Natural Hairstyles

Natural hairstyles are versatile, chic, carefree, loose, and require little to no styling. Working with your natural hair can seem tricky because it seems like you have no control, but it’s this fact that can actually make natural hairstyles easier to accomplish than something that requires heavy styling.

There are so many options of natural hairstyles that one can wear different types of hair styles every day. Also, with the right hair accessories, one can make their hairstyle look even more attractive.

Comb Twists

One of the natural hairstyles for those who have a short hair is called comb twists. Your hair can be very short or several inches long for this style. You will need a strong-hold styling gel and a comb. The hair is parted into sections and gel is put onto each section of the hair. In each section, just twist two strands of hair around the comb. Do that for each section of hair and you will have twists all over your head. This cute and stylish look is also youthful. An added benefit is that your hair should stay in this style for several days without needing to be restyled.


Here’s the other of natural hairstyles; Waves.  Even if your hair is not naturally wavy, the effect is very soft and will always appear natural. To create waves, part your damp hair into two equal sections as if you were going to do pigtails. Loosely braid the damp hair on each side, securing with an elastic band. Wait for hair to air-dry, preferably overnight, so that the waves can really set themselves in your hair. When the hair is completely dry, gently shake out the braids with your fingers and mist with hair spray.


Using braids to create a natural hairstyle is one of the most popular methods, as they appear pretty and thought-out, yet not overly styled. You can have one braid, two braids, or create small braids to blend in with the rest of your hair while it is worn down. For a beautiful, natural hairstyle, create two, one-inch-wide braids above each ear, pulling them back and securing with bobby pins behind your head.

Let see some example pictures of natural hairstyles below :

When fixing up your natural hairstyle, make sure to go easy on products and try to let your hair air-dry, as blow-drying can make hair appear too styled and not as natural. And here are some tips to care your natural hair :

  • It is extremely important to oil your scalp on a regular basis with natural oil like Shea butter
  • Massage your scalp on a regular basis to promote circulation and oil production
  • Do not wash your hair more than once a week, as anything more frequent than that will dry up your hair
  • Comb your hair while you’re conditioning it, to remove tangles while they are wet
  • Avoid the use of hair straighteners, curling irons, hair colors and hair extensions. All of these can worsen the brittle texture of your hair and it may also lead to excessive hair loss.
  • Instead if using styling sprays and gels, you must use styling lotions that do not dry hair out but provide it with some moisture and nourishment. This will also help enhance the natural curls in your hair.
  • Always use a leave-in conditioner after washing your hair
  • Avoid alcohol based products, instead try using natural hair care products for African American women
  • Remember that water is very good for your hair, so spritzing a little water on your hair everyday is a good idea
  • Make sure that you moisturize your hair at least two days a week, besides the conditioning. Since natural hair is dry, it sucks up moisture when it is adequately moisturized
  • Find a style that suits your hair and your style. The more you work against your hair, the more stressed your hair will be, resulting in hair breakage and female hair loss

You know, for any woman, her hair is her crowning glory. Natural hairstyles are more better than any styles with harsh chemicals that alter the natural state of the hair. So, if you still love your hair, you need to stop using bad ways that it will make your hair breakage. Use some ideas and hair care above to prevent the hair loss and damaged. Good luck!




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