Medium Mahogany Brown Hair Color

Mahogany or plum is the most fun hair color you can wear as an olive-skinned woman. It is deep and edgey, while still being a color that can be worn in everyday settings at work and school. If you long for a sense of adventure with your looks yet your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to make drastic changes, try a medium mahogany brown hair color and watch heads turn. This hair color blends with your olive complexion because it complements the very subtle green hues in your skin. This might perhaps be the only red shade you can wear. However, mahogany/plum is the most adventurous of all red hair colors.



If you would like to try these colors out, try  L’Oreal Preference 5MM Medium Mahogany Brown Hair Color.  This shade has mahogany tones, which are a mix of red tones and a smaller amount of purple tones and neutral tones, so it will be best suited to those with cool toned or neutral toned skin. It is possible for people with warm toned skin, as long as they are not too yellow, bordering on olive toned. And for the tips; Using on lighter hair will yield brighter, redder results. This shade will be browner and darker if used on darker hair. Do not use on hair that has been previously colored any shade darker than medium brown or medium red.  Red hair color fades the fastest, so find a good deep conditioner for color-treated hair to retain color.

There are many medium mahogany brown hair color product besides L’oreal that you can try, like Garnier Nutrisse 525 Medium Rich Mahogany Brown, Natural Instincts, 22RG Rich Medium Mahogany Brown or Clairol Nice’n Easy, 118E Natural Medium Mahogany Brown Hair Color.  Those hair color products can be applied easily at home, but you must follow the right steps for coloring to get the best result. Try to keep the color you choose according to your complexion.  Happy hair coloring!





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