Lovely Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

When choosing a hairstyle, one should keep in mind three things. The first is the face shape, hair type, the second and the third is a lifestyle. One must choose a hairstyle to suit your face shape, so it helps to highlight your best facial features, and help to subdue people who wanted less. even though short hair is not advised by many hair stylists for round faces, the fact still remains that short hair is easy to manage.

For those of you who have round faces, don’t worry, there are many short hairstyles for round faces that you can choose to order your hair later.

Here’s a few of them;

  • Side Swept Bangs: Short haircuts with bangs are considered very fashionable. They look especially good on round faces. Bangs take away the emphasis on the roundness of the face. However, make sure the bangs are swept to the sides. Avoid cutting the bangs straight across the forehead.
  • Layers: Haircut in layers look good on round faces. In fact, ladies with round faces should avoid cutting their hair without layers as they make the round faces look even more voluminous and wider.
  • Pixie Haircut: A pixie haircut visually breaks the volume of the face. Hence, this is one of the most suitable hairstyle for round faces. In a pixie haircut, the hair is cut in different lengths to give you a cropped and choppy look. This emphasizes your facial features, and thus enhances your beauty.
  • Whisky and Tapered Ends: The hair styled with whisky and tapered ends is one of the most suitable short hairstyles as it de-emphasizes the roundness of your face. The popularity of this short hairstyle is mainly because it gives you a gamine and face-hugging effect.
  • Shag Cuts with Whisky Ends: This typical short hairstyle for round faces are meant for those who prefer to keep their hair till their shoulders. This particular hairstyle visually breaks the volume and weight of the face. This is considered to be one of the best short hairstyles for women.
  • Some Other Short Hairstyles to Try: Apart from the above cited examples of short hairstyles for round faces, there are many other short haircuts that can give you the same effect of reducing the volume and width of your round face. These are whisky partial or short fringy bang, short waves, hairstyles with fullness at the crown, off center parts and soft waves.

Short hairstyles for round faces  also can make you look spectacular if they didn’t expand  more your round face any further. This will be possible if you choose a hairstyle that create less volume around your face and reduce the appearance of roundness. Hairstyles to make your face look slimmer and should remove weight from the sides. This is possible if you let your hair remains well above or below your Chin level but never exactly on your Chin level.

Finding a short hairstyle for round faces might be a tedious task, but by selecting just the right length and layers the hairstyle, you can give yourself a look even more spectacular and extraordinary. Get yourself look different and discover a new passion and excitement in your personality.




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