Men’s Hairstyles for Thick Hair with Home Remedies

If you are a man who has thick hair, how lucky you are! Because finding a hairstyle that is suitable for thick hair is not so difficult. For treatment may be need more intense and difficult than thin hair. But it doesn’t matter now, in this article besides the men’s hairstyles for thick hair, there are also some care tips and home remedies for you.

The Best Men’s Hairstyles For Thick Hair

For those with straight hair, many of the best hairstyling options are short hairstyles with the sides and back cut very short while the top is left a bit longer. This sets up the option of combing the hair with a severe part on one side or going with the highly popular “bed head” look in which pomade is used to pull the hair up into spikes all over the head. There are also several options that lie between these two extremes.

If the hair is wavy, this creates a different set of problems. For those with thick, wavy hair, the hairstyle options are quite different. First, one does not want to cut the sides and back as short. The wavy hair opens up a wealth of blending options that do not exist when the hair is straight. Therefore, letting the hair grow out a bit longer and having it styled by a barber who is proficient with a pair of shears becomes preferable.

Here, it becomes more likely that the person will want to have his hair thinned and cut in layers that go in different directions. This layering creates a vast array of styling options. This is, in fact, the ideal situation because it then becomes possible to choose from hairstyles that flatter one’s facial shape and features.

Men with thick, wavy hair also have more options for wearing long hairstyles. If the hair is straight, it will simply hang there and do nothing. On the other hand, wavy hair that has body to it can be feathered, layered, and brushed or combed into many different styles.

Some of the more popular men’s hairstyles for thick hair include the pompadour, the duck’s ass, a contemporary, conservative style that has come to be called the college cut, and the spiked up messy style that looks as if no effort is expended on maintaining the hairstyle. Of course, this is an illusion. The spiky, messy look is possibly one of the most high maintenance of all possible men’s hairstyles for thick hair. The choice is entirely up to the individual which style he prefers.

Shampoo for Men with Thick Hair

If you are one of those lucky men who have a thick head of hair, then you will need a shampoo that is just right for your hair type. Thick hair is prone to getting dry with rough ends and frizziness. To combat these problems, you need a shampoo that is formulated for thick hair. One good shampoo for thick hair is Aveda Men Pure-Formance Shampoo. This shampoo is a deeply hydrating shampoo that cleanses your hair and scalp while retaining the natural pH balance. Its mild formulation with its moisturizing qualities makes it great for dry, rough hair. If your hair is thick, frizzy and prone to curling at the ends then one of the best shampoo for men is the Herbal Essence Frizz Fighter. It works well on frizzy hair and contains mandarin oil and pear extract that smoothens the cuticles of hair making it flat and shiny.

Home Remedies For Men With Thick Hair


Add a package of gelatin to your normal shampoo. Shake well until dissolved. Wash hair as usual and rinse to make hair instantly thicker. Gelatin coats each strand and adds texture. For a more intense treatment, dissolve gelatin in a cup of warm water, let form a light gel and work into the scalp and hair. Allow the gelatin to dry and then shampoo as usual.


Beat a raw egg and massage into the scalp. With a wide tooth comb, work through the entire length of hair to ensure that it saturates each strand. Eggs contain vitamins A, D, and E as well as a variety of B vitamins and protein. These vitamins and protein are essential for hair strength and protection. Vitamin A regulates and increases sebum production in the scalp to keep hair from becoming brittle, vitamin D is a treatment for thinning hair, and vitamin E repairs damaged hair follicles on the scalp that cause hair to grow thin. Protein protects and thickens the hair all the way to the tips and prevents split ends. Rinse well with cool water so the egg does not cook.

Banana and Avocado

Banana and avocado together make a great hair pack for thin hair. Bananas contain potassium and vitamin A which clarifies and regulates the moisture balance in the scalp. This is important because an unhealthy scalp could be the cause of thinning and brittle hair. Avocados also have vitamin A but are also rich with protein, B vitamins and vitamin E. Mash 1/4 of a banana and 1/4 of an avocado until it becomes a smooth creamy spread. Apply to the scalp and the entire length of hair and cover with a shower cap. Leave the hair pack on for 20 minutes and rinse well. Shampoo as usual. Hair will be stronger and healthier, and the scalp will feel clean.


Beer contains protein and sugar to give hair an instant lift. Beer can be poured on the hair even if it is stale. Use as a rinse after shampooing. Do not be concerned about the beer smell, it will evaporate shortly after application.

Thick Hair Tips

  • Wash thick hair thoroughly to remove all dirt, dust, and oils that may become trapped in thick locks
  • Thick, curly hair should be kept longer to avoid too much volume
  • Add root boost hair spray or gel if additional volume is desired near the crown
  • Perms do not last long in very thick, heavy hair; avoid too many intensive chemical treatments to keep hair healthy
  • Layers need to be trimmed regularly to avoid developing split ends that will cause excess frizz and a disheveled look









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