Micro Braid Hairstyles

Micro braids hairstyles are versatile and long lasting. You might have seen many African-Americans women wearing the micro braids. Hair braiding is not any more a fashion restricted to them . Micro styles are appropriate for everything from ponytails to curly updos. They are perfect for special occasions and ideal for everyday wear. Although micros are stylish and give you a wide range of styling techniques to choose from, a downside is the amount of time they take to be completed. Known to be one of the low maintenance hairstyles, it gives you a perfect makeover.

These tiny braids are usually incorporated in your original hair if you have good volume or else you can attach hair extensions that already contain micro braids. There are certain guidelines that must be followed by beginners before sewing in your hair with these tiny braids. Make sure your hair is absolutely clean and there are no traces of previously applied gels or conditioners.

How to do micro braid hairstyles?

  1. Shampoo and condition your hair well and allow it to air dry.
  2. When the hair is completely dry, comb it with a wide toothed comb to open all the knots.
  3. Then, comb with a fine toothed brush.
  4. Divide your hair by making a partition at the middle of your scalp. On both the halves, divide the hair in small sections.
  5. Hold each section with a rubber band or clip to keep them separate from each other. Try to keep the width of all the sections equal.
  6. Take the hair section in front.
  7. Divide it into three smaller sections. Hold the ones on the sides with your fingers. Make the left section of hair cross over the right. By doing this, you will get the left section at the middle and the middle section of hair on the left side.
  8. Move the right section over the present middle section of hair. (As a result, you will have the right hair section in the middle, left section on the right side and the middle section on the left side)

This completes the first braid. Follow the instructions on making braids till you reach the end of the hair section. Hold it with a rubber band. This completes the first micro braid on your hair. Repeat these instructions on each section of hair separately.

The pictures of micro braid hairstyles below may be able to be new ideas for you.

Alicia Keys

Tips for micro braid hairstyles

Take a cleaning shampoo from the best brand to wash your braids regularly. A clarifying shampoo will ensure that your hair and scalp is thoroughly cleaned. Do not rub the shampoo, just spread it softly on your scalp and hair. A good quality conditioner is a must. Rinse hair well, do not rub while rinsing. Best to rinse your hair under a high pressure shower to remove all the residue. Do not use heat styling. Finish with a moisturizer and reapply it regularly. Also get a scalp massage once a week from a professional. Follow the shampooing and conditioner regime once a week.





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