Men’s Medium Hairstyles 2012

Most of hairstyles for men in this year really consist in medium hairstyles giving them the opportunity of playing with their hair much more compared to short hairstyles 2012 that are not very versatile.  Mens medium hairstyles 2012 offer you an insight into the newest hair cutting techniques used by pro hairstylist. Therefore, hairstylists are giving their best to create fresh and modern haircuts that are meant to make the most out of their look.

If men normally avoided leaving their hair to grow longer, they now have the ability of selecting between some of the latest medium hairstyles that are going to give you with a very interesting and stunning look that will surely impress girls. These hairstyles are based on a large range of hair types like curly, wavy or straight.  Men normally keep their hair the way they naturally have it, so men who have straight hair won’t usually curl it. However, cutting your hair at different lengths will create layers that are going to provide your hair a wavy touch. Mens  medium hairstyles  2012 include bangs as they very well with this type of appearance, completing your artistic look.

These below ideas would become your new inspirational alternatives:


Achieve a low-key pompadour by using mousse to coax only your front strands into standing up, then brush them slightly backward and to the side. Play with your natural texture and discover the infinite styling alternatives these hair designs offer. If you’re worried about going too short, leave top layers longer for versatility.

For a rock quiff, the shape of your head is an important factor to consider. The side of the head will be relatively less dense, in terms of volume of the hair, so take that into consideration. It works best with curly or heavily waved hair, and hair that has movement. The rock quiff also needs plenty of texture, so works best on thick hair.

The slick quiff is about transforming the Brit-rock fringe look into an upward standing quiff. The style works best if the hair lacks a parting, however, as shown in the Louis Vuitton example above, it does flatter when styled alongside a side-part.

Styling steps!

  1. Spray sea salt spray all through the hair until it feels rather wet. If your hair is already damp, make sure you work enough product into the strands.
  2. Blast a blow dryer on high and use your fingers to work the hair upwards while drying.
  3. Pull the hair forward and then bend it back so you get the quiff shape, and ensure you don’t miss the roots while drying.
  4. The main trick is to keep working your fingers through the roots; this will create an insane amount of movement from within. You need that.
  5. for thick, curly hair:
    Contemplate relaxing your curls / waves by first stretching out the hair whilst blow-drying. However you can wear it curly too, it all depends on how curly your hair is at the front. Defer to your hairstylist for advice if you’re unsure what works best.
  6. For fine hair:
    To give definition to the locks, fine hair requires an incredible amount of volumising mousse and/or sea salt spray in the early stages of styling. Once you’ve created the desired shape, take a dollop of non-shine hair gel (our preference is with American Crew) and work it in the same motion as your quiff. The consistency of the hair gel will hold the style for a long duration. If needed, you can also use some hair spray, though keep in mind that when the hair spray and gel eventually dry up you’ll be left with a brittle feel to the hair.
  7. For frizzy hair:
    Start with sea salt spray, shape the hair into the desired quiff shape and then work hair wax or clay from the roots upwards. The hair wax will keep the flyaway hair strands at bay, and it’ll also last longer.


The basics of this cut were short sides with the top and back much longer. That way, with grease applied, they could sweep the top up into a pompadour or they could slick it back, depending on the man. Slicking back the locks on the side and playing with the texture as well as volume and also length of the bangs would serve as the best means to learn how to sport the most stylish Rockabilly looks. In this case all you have to do is use a drop of wax or texturising paste that would ease the hair sculpting process. Then apply it to your tresses and start the styling process. After you defined the look use a blow dryer to set the do properly and ensure its long-lasting effect. The longer the hair the more you should keep in mind the essence of hair styling products. The bad boy and sensual look seems to have the hair a bit tousled and messed up rather than neat, and the clothes always matched the hairstyle.

Messy curls

Curly haired guys with an artsy side and a devil-may-care attitude will favor James Franco’s interpretation of this hairstyle, in which locks are still longer on top than on the sides but are overall longer everywhere. Another notable feature of this easygoing style is that while it may appear messy, curls are actually well defined, so you’ll need to throw a curl-controlling cream or shampoo into your grooming routine.


This year is a year full of sparks, change your  old style into sophisticated creative style. Also classic styles are opening this year,  if you haven’t try it yet, you should  give it a try then. This style will make you look mature and sexy.  Mens medium hairstyles  2012 is a huge thing for men must to try. For treatment, don’t use the gel wax often, because it will make your hair easily broken.  use sparingly in your everyday life.





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