Medium Brown Hair Color with Highlights

Coloring your hair is a cool attractive way, to make your hair look unique. However, the first thing you need to do is pick the right color which suits your skin tone and eye color, so that you can understand which side of the hair color wheel you belong to.



If you already have medium brown hair color, there are many highlights available for you. These below are some ideas for medium hair color with highlights :

Red hair Highlights

If you are looking for some trendy and funky hair colors for medium brown hair, then red hair highlights are the thing for you. All shades of red color are popularly used as hair highlighting colors for medium brown hair. Some of the most popular shades of red color include mahogany, copper, plum, red-brown, red-blonde. Make sure you discuss your requirements with the hair stylist and get the best shade for yourself.

Strawberry Blond Highlights

Strawberry blond highlights come under decent highlighting option whereas ash blond streaks will give you the funky look that will suit a night party very well. According to the degree of jazzy look you want, you can color smaller or bigger streaks.

Honey Hightlights

Medium brown hair colors include shades like hazelnut, apricot, chestnut brown and a slight golden brown/rust hair color. These are a medium shade and look great would honey highlights, as the honey hair color gives a very slight change of shade and looks as good as natural hair. If you have any of these colors as your original color, you could get a few highlights around the hair, bangs or just the tips to make the difference evident. Therefore, if you are not looking for a vast difference in your hair color, but a mild change, honey is yet again your pick! It also gives your brown hair a slight shine, so you can enjoy your glamorous highlights.

Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights add a lot of dimension and depth to medium brown hair, and enhance the overall appearance of your locks. These look great on straight, wavy as well as curly hair. Remember, after you go for any of the above-talked about hair coloring ideas, it’s worthwhile to strictly comply with the hair care routine. Blonde highlights for medium brown hair make your locks immediately noticeable and have a stunning impact on your face.

Another ideas for medium brown hair color with highlights :

  1. Auburn Highlights
  2. Darker Gold Blonde Highlights
  3. Copper Highlights
  4. Pink Highlights

If you are doing the hair color highlights at home, do not forget to follow the safety guidelines and the correct procedure of application of the highlights. Medium brown hair with highlights definitely add an extra beauty star to your personality. Choose the right highlights for highlighting medium brown hair and get that gorgeous look to grab the attention that you have always longed for.





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