Mature Haircuts for Guys with Long Hair

Haircuts for guys are no longer only about short looks such as crew cuts. The guys of today are shedding their inhibitions and flaunting long hair with great flair. Their hairstyles are getting even hotter by the minute. This is visible from the various kinds of looks seen on the fashion runways. There are many different types of long hair for guys.

It’s important to know what kind of hair do you have. Whichever particular hairstyle you are going for depends on what type hair you have. Here are some pictures haircuts for guys with long hair. Have your pick!

These below are some haircuts for guys with long hair that might suits you;

Trendy Haircuts for Men
These trendy haircut can be seen sported by Zack Efron. This style looks very cool, and is easy to get. However, for this haircut you need your hair length till the middle of your neck. Ask your stylist to cut your hair into a bowl haircut, except longer in the back. Then cut the front section of your hair into long side sweeping bangs. You can run a razor through the hair sections, to get the soft wispy ends look.

Wavy/Curly Haircuts for Men
Again layers are a good way to cut your hair if you have medium or long hair. You can cut the front section of your hair into long bangs. However, if you are looking for a short variation of wavy haircuts for men, then go with the above trendy haircuts for men, and don’t run a razor, but just apply serum on wet hair, and tousle them a bit to give a sexy unkempt look.

Modern Mullet Long Haircuts for Men
The modern mullet haircut is a cool looking haircut. With this haircut, you don’t have to cut your overgrown hair short, but just trim it a bit on the sides and top. Keep the back hair longer, cut the side hair very short, and add some side cuts. Then keep the crown hair a bit longer and style it upwards.

There is something about guys with long hair that women simply cannot resist. Long hair is the best option when you wish to look a little bit more mature but at the same time cool and ok with yourself. The haircuts for guys with long hair are definitely what you need for a more manly look.  If you have trouble finding or choosing a hairstyle, sift through pictures online or in a magazine. The best and easiest way is to ask your hairstylist. They usually keep up with the most current trends and should have plenty experience (making it easy to identify if a certain hairstyle will look good on you or not). If not, talk to your stylist about the haircut you want, and get a cool new haircut!







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