Medium Brown Hair Color

Medium brown hair color is one of the most popular hair color among women. with this many colors that can be combined. In fact, it is the second most common hair color in the world. If you are getting bored with the color of your hair, but you are also looking for a color that can is natural and can match anything then brown is one of the options.

For brown hair itself has some variations in shades in coloring. As for as;

  • Ash Brown : An ash brown hair color is brown with undertones of green or blue. Although this sounds horribly ugly, you can’t often see the green/blue undertones. Ash brown hair is an option for those who want brown hair without any red undertones, which are naturally found in brown hair colors. Ash brown hair color works with brown hair color shades that are light, dark or in between. If you have cool undertones in your skin, then ash brown may be a good choice for you.
  • Auburn brown : Auburn brown hair color tends to carry undertones that are red or golden red. Auburn hair colors are naturally in the realm of light- to medium-brown hair colors. However, you can get an auburn color to your dark brown hair with the use of artificial hair color. If you have a warm (yellow/golden) skin tone, then auburn hair may work well with your complexion.
  • Dark Brown : Rich, dark brown hair color can be described as coffee, rich or midnight. Dark brown hair color is beautiful when it is at its darkest, an almost black color. Celebrities like Catherine Zeta-Jones embrace their dark locks. If you have or want dark brown hair color, make sure to keep it shiny with deep conditioners and shine-enhancing products. Dark brown hair works well with warm undertones to the skin. If you have an olive skin tone, dark brown hair color should look fantastic.
  • Light Brown : Natural light brown hair color often has lighter blonde or gold pieces throughout. Light brown hair color works well on skin tones with warm undertones. If you choose to color your hair light brown, add in a few highlights around your face for a natural look.
  • Golden brown : Golden brown hair color, which is one of the most popular brown hair colors, can be light, medium or dark brown and has golden undertones in the sun. Since red and gold are naturally occurring colors in brown hair, golden brown hair color is quite popular. Try a golden brown hair color if you have warm undertones in your skin or would like to warm up your complexion.

To make your medium brown hair color look more interesting, get the best medium hairstyles that will match your hair and your face. One of the most recommended hairstyle is long wavy hair. This is a very simple hairstyle but it will make people look stunning and pretty at the same time. You can use this style when you are going out with your friends or even if you are attending a party. It is just perfect for any situation. Another hairstyle that you can try out is adding medium brown hair highlights to your hair can make it look better than before. The colors of the highlight and medium brown hair color blend perfectly and very nice!





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