Lovely Ponytails for Short Hair

So you have a short hair? and you’re bored with your old style or even don’t have a time yet ideas to get better look in any occasion? Try this one, ponytails for short hair. Ponytails are the most versatile and widely worn hairstyles. There are several Hollywood celebrities who sport ponytail hairstyles and look so gorgeous, like Cameron Diaz and Anne Hathaway.  Even celebrities loves it too! That’s why, you don’t have to hesitate to try different style.

Here are the various of ponytails for short hair.


Here’s how you can dress up a simple ponytail to give you a new look. Wash your hair and blow-dry them with a hair dyer. Tie your hair up at the desired height with a band. Braid your hair in certain areas of the pony and secure the same with colored bands. This will add an element of interest to your ponytail.


For making this ponytail, you need to comb the hair from your hairline to the crown area and gather them at the top of your crown area. So, the hair at the back will stay as they are, and half of your hair would be tied into a ponytail. Make use of bobby pins to hold your hair in place. Use funky hair accessories to make your hairstyle more attention grabbing. If you like the messy or unkempt look, you can leave a few strands on the sides. You can also make stylish ponytails if you are sporting short hairstyles with bangs. Ponytails with short hair look great with side swept bangs.

The length at which the hair is tied makes a lot of difference. Try making a ponytail slightly above the nape of the neck. This hairstyle works well for those who have straight hair. Start by combing your hair from all the sides and slick them back to create a height at the crown. You can also use a gel if you are finding it hard to gather them. The hair needs to be gathered from all sides into a low ponytail at the back, half way from the crown and nape of the neck. Use bobby pins to hold your hair. Since all your tresses are tied at the back, it will accentuate all your facial features. You can use beautiful ponytail holders or other hair accessories to make your hairdo look more appealing.


If your hair is not very short, then you can also make side ponytails. Though women with long or medium length hair can easily make side ponytails, there is no harm to try this on short hair. A side ponytail can be made by combing all your hair towards one side, and gathering them over one shoulder. Use a beautiful clip or a hair band to tie your hair near the base of your neck.

Besides these, there are many other ponytail styles that you can try. You can make two or more mini ponytails at the crown area and make use of beads, butterfly clips or other stylish hair accessories to spice up your look. Create zigzag parts and make small braids and tie them using a fancy hair band at the crown area. Incorporating zigzag parts or cornrows is generally a part of ponytail hairstyles for African Americans.

No doubt, with ponytails you can get so many different style for short hair. So simple, without  any  fuss and really easy to do. Don’t forget to use some beautiful accessories to make your ponytails looks adorable and cute.





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