starting from the front and moving toward the back of your head, use a 1 ½ inch curling iron to coil the ends of your hair into back-sweeping waves. Pin hair in place behind your right ear, or set it with a stronghold styling spray. Besides these two, there are many cute Kristin Cavallari hair styles, such centar part with wavy style, straight sleek, half up, razored bob, side ponytail, etc. Kristin Cavallari’s sweet smile is a beauty as well aswith  all her hairstyles, so simple and elegant–but that’s the biggest appeal!




DIY: Make Your Own A Line Haircut

Looking for a hot, easy to maintain, versatile haircut? Then how about getting Aline haircuts? The A Line bob cut is the classic bob angled to be longer in the front than it is in the back. It is often worn at chin-length, though some people prefer it as short as nose-length or long enough to skim their shoulders. The shorter the hair is in the back, the more dramatic the appearance of the cut is. The A line cut is being sported by singers and celebrities, and it is an easy cut to emulate if you have straight, even hair that is all one length. Also, this haircut works best on straight hair with medium thickness.

There are several variation of the ALine haircuts, but its fundamental shape remains the same. The simple shape of the haircut is basic enough that it can be done by a professional or at home. To create your own A Line haircut you can follow some steps below :

The Steps

  1. Part the hair in seven sections using a comb, and hold each section with a hair clip. The section sections should be at the top, right nape, right crown, right side, left nape, left crown and left side.
  2. Remove the clip from one of the nape sections.
  3. Take a 1- to 1 1/2-inch strip of hair, hold at the middle of the neck area at a 45-degree angle and cut at the angle from the center back of the head.
  4. Repeat with the other nape section. This will create a crescent shape and be the shortest area of hair with the sides of the crescent serving as the cut’s starting length.
  5. Working toward the front of the head, unclip and comb out the remaining sections one at a time, finishing each section before moving on to another one.
  6. Cut at a downward slanted 45-degree angle using the previously cut section as a guide.
  7. Comb hair down every time a section is completed to ensure you have a clean line.
  8.  Allow hair to fall naturally and refrain from putting any tension on it.
  9. Trim and blend bangs if the style has them, but dry them before introducing them to the scissors.
  10. Wet hair hangs longer than dry hair, resulting in bangs seeming to shrink in length when they dry.
  11. Comb the hair to remove tangles after removing it from the clips.

And here are some example pictures of ALine haircuts, let’s take a look!

A Line haircuts are great, chic, classic, fashionable and timeless. These cuts suits almost every face shape. If you are not sure to make this cut by yourself, then it’s okay to ask a hairstylist for a help. Good Luck ;)




Holiday Hairstyles

It’s time for a holiday! It is a time to unwind and have a much-needed sabbatical from the hectic work schedule. Some of you may won’t miss a festive holiday party, or just hangin’ out with fams at the Thanksgiving or Christmas events in home. Then you need your best outfits and perfect holiday hairstyle to complement your appearance.  If you are stuck in a holiday hair rut, however, there’s a few chic holiday hairstyles can be your options.  Adding a few holiday hairstylesinto your beauty routine can complete your holiday look.

French Braid

The most versatile of braids, the French braid is popular because of its openness to creativity. It is usually characterized by a braid starting at the crown of the head that then proceeds backwards, picking up more and more hair as the braid progresses. While simplistic, you can alter the French braid to fit any occasion by the simple act of changing how many French braids there are and the direction they take.

Holiday Updo

You can try another holiday hairstyles; updo. Updo looks gorgeous on girls with straight or slightly wavy hair that is medium to long in length. Wash hair, and apply a hair styling lotion to your damp tresses. Blow dry your hair until it’s dry. Mist sections of hair with a flexible spritz holding spray before you curl it, so that your curls will last longer. Set your hair in large hot curlers, and allow enough time for curls to form. Allow the curls to cool and tease them slightly at the root. Avoid teasing too much because it can frizz your new curls. Gather hair in a loose ponytail at the top of your head. Take each curl, and pin it in place with hair pins alternating the directions as you work. Bangs look best when they are swept off to the side. Finish this hairstyle with a glittery barrette on the side of your hair for a fabulous party look.

The Juliet Hair

The romantic hairstyle that is perfect for holiday events, the “Juliet” is a half-up hairstyle that involves gathering all the hair from the ears forward and pulling it back. From there, the Long Locks website recommends having someone else braid the collected hair in the standard three-part style also known as the English braid. When finished, the braid should rest on the remaining free-flowing hair.


For a late-night holiday party or a Sunday brunch, large and voluminous curls complement party dresses and ball gowns. If you have wavy or straight hair, create large curls for a holiday event in 30 minutes or less. Shampoo and condition your hair first. Spray your hair with a volumizer that is activated by the heat. Dry your hair using a blow dryer with a medium heat setting. Use a large comb to divide your hair into three or four sections. Depending on your hair length, put medium-sized or large hot rollers into your hair. Roll each roller away from your face and secure with a metal pin. Remove the hot rollers after four to eight minutes. Release your curls by combing each curl lightly with the tips of your fingers. Mist your hair with a light- to medium-hold hairspray to set the style.

Straight Sleek Hair

Straight-haired girls look stunning with shiny and sleek hair. Enhance your lovely tresses with a vintage-looking hair comb that has rhinestone details. A hair band that has small pearls, metallic beads or crystal accents also will draw attention to your hair’s silky texture. Create a unique part in your hair by tracing a zigzag from your forehead to the back of your head. Style your hair as you normally do, but avoid touching the zigzag. Add glitz to this sleek hairstyle with an elegant hair clip.

Examples Picture of Holiday Hairstyles



For holiday parties, a good number of women spend many hours and many dollars in a hair salon getting a special style for an evening event. While this is completely acceptable for a special night out, remember that many gorgeous holiday hairstyles can also be easily accomplished at home.  For the tips: If attending a holiday party or event will require a long drive in the car, remember to consider this when choosing a holiday hair style. A style that travels well will look better after a car ride. Also, in climates where the weather might be damp, raining, or snowing on the day of a holiday event, make sure choose a style that will not be ruined if it gets the slightest bit wet. So, plan and decide all properly, so that your party runs smoothly. Cheers!





Sharon Stone Hairstyles

Sharon Stone, known for sexy, revealing fashion, is turning heads as much today as she was 20 years ago, if not more so. She is an American actress, film producer, and former fashion model. She gained international recognition for her role in the erotic thriller Basic Instinct. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress and won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama for her performance in Casino. She also had so many medium to short hairstyles that look amazing on her.  Sharon Stone hairstyles are elegant, sexy, and carefree style which can go from sleek and sophisticated to spiky also playful with just a few minutes of styling and a little bit of product.

The look seen most often on Sharon and the style that is synonymous with Sharon’s edgy style is the light blonde choppy pixie short hairdo. The style works best with straight or wavy hair.  The great thing about her choppy pixie is that its alternative flair can be easily tamed for a formal look by a simple slicking back maneuver. The choppy pixie looks great on her and can easily be modified with accessories. In 2009, she looks so gorgeous with short shaggy hair. To get the style like Sharon’s shaggy hair; using your fingers, distribute a small dollop of mousse onto towel-dried hair. Blow dry one-inch sections with a vent brush. Lift sections slightly at the root and then smooth the length straight. Create a side-part and push your bangs to one side. Use a dab of tacky styling cream on your fingers to pinch the ends and create a piece-y texture. Tuck the sides back behind your ears and then mist all over with hairspray to seal the deal.

Sharon Stone Hairstyles Pictures

Sharon stone hairstyles are great for any occasions. If you interested with her hair styles, you can grab some pictures of Sharon’s hair style and visit a stylist to achieve the best results. Sharon Stone is a beautiful, elegant, sexy woman who really inspiring all women around the world!





Natural Hairstyles

Natural hairstyles are versatile, chic, carefree, loose, and require little to no styling. Working with your natural hair can seem tricky because it seems like you have no control, but it’s this fact that can actually make natural hairstyles easier to accomplish than something that requires heavy styling.

There are so many options of natural hairstyles that one can wear different types of hair styles every day. Also, with the right hair accessories, one can make their hairstyle look even more attractive.

Comb Twists

One of the natural hairstyles for those who have a short hair is called comb twists. Your hair can be very short or several inches long for this style. You will need a strong-hold styling gel and a comb. The hair is parted into sections and gel is put onto each section of the hair. In each section, just twist two strands of hair around the comb. Do that for each section of hair and you will have twists all over your head. This cute and stylish look is also youthful. An added benefit is that your hair should stay in this style for several days without needing to be restyled.


Here’s the other of natural hairstyles; Waves.  Even if your hair is not naturally wavy, the effect is very soft and will always appear natural. To create waves, part your damp hair into two equal sections as if you were going to do pigtails. Loosely braid the damp hair on each side, securing with an elastic band. Wait for hair to air-dry, preferably overnight, so that the waves can really set themselves in your hair. When the hair is completely dry, gently shake out the braids with your fingers and mist with hair spray.


Using braids to create a natural hairstyle is one of the most popular methods, as they appear pretty and thought-out, yet not overly styled. You can have one braid, two braids, or create small braids to blend in with the rest of your hair while it is worn down. For a beautiful, natural hairstyle, create two, one-inch-wide braids above each ear, pulling them back and securing with bobby pins behind your head.

Let see some example pictures of natural hairstyles below :

When fixing up your natural hairstyle, make sure to go easy on products and try to let your hair air-dry, as blow-drying can make hair appear too styled and not as natural. And here are some tips to care your natural hair :

  • It is extremely important to oil your scalp on a regular basis with natural oil like Shea butter
  • Massage your scalp on a regular basis to promote circulation and oil production
  • Do not wash your hair more than once a week, as anything more frequent than that will dry up your hair
  • Comb your hair while you’re conditioning it, to remove tangles while they are wet
  • Avoid the use of hair straighteners, curling irons, hair colors and hair extensions. All of these can worsen the brittle texture of your hair and it may also lead to excessive hair loss.
  • Instead if using styling sprays and gels, you must use styling lotions that do not dry hair out but provide it with some moisture and nourishment. This will also help enhance the natural curls in your hair.
  • Always use a leave-in conditioner after washing your hair
  • Avoid alcohol based products, instead try using natural hair care products for African American women
  • Remember that water is very good for your hair, so spritzing a little water on your hair everyday is a good idea
  • Make sure that you moisturize your hair at least two days a week, besides the conditioning. Since natural hair is dry, it sucks up moisture when it is adequately moisturized
  • Find a style that suits your hair and your style. The more you work against your hair, the more stressed your hair will be, resulting in hair breakage and female hair loss

You know, for any woman, her hair is her crowning glory. Natural hairstyles are more better than any styles with harsh chemicals that alter the natural state of the hair. So, if you still love your hair, you need to stop using bad ways that it will make your hair breakage. Use some ideas and hair care above to prevent the hair loss and damaged. Good luck!




Hillary Duff Hairstyles

Hillary Duff Hairstyle

Hilary Duff is a multi-talented pop star known for her beautiful hair. So many styles when it comes to Hilary Duff hairstyles. She’s had different hairstyles since she came on the scene, but her blonde, straight hair is the one that has made a noticeable statement. Hillary Duff’s long, straight and layered hairstyle has been copied by many teens.  This hairstyle can be created using a straightener to give it a shiny and sleek look with layers and bangs cut in. This style can also be created using hair extensions if your natural hair isn’t long enough. Also, her classic long layers allow for versatile styling, including updos, half-up hairstyles and endless waves.

To get the updos like hilary’s, you can start with dry, slightly wavy hair. Starting a few inches back, French-braid hair on top about half-way. Switching to a regular three-strand braid, continue braiding back fully and tuck under to create a ball of braid in the back. Spritz with hairspray to lock in your style. One of the best of Hilary Duff hairstyles; her sweet half updo, you can start by parting your hair down the center first. Then apply volumizing mousse to the top half of your hair, and allow it to dry naturally. Once your hair is dry, wrap large sections of your hair around a 1 1/2-inch curling iron to create loose waves. Brush through the waves with a paddle brush to soften them. Use a teasing comb to tease hair at the crown of your head for extra volume. Finger comb the top of your hair into a half updo, and secure it with bobby pins.

This year she frequently wearing a loose wavy hairstyle.  To get the style, then follow this steps;  Add a shine serum to start hair off with a smooth texture for curling.  Use a 1 ½ inch curling iron to create loose curls. Brush curls out to loosen and create a natural look. Use a light hold hairspray to hold curls in place. This loose waves perfect for every occasions. Hilary Duff is one of the most beloved and despised actresses in Hollywood today, yet both her supporters and her detractors admit that she has style, and many people try to imitate every Hilary Duff hairstyles. Her hairstyles are easy to create without a ton of effort and absolutely gorgeous!





Kelly Clarkson Hairstyles

Kelly Clarkson is an American singer, songwriter and occasional actress. Born in Fort Worth and raised in Burleson, Texas, Clarkson came into prominence after becoming the winner of the inaugural season of the television series American Idol in 2002 and later becoming the runner-up in the television special World Idol in 2003. Ever since Kelly Clarkson skyrocketed to fame as the first American Idol, she has been known for her cute and sexy style without ever looking trashy or promiscuous. Kelly Clarkson hairstyles are great, fun and sassy style all her own.

For casual date night, you can go with one of the best Kelly Clarkson hairstyles;sleek half updo. To get the style; Apply a straightening cream, then use a paddle brush to blow dry hair. Pull each section straight while you dry, as smooth locks are the key to this look. Then, set and polish strands by smoothing over 2-inch sections with a straightening iron. After that, start by making a part on either side of your head. Next, gather the top section of hair that falls between the parts and lift vertically. Tease the backside of this section of hair, then spritz with hairspray. Push slightly forward for height, don’t go overboard unless you actually like a pouf then pin into place with a few bobby pins. Finish the style with some hairspray to hold in place. On the other hand, you may want to get a wavy style like Kelly’s. Then to get the style; Comb a volumizing mousse through damp (not soaking wet) hair. Blow dry hair with a round brush, lifting at the roots to add volume. When hair is dry, spray 2-inch sections with a curl-enhancing spray that offers soft hold. Then wrap each section around a large-barreled curling iron, curling away from the face for that Farrah Fawcett/”Charlie’s Angels” look. Finger-comb curls to separate, then spray with a light-hold hairspray. Done!

The Example Pictures of Kelly Clarkson Hairstyles

The key of Kelly Clarkson hairstyles is about the colors, always open mind and versatile. Many of us know and love the familiar Kelly with the warm brown hair, but this girl has also gone blonde and sometimes both colors at once. Play around with colors and hairstyles, and never let more than a couple of months go by without a fun change. The Kelly Clarkson hair style is all about getting the style that looks right on you, as opposed to following every day trends. Clarkson has managed to start more trends than she follows, and she has never been afraid to look bold as well as beautiful. She is the truly Idol!




Romantic Hairstyles

Romantic hairstyles are soft, cute, ultra-feminine and certainly can enhance the appearances of every women in the world. This hairstyles suits for every formal occasion, such wedding, prom, homecoming, etc. Aside from the abundant appeal of romantic hair, achieving the look is also surprisingly easy and offers a wide array of options for every hair type.

When you in search of a good hairstyles for your special occasions, then you can consider to opt romantic hairstyles to go.   For the variations of romantic hairstyles, Let’s see some of them below.

The Waterfall French Braid

The waterfall French braid, sometimes called the rainfall French braid, is a variation of the French braid where instead of all the hair being pulled into the braid, some of it stays free, flowing like water or rain down your head. A fairly simple braiding technique that gives a romantic fairy tale or Bohemian look, the waterfall braid works best with wavy to straight hair that comes at least below your chin.

Curly Buns

A bun is an uncomplicated style that shows off the underlying texture of the hair while creating a sophisticated yet timeless silhouette. Zigzag curls create a ton of interest and it’s easy for a simple bun to take a look from romantic, to sexy, to undeniably feminine. Here’s how to create this updos option; Shampoo and air dry hair or dry on low heat with a diffuser. Scrunch hair as it dries, and lightly work in a styling cream to maintain curl and reduce frizz. When hair is dry, grab hair into a ponytail and twist upwards. Take the long twisted section and begin to twist it around itself, in a circle, mimicking a donut. Secure with hairpins and spray with hair spray.

A Low Bun

A low bun is a sophisticated and romantic hairstyle and sweet for your wedding day. To create this look, start by parting your hair down the middle or to the side. Backcomb your hair to give it height. Pull all of your hair into a low ponytail and secure with a hair tie at the nape of your neck. Twist the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie, forming a bun. Tuck hair pins into the bun to secure it. You can either keep all of your hair sleek and smoothed back, or you can pull a few strands out of the bun to frame your face. Don’t forget to accessorize; tuck a flower or a crystal clip into the side of the bun to create interest.

Half Updo

The pulled-back half updo gives an elegant, romantic, and youthful look. A half updo with pinned-back curls provides a smooth finish for a flawless look; the tresses are pulled at the backside and are pinned slightly above the nape. A high-swept half updo has long spiral curls with locks divided into sections; a curve covers part of the forehead while the rest of the hair forms a bun by lifting hair from the crown.

Side Sweep Curl

Loosely curled hair looks beautiful gathered around the face. The flowing curls add a romantic look and bring attention to your face and beautiful curls. The side swept curls style is a take on the side ponytail, but not quite as trendy, and therefore is more classic for your special day. To do this style, curl your hair with a large barreled curling iron. Holding the curling iron straight up and down, pointing towards the floor, and wrap one to two inch sections of hair around the barrel. The larger the section of hair you curl, the looser the curl will be. After the curls are set and have been sprayed, gather all of your hair over one shoulder and use bobby pins in the back of your hair to hold it in place. Use pins that match your natural hair color so they won’t show through. Tease the crown of your hair and add a little volume in the back.

The Examples of Romantic Hairstyles


These are some romantic hairstyles for women. Whatever your hair type, emphasizing the softness, shine, and volume of your hair will create a look that is dramatic and high impact while remaining touchable and feminine, romantic.






DIY: Create Your Own Blunt Bangs

Adding blunt bangs to your look can be a stylish way to change or update your existing haircut without an entire haircut overhaul. These bangs are cut evenly across the forehead and typically fall barely below the eyebrow. Cutting bangs yourself can be a manageable task, even if they’re as precise as the blunt cut. You’ll save money by cutting them yourself, and there won’t be any effort in explaining exactly what you want to a stylist. Plus, once you’ve cut your bangs from scratch, it will be even easier to give yourself touch-up trims.

To create your own blunt bangs, you can follow some steps below :

  • Wash your hair to remove any product or style. Comb out your damp hair until it is smooth.
  • Allow hair to dry completely either naturally or with a hairdryer. Cutting fringe dry allows you to better asses the actual length, as wet hair will shrink up as it dries.combs can help determine how wide fringe should be.Brush or comb your hair and assess the thickness of how much you want to cut, as well as how far back and wide you want to cut. To determine width, generally, fringe should stop in the middle to where your pupil lines up with your hairline. You can better see this line by holding a tail comb, ruler, pencil, or any straight object up to your pupil.
  • Divide the section you’ve selected for fringe into three sections. Clip back the two side sections, leaving the middle section open to begin cutting.
  • Hold the first, middle section with the hand you’re not using to cut, between your thumb and index finger, measuring 1/4 of an inch from the tip of the hair section. You’re going to only cut 1/4 of an inch at a time. This way, you avoid making mistakes on larger portions of hair. If your hair is very long, you can get most of the hair out of the way by cutting a large portion off so it hits just at your nose and then start cutting in 1/4 inch increments from there.
  • Your fingers should be the guide for your scissors as you’re cutting. Cut hair section vertically with scissors until it hits the 1/4 inch mark you’re holding with your index finger and thumb. Don’t pull hair too tightly, otherwise, you won’t be able to assess hair length as accurately. Cut the other two sections in the same manner so that they’re in line with the first cut section. Continue cutting 1/4 inch pieces off until you’ve hit the length you desire, fluffing hair to see how the length looks between each time you cut across all sections. When you’re close to the length you want, start cutting with the scissors horizontally. If you want a more textured fringe, continue cutting vertically.

Blunt Bangs Styles

This blunt bangs look best with long, straight hair, or shoulder length or longer blunt, straight hair cuts. When it comes to going with hairstyles for round faces, the blunt bangs are good idea. People who have long face should avoid the blunt bangs. Bob haircuts are the best hairstyle that great with blunt bangs.

Good luck!