Loose Updos for Wedding

Updos are favorite and popular hairstyle. For your special event like wedding day, Updos are the best choice to enhance your appearance. One of the most chosen variation of updos for wedding is loose updos. Loose updos are stylish alternative to conventional highly structured updos offering a more modern and youthful look without appearing too casual. Loose updos are gaining more and more popularity as romantic wedding hairstyles precisely because of the fact that they allow boundless creativity, increasing the chances of finding a hairstyle that is unique and original.

Creating a loose updo hairstyle can be done in a variety of ways using different styling techniques. Playing with the angles and with the hair texture can deliver spectacular results without having to turn to complicated styling techniques to get what you want. Mentioned below are some variety of loose updos for wedding that you can select for your wedding day.

Loose Updo With Bangs

Bangs seem to be one of those styles that can be hot one minute and not the next.  If bangs are your thing, combining them with an updo is a fine option.  To achieve the best loose updo with bangs look, we recommend going for consistency.  When we see bangs that look “off” they are usually standing out too much.  You want people to notice the bangs but you don’t want the bangs to dominate the updo. You can achieve a consistent look by making sure that the bangs are trimmed to the correct length and are not falling too far down.  This can also be a personal preference but don’t be afraid to ask your hairstylist how to correctly maximize the use of your bangs.

Loose Side Swept Updo

Another great option of loose updos for wedding is to go with the side swept look.  There have been some great styles that incorporate the side sweep.  One option is to control a specific piece of hair across the front of the head.  A braid is one way to do this.  Once the main strand is secured you can tease the middle portion off to the side creating a distinctive unique look.  This look works great with longer hair and gives an airy essence to the hairstyle.

Loose Updos for Wedding Gallery :

Loose Updos are classic choice for wedding because of the amazing elegance and versatility they tend to offer. You should keep in mind what kind of activities you will be involved in if you sport a loose updo.  There can sometimes be a thin line between a great loose updo and a hairstyle that looks unkempt.  As always, don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with your look!









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