Nicole Richie Hair Styles

Nicole Richie is best known for her celebutante series, “The Simple Life,” starring her BFF and partying buddy, Paris Hilton. Nicole Richie hair has sported a variety of hairstyles, from braids to extensions, and all in a color shade of orange-blond.  And she is now known for stunning hairstyles like hippie chick with a headband, long and soft waves and an all-natural brunette with bangs. To get a great hairstyle like her, first of all; you need to set a realistic budget for a cut or style. Pick a style that matches your daily routine, whether it includes business meetings or dropping your child off at school and running errands.

Nicole Richie hair styles are mostly with bangs/fringe. You need to grow your bangs long. Part them in the middle or to the side to frame your face, especially if you have an oval-shaped face like Nicole’s. Sweep them over your eye to imitate Nicole’s sexy, mysterious look. Or you can ask your hairdresser specifically for a cut called the “deconstructed chignon with a deep side part.” This follows the general shape of Nicole’s hair.

Don’t forget to condition your hair in the shower with a volumizing hair conditioner or apply a leave-in volumizing gel while hanging your head upside down on a regular basis. Blow-dry your hair according to the side part. Smooth hair with a large round brush whether you’re leaving your hair down or pulling it back into a ponytail. Spray some finishing hairspray to finalize hairdo.  These just a few steps to get a hairstyle like Nicole Richie hair. Actually, Nicole’s hair has a lot of styles and variations. If you don’t mind let us see some example pictures of Nicole Richie hair styles, that might can give you a new inspiration. Take a look!


Nicole Richie is one of the most inspiring celebrities on the red carpet when it comes to hair styles! Her locks is definitely can gives you a new idea!  If you agree, then you don’t have to hesitate try out one of her hairstyles that you like the most to enhance your appearance in any occasions. Cheers!




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