Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women

Mohawks are one of the most popular punk hairstyles that can be seen on teenagers and youngsters. In this hairstyle, the hair at the sides is cut short and there is a band of hair left in the center line of the crown, with the middle hairline extending to the nape. You can keep the hair in the center short, medium, or long as per your preferences. For black women, they can go in for either short or long Mohawk hairstyles. Short Mohawks are not considered that attention-grabbing, whereas long Mohawks can easily be spotted to be unique from other stylish haircuts.

The Mohawk hairstyles for black women should be created to match even-sized spikes or a pattern that will work from short to long and then back to short again. The hair can be blow dried after the sculpting wax or hairspray is used. The hair should be held up with the other hand during this part of the process.


These consists of a Mohawk made by the top hair, while the side hair is set into braids that extend to the Mohawks. In order to make a braided Mohawk hairstyle, take the hair on the top which is to be styled into a Mohawk and tie it into two ponytails. This will ensure that particular hair is not blended in the cornrows. Now, take the side hair and style it into individual cornrows or micro-braids. The ends of the braids should blend with the hair that is to be spiked up.


Here’s the other idea of Mohawk hairstyles for black women; pinned up curly Mohawk style. If you have curly hair then this style can look great on you, also for this style you don’t have to shave the side hair. All you have to do is pin-up all the hair at the center of your head. Leave some loose curls in the front, for a relaxed look.


For this style use a curling iron to create curly hair locks. Cut your sides into tiny crops. Apply pomade to them, to secure them in place. Use your fingers to direct the curls upwards and then form the additional side bangs.


An edgy alternative to the close-cropped Mohawk is a spiky Mohawk, which is achieved by trimming hair slightly shorter on the sides and leaving longer, wispy sections on the top of the head. Using product, such as a gel or a mousse, will be integral in styling this look because you have a lot of freedom in arranging your Mohawk to suit your tastes. Adding a color through a complete dye job or highlights will help add dimension and texture to your look.


For this haircut, cut your side hair very short, and add extra hold gel to the longer strips of the hair and run it through your fingers. Comb your hair as straight as possible and angle it forwards and upwards. Spray on hairspray, to hold the style better.


On the other hand, the fantasy Mohawk is one of the latest Mohawk hairstyles for black women. These style can be worn by any woman with medium length to long hair. Not only this, a fantasy Mohawk is just right for you, no matter what the type or texture of your hair.

Do the ultra feminine mohawk hairstyles of celebrities like Rihanna, inspire you to get one too? Here are the basic steps for working towards that look.

  1. To begin with, shampoo your hair and use a conditioner.
  2. Use a styling gel on your damp curls.
  3. After that, remove the tangles in your hair using a wide toothed comb or a good hairbrush.
  4. Hold your curls upwards as you blow-dry, to create the desired shape.
  5. Once your hair is dry, apply some amount of hair wax with your fingers and comb upwards, from the roots to the tips.
  6. Take the loose hair from the sides and fasten with hairpins.
  7. Now gently push the Mohawk a little towards the forehead.
  8. Finally use a good hairspray to secure the Mohawk in place.

This was just a general method for styling your curls into a Mohawk. The more you learn to experiment, the more unique styles you’ll come up with.

When you opt for a Mohawk hairstyle, either traditional or modern, or even the varieties of Mohawks, you have to keep in mind that this is a hairstyle that will require a lot of maintenance. It takes time and effort to keep your hair in a Mohawk, and this is something that stops most people from opting for Mohawks. For the traditional Mohawk, maintenance comes in the form of ensuring that the side is shaved from time to time and the clean look is maintained. Other styles will require maintenance as well, from the even coloring of the hair, to the spiking of the hair in the center.








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