Men’s Curly Hairstyles

Curly hair is a gift. if you are a man with curly hair, it means you are blessed! You can go for every hairstyles that you want. From short to long curly hairstyles definitely you can give it a try. Although sometimes having curly hair means taking extra care of it but it’s worth it because it’s to die for.


Below are some mens curly hairstyles that you can opt, let’s take a look!

The Buzz

A buzz hairdo is probably one of the best short mens curly hairstyles, since it requires the least amount of hair maintenance. This is a hairdo wherein the hair is cut short and pretty close to the scalp. It is one of the best hairstyles for individuals whose hair are thinning, as it reduces the appearance of hair loss.

The Harry Styles Hairstyle

The One Direction band member who rose to fame on the talent show, X-Factor has created considerable buzz as a result of his thicker and curlier tresses. The young star has been nominated as sporting the best looking hair.

This trend is best suited to naturally curly, wavy and thicker locks. Hair should be washed with specific curl enhancing products which will contribute to a softer appearance. Tresses should be cut using a point method without weighing down the hair. This is especially true for men with curlier tresses.

Pulled Back Hairstyle

If you have curly hair that keeps coming in front of your eyes, you can choose a pulled back hairstyle. As the name suggests, this hairdo includes the hair being combed in the backward direction and secured with a stretchy ponytail holder. Style the hair in such a manner that it appears short from the front. This is a great hairstyle for people who have a cool attitude and personality.

Cropped Cut

This hairstyle is somewhat similar to the buzz cut, but the only difference is that the hair is cut a bit longer than that in a buzz cut. You can cut the hair short at an appropriate length, and spike it up using a hair gel.

The Bruno Mars Hairstyle

Or you can go with the Bruno mars hairstyle. In this style, the naturally curly mane is clipper cut short around the sides and back, blending into the top jagged cut layers which sit perfectly to allow the natural movement of the curls and waves.

This is kind of low-fuss mens curly hairstyles that is easy to maintain with regular trims and will need a little product for hold and shine.

For a little example, let’s take a look some pictures of mens curly hairstyles below!

Curly hair may be difficult to maintain, however, there are some good styles that rule out the need of maintaining such hair along with contributing to the stylishness of the wearer. For men, it is better to wear short haircuts, as you will not have to worry about caring for your hair much. You can wear long styles as well, but you will have to consider a bit of hair care. While choosing a particular curly hairstyle, you also have to take into consideration if it matches your shape of the face.










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