Medium Length Thick Hairstyles


Medium length hair means average which is a bit past the shoulders to mid-back. but there’s no specific point or purpose about it. and how about ‘thick hair’? i already covered it together at previously page, click the link below and check them out before you wanted to know more about medium length thick hairstyles.

[ Medium THICK Hair ]


  • Medium length thick hairstyles offers various styling options to give you a different look. Especially, layered locks on medium length look very elegant. You can play with you layered hairstyle trying different hairdos to add an extra zing to your style.
  • Hair that is thick and curly can be managed with hair products designed to control frizz. When long hair becomes frizzy, it often appears out of control and unattractive. Use shampoos and conditioners that provide moisture to the hair.
  • A straight style can be achieved with any length of thick hair by using a flat iron. For long and thick hair, the flat iron should be at least 1.5 inches wide. To achieve a long and straight style, blow dry the hair and use a hot flat iron to straighten all of the hair. A leave-in conditioner and an anti-frizz product may help achieve a straight style.
  • A short, jaw-length shag style is a good choice for thick hair. Shag styles are cut into many layers.
  • bob is a chassic and sophisticated style for chick hair when paired with blunt bangs.  A boar bristle round brush, a quality blow dryer and a smoothing serum will help curve your hair while adding gloss.

Pictures below would be inspire you!

Women having difficulty to managing their thick hair. Again, even it becomes a coarse,do not make it as an excuse or challenge to manage your hair better. Because there are some really easy ways to manage your hair and be stylish at the same time.  These medium length thick hairstyles would be an option for it, beside that,   you need to keep in mind is your face structure. Therefore, visit a stylist for a large cut of hair that suits you, or use updo hairstyle to the parties, or styles of horsetail for everyday use.





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