Male Haircuts: The Low Fade Haircut

This is one of the variations of fade haircuts.  These haircut is also favored by many men besides the taper fade. The low fade haircut for men could be your next haircut to get a new look.  To do these haircut one must cut hair low with clippers and then cut it at a fading length close to the skin.

To give a low fade hair cut by yourself, you will need some clippers with two sizes of guards. First with lower guard cut around the sides and back of the head. Replace guard with the large guard and fade in the hair at the top of the head with the sides and back. This cut a bit difficult for you if you are unfamiliar and want to do it by yourself. For the low haircut for men tutorial better you go check these video below.

Video tutorial taken from Youtube :


The example pictures of the low fade haircut for men below might help you to describe how this haircut looks like.

A low fade isn’t as dramatic as a medium fade. Again, the hair length at the top of the head can vary. The stylist cuts the hair to the skin at the bottom of the hairline, and then fades or tapers it in to blend in with hair on top of the head. Like with a medium fade, this hair at the top of the head is longer than the faded hair. There aren’t any visible lines in this haircut.  The low fade haircut for men is really easy to care. So, don’t hesitate to try this haircut and transform your hair into a new look!







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