Medium Length Natural Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

Medium length natural hair styles has a lot of advantages. It’s easier to take care of than long locks but more versatile than short hair. And How about natural hair if you have it too? there are so many definition for it. But it only opinion that come along with the same point at the end.

Natural  hair?

  • Natural hair means wash and go, you can tweak it to make the curls look looser but don’t show up with heavy product in your hair.
  • No chemical straighteners or texturizers.
  • For Black community it means no relaxers, perms, weaves. Or any thing that changed the natural state of your hair

Mostly people assume that these natural things is usually for black women with black color, it could be true.  Almost all black women who have natural hair also have curly hair type . Really hard to deal when you have natural curly. Discover many of the ideas to make the most through your naturally hair, which hairstyles is acceptable very best for it.

❦ Style for medium length natural hair styles which is curly:

  1. Apply Gel Spray
  2. Flip Head and Use a Diffuser and Fingers : Tip your head upside down and move the diffuser up to the ends, motioning the diffuser to the scalp in circular movements. Make sure the blow-dryer speed is on low and try not to completely dry the hair off. Leaving a little bit of moisture will allow the hair to dry naturally.
  3. Apply Smoothing Shine : Apply a very small amount of smoothing shine to the palms of your hands and then run it through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. Be careful not to add any to the roots or a large amount to any section of the hair as smoothing shine can be very heavy on the hair, weighing it down and making it appear oily.
  4. Apply Hairspray : To finish, apply a minimal amount of hairspray from an arms length distance to the top, sides and back. Take care not to use too much or you will end up with a white, flaky residue which looks like dandruff.


❦ Style for Medium Length natural hair :

Comb twist on natural medium length hair is a great hairstyle when transitioning hair into dread locks. This is just one of three methods on how to create dreadlocks. This hairstyle takes between two hours depending on the hair length and density.

Comb twist can beachieved using a tail comb, hair clips, beeswax or setting lotion for desired look. This hairstyle does not require shampooing unless extended wearis desired.

To create this look at home simply section the hair off into square boxes, size optional, and use beeswax or setting lotion on hair before wrapping it with the comb. To wrap the hair, first comb hair within square box created to prevent knots. Use hair clips to keep remaining hair out if the area that your working on. Turn the hair beginning near the scalp in a circular motion using the fine teeth part of the comb.

Move the comb up the hair. Using this spiral motion to the ends of the hair offers a tight coil that will become mature dread locks over time. Continue until the entire head is completed. This method of creating dreadlocks looks best on natural hair or curly hair.

It takes up to six months for hair to lock into mature dreadlocks.Wearing comb twist past one month without combing or washing your hair can begin the first stage of locking which is called the Pre lock stage.

The pre lock stage causes hair to coil into tight spirals that will break or rip when combed.

To keep comb twist looking there best, spray hair with Oil sheen as needed. Use a hair bonnet to help reduce frizz.


These medium length natural hair styles would be your choice to show up when you get any event to come. For black women medium length natural hairstyles have so many ways to style and care. the matter is if your hair become coarse or rough, take some simple maintenance to fix it, and don’t use any product that doesn’t suits your hair type. When need a little advice for this, come to your hairdresser, salon near you, and ask them about it. Today’s hairstyle would be more easier than before, you just can go to your fave salon or just do it by yourself at home. Grab some tools and  easy way to get style that what you want, wouldn’t be tricky then read some instructions that you can catch them on internet, easy yes? keep calm and make sure your choice can make you feel comfort and fits you.






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