Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Thick hair is praised by almost everyone. Rather than fight your naturally thick hair type, learn to love your roots and find a style that flatters your facial features and adapts to your busy lifestyle. Thick hair can be a blessing as it can support a variety of styles. Shapes and curls work beautifully with thick hair, and long tresses pack plenty of volume. Medium length hairstyles for thick hair are not impossible.  It just takes a good cut and some styling ideas.

Medium Length Hairstyles gives you elegant look as you want it and make you look gorgeous. Medium length hairstyles for thick hair usually looks like a bob styles, and mostly offered for layered hairstyles too.

Thick hair looks full of life and body, but can be difficult to manage. Choose the perfect compromise and join celebs such as the Olsen Twins and Olivia Palermo who have adopted the medium length layered look as their own. Keep things soft and feminine with lots of layers throughout and face-framing front sections. Gals with medium length locks can enjoy shaking things up by wearing them sleek, straight, tousled or curled.

If you have curly hair yet thick,  Medium length hairstyles for thick hair looks best when it is all the same length. Stylists at Curly Hair Expert say that hairdressers should try to thin out the thick hair by cutting shorter layers into the style instead of using thinning shears. While clips and combs may help to create diversity in the styles worn, medium length hair usually works best in its most natural shape. Small barrettes can be used to pull the hair off the face occasionally and headbands can provide another look. Gel and scrunching sprays can tighten the ends of the curls and separate the curly strands.

Penelope Cruz

Care Thick Hair Routine :

  1. Keep it clean. Shampoo regularly, but not every day. Two or three times a week should be plenty for thick hair. If your hair is prone to frizziness, try a cold-water rinse after you rinse out the shampoo.
  2. Stay in condition. When you shower, rinse your hair with warm water and condition it.
  3. Pick your product. There are lots of gels, pomades, and mousses that can help control the frizz that can plague thick hair.
  4. The right way to dry. Towel dry your thick hair by patting, not rubbing, from the scalp to the ends. Air-drying is best, but thick hair can take a long time to dry. Try washing and conditioning your hair in the early evening so it has time to air-dry while you’re home.
  5. Get protection. You can’t always avoid exposure, but you can minimize its effects. Use conditioner with sunscreen, and protect your hair from dryness and tangles with a hat or scarf on windy days.
  6. Trim on time. If thick hair gets dry, it can be prone to split ends. Trim them regularly to keep them under control.








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