Monistat for Hair Growth

What is Monistat hair growth? Monistat is a anti-fungal medication used most often for vaginal yeast infections. There comes in the use of Monistat not to treat vaginal fungal infections but to maintain a healthy scalp free of fungal infections that might cause inhibition of growth.

How to Use Monistat Hair Growth?

  • Mix one tube of Monistat with the carrier oils. Pour the mix into the applicator bottle.
  • Use a comb to part your hair into four sections for easy application.
  • Shake the mix of Monistat and the carrier oils before applying it to your hair. Tilt the bottle and hold it to your scalp.
  • Gently squeeze bottle to apply to desired areas. Massage it into your scalp and style your hair as desired.


  • Olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and castor oil make great carrier oils and mix well together.
  • Anything that you apply to your scalp may be used as a mixer with the Monistat 7.
  • Miconazole nitrate is drying. A moisturizer or oil may be needed after application.
  • Do not apply Monistat 7 directly to your scalp. Use a carrier oil or something to mix it with.
  • Monistat 7 mix is only to be applied on scalp.
  • If you relax or perm your hair, stop the use of the mix one week prior to chemical treatment, and wait one week after chemical treatment.
  • A possible side effect of using Monistat 7 on your scalp is headache.

The Reviews

Pros :

Yes it definitely works. I’m using it along with nizoral cream and am getting FAST hair growth on temples.
There are probably several mechanisms by which these two grow hair. Miconazole nitrate- Nitrates increase oxygen. I read somewhere that DHT increases hydrogen in the hair follicle so by using Miconazole Nitrate you are allowing more oxygen to reach the follicle (this is the main reason I think it works). Miconazole (active ingredient in monistat) is reported to lower testosterone levels by inhibiting the conversion of progesterone to test. Progesterone inhibits 5 alpha reductase and would lessen the effects of undesirable estrogens in the hair follicle. Ketoconazole- Reported to be anti-inflammatory. It also blocks the androgen receptor and clears estradiol and DHT from SHBG. A 5 month Japanese study reported imppressive hair growth from just using nizoral cream. Also both are anti-fungals which will help improve scalp health if immune system is not doing its job. – by User

Cons :

  • Extreme burning, and pricking sensation on the first day, reduced on the second dy onwards, towards the end of the treatment, no burning at all. I tried all home treatments and none worked like apple cider vinegar, garlic, yogurt. -User
  • I, like many other have taken Monistat in the past and never experienced this before. After just 2 min of using it, I had so much itching and burning I thought I would go crazy. I can’t wait to be done with this treatment. I agree with the many others that said the formula for the product must has changed recently. -User

According with cons, some people have reported experiencing a tingling or burning scalp. However, this seems to happen when people apply it straight out of the tube to their scalp without diluting it. If you are naturally prone to skin irritations (or have tried Monistat for its intended use and experienced burning and pain), definitely dilute the cream before trying to rub it into your scalp. You should also do a test area of your scalp where you apply it to just a small section and see how that goes. If doing so doesn’t cause any problems, you’d probably be okay to apply it to your whole scalp.

Additionally, anything that you could apply to your scalp could actually be used also to mix with Monistat for the mixture. However, olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and castor oil when combined together in small amounts would make great mixture to go with Monistat. Monistat contains miconazole nitrate which can cause dryness to hair. Though it may be a little awkward to use vaginal products for hair growth, who knows with Monistat for hair growth you will achieve the maximum results and can be effective for you! It’s okay to give it a try, right?






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