Medium Length Black Hairstyles

What’s the best hair  colors for you? IMO, the best color of hair is natural colors, there’s no doubt about that, whether your hair is thin, med or thick. No problem with it. Rather than coloring your hair better be natural for a while. In Fact, Natural hair could be more easier to style and maintenance anyway… There are several natural hair colors that you can mention it. Like Blonde, Brown, Black and so. Today, I’d like to discuss about the black one, with medium length black hairstyles instead. I myself have been black hair like over 21 years or more. Well, it’s my natural hair color.  I never change or bored with my natural color, just because that suits me well. I reckon that the black hair it’s quite classic and sexy for woman.

If you have medium length black hair, I’m sure that you’ve been very blessed to have it. Black hair grown to medium length has many possibilities. Medium length black hairstyles also has many advantages.

It’s not too long to play with shorter styles; but it’s not so short that you can’t make the most of your length. From big looping curls to sophisticated straight parted styles, you can do just about anything with your hair. Don’t get stuck with the same old hairstyle. Experiment with braids, curls, ponytails and bone-straight styles.


Play around with your length with a glamorous curly style that works for day or night. Use a small barrel curling iron — preferably about an inch to half an inch — to curl the ends of your hair. Make a deep side part to the crown of your hair and curl locks in small pieces. Roll your hair around the iron so that your hair wraps up the entire hot portion of the styling tool. This gives you a nice candy curl with some spring to it. Do your entire head and then spray with a shine serum so that your hair looks healthy and shiny.


A flip is a carefree hairstyle that takes minutes to accomplish. You can brush your hair back off your head and secure it with a headband or do a side part, depending on personal preference. Take a 1-inch barrel curling iron and curl under as deep as you can go. Once you’ve done your entire head, take a brush and comb the curls down and out, to keep your hair flipped out all day long.

Messy Bun

For fun and sexy style, Flat iron or curl your hair in large pieces so that it has some texture. Then, pull your hair into a loose ponytail, gather pieces by hand instead of with a brush. Haphazardly wrap your hair around the ponytail until it is in a bun and secure it with a pin. Pull a few face framing pieces down in the front and a few in the back. This puts everyone on notice that your amazing locks may just come cascading down to your shoulders in a mass of sexy curls and sleek strands at any moment. Even better, this look takes just minutes to accomplish.


A bob is one of the simplest cuts to maintain and flatters just about every face shape. For extra pizazz, ask your stylist to cut your bob into an angle that is a bit shorter in the back and then longer around the face. Want your eyes to pop even more? Incorporate bangs into this style, cut just about the eyebrow and going across your entire forehead. This is perfect for women that like to wrap and go, without the fuss of a flat iron each day.

As you can see being a woman of color with natural black hair provides so much versatility for styling.  With a little idea from  medium length black hairstyles , it’d be okay to get more information to style your medium length black hair.



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