Men’s Retro Hairstyles

Retro hairstyles are in style again and are not only being worn by women but by men also. Mens retro hairstyles invoke a feeling of decades and eras that have long since past. So many hairstyles that were once considered old fashion are now on the rise again and in some instances are being called trendy.

Deciding to wear your hair in a retro look not only can set you apart but can reveal your sense of style.  There are many example of mens retro hairstyle that available. For more information, read some examples of the style below:

Rockabilly Styles

A classic rockabilly style for men is made of slicked back hair or a pompadour, or both. After washing hair, grease it up with pomade and comb back toward the nape of your neck. To create a pompadour, use a comb to push the front section of your hair forward and up. Tease this section of hair at the roots to create lift, then comb lightly in the back to blend it in with the rest of your hair. Secure with extra pomade or gel.

Crew Cut

Undoubtedly, it was one of the most fascinating hairstyle for men last year. This style is cut close to the head, is tapered on the sides and back, has short bangs and an inch or so of hair on the top. The crew cut is a popular military hairstyle because it is low maintenance. This look is appropriate for almost any occasion whether formal or informal. Since this hairstyle shows the contours of the head easily, it is a haircut that is ideal for men with nicely shaped heads and small ears.

The Classic hair style

An example of this style was worn by singer Dean Martin and  actor Tony Curtis where the sides of the hair were cut above the ears and comb back and the hair at the back of the neck was tapered and cut above the collar. The sides of the hair were  then blended into the top of the hair and the front of the hair comb straight up. Styling gel will keep this hair style shiny and in place.


It, once famous during 60′s-70′s, is going to be seen on the maximum of heads. One of the easiest to adopt with the help of electric hair styler . Suitable for those who have thick strands with remarkable density. Donning this style with partially cropped hairs is easier as it needs little care. However, hairs not cropped too can be given this style. Just keep combing!

Shag Hairstyle

The shag hairstyle is ideal for men with medium length hair. This haircut usually begins at chin length or can reach to the shoulders, with or without layered bangs. Layers are usually cut throughout the hair to help give it that shaggy look. The look is low maintenance and is easy to style by applying mousse and tousling hair with fingers. The shag may be more ideal for younger men or men with less formal careers.

Men’s Retro Hairstyles Pictures

If you are a man who looking a classic, manly, cool hair style then you should try one of mens retro hairstyles above. You can go to your favorite barber shop to get the best result. As you can see, Retro has always been big and fascinating in all the time, retro is now making a comeback!






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