Medium Hairstyle Ideas for Summer

So you have a bunch plans for summer? like biking, swimming, shopping, what else? At summer season, so many activities to do. And outside activities is a common thing in summer.

Then you need the right outfits and Non-fuss hairstyles. How if you have medium hair? if you thinking how to style your medium hair during summer, You can opt medium hairstyles ideas for summer below. Read on!

Side Buns

The side bun goes for all lengths of hair, short, medium or long. But for short hair, the look of the bun will almost be as if you have put on a faux-bun. So it’s better that you try out this bun on straight medium or long hair. Here’s a step by step method of how you can make a side bun.

  • First you comb your hair properly. If you have any tangles left, then it will be very difficult for you to tie a bun.
  • Next, tie a pony at the side of your head, i.e. the side where you want your bun to be. Now, divide the pony into two parts, and then twist the two parts and bring it close to your scalp.
  • Pin these two buns and use a hair spray that will hold on the bun and will also not let go of the messy look. A messy bun style is something which many females are going for today.

Sexy Updo

To create this sexy, slept-in look, rake side sections of your hair back, twisted them together into one piece, and pinned it in place. pulled out smaller sections, pinning them to the crown to add texture. The piece left hanging down at the back was then tucked under into a loose loop and secured at the nape of the neck. Then, use a blow-dryer to create more fly-away.

French Braid

How to do? Begin with the standard rule of section the hair into three parts. You will have to ensure though, that the strands are thin, unlike the thick sections that are used when making a regular braid. Once you’re done sectioning the hair, make a thin braid out of the first three sections. After every weave that’s done, you’ll need to add some more hair to the previous strands, thus thickening the strands at every step. Also, this braid must start higher up on the head (closer to the crown), as opposed to the regular plait which starts closer to the neck. Keep up with the addition of strands with every weave that you make, and you’ll be ready with that French braid in no time. For a better idea on how it should look, you could check out the collage accompanying this article.

Simple Ponytail

And another medium hairstyles ideas for summer is a simple ponytail. All you need to do is brush your hair up to the crown of the head and secure them using a cute rubber band. Those who find ponytail hairstyles somewhat simple can use cute hair accessories. If you don’t want to tie up all your hair, you can make a half ponytail. You can also make a side ponytail by brushing your hair to one side and securing the hair in such a way that the tail is pulled forward and falls on one of your shoulders. Another great idea would be to make a ponytail with a center, off center, side part, or a zigzag part.

Waterfall Braided

To do this braids you need to ask your friends to help you make a plaits.  Here’s the steps:

  • First part your hair, if you want to add waves it’s best to do this before you start with the waterfall braid. Take a section from the front of your hair, right on your parting and split it into 3.
  • Take the highest of your 3 sections and place it over the middle section, then take the bottom section and place it over the middle section, just as if you were doing a normal plait/braid. Angle your hands so that your hair is moving towards the back of your head and not down the side of your face for the next step.
  • Pick up a little more hair from right beside the top section before you move your top section over to the middle once again, you will need to combine the extra hair with the top section and fold over the middle section.
  • Now instead of folding the bottom section over the middle you should drop that hair and pick up the section of hair that is hanging loose next to this section. As you fold this over the middle section you will see the section you dropped is now acting like a waterfall.
  • Continue with steps 3 and 4 until you have reached the point at which you want to stop!

These were a few styles you can pick and try for summer. Remember, in the summer season you’ll dealing with heat. That’s why, you should still keep the moisture of your hair, and don’t let your hair dry and dull.


Several of the medium hairstyles ideas for summer above also includes a protective style for your hair. So indirectly, if you wear these styles, perhaps your hair can be protected from exposure to sunlight. In addition, Use some products such as hair mask or conditioner for your hair and keep it healthy. Now, you can be prepared with existing activities, without no-fuss!

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