Long Shag Hairstyles

Shaggy hair gets a reputation for being unkempt and undesirable, but there are ways to give it style. Shag styles are funky, innovative and guaranteed to make you stand out in a crowd. If you like shaggy style and having a long hair, then you can go try out some ideas of long shag hairstyles below.

Long shag hairstyles can transform the way your face looks through the use of layers. Layers add texture and dimension to a hairstyle that a blunt cut cannot.

Wavy Shag

This is a flirty, relaxed look that is ideal for a date or even for work. Take clean, wet hair and run a volumizing mousse through the roots. Spray a heat protectant in the hair and comb it though. Blow dry the hair on medium-to-high heat with a diffuser. Scrunch the hair as you dry to encourage a natural wave. Once hair is completely dry, run a shine serum through the hair from root to tip with your hands. Place decorative clips wherever you desire to add personal style, and finish with hairspray to hold the natural wave.

Long Shag with Layers

Long shag hairstyles are made with layers. Layers give your hair texture and dimension. Short layers give your hair volume, while long layers simply add dimension and texture. Shag haircuts look best when styled with texturizing creams and a flat iron to show off the texture and choppiness of the hair. Thin hair often has long layers throughout the hair, while thicker hair often has thick, choppy layers throughout to accentuate the volume. Use a round brush when styling to pick up layers in a shag hairstyle and add additional volume in both thin and thick hair.

Long Shag and Bangs

Bangs frame the face. Long, big bangs are characteristic to many shag hairstyles. Razored bangs and more soft, accenting bangs completely change the way a shag hairstyle looks. Razored bangs look best when styled with a hot iron to accentuate the textures. Razored bangs can be worn completely straight down and often begin 2 inches back from the forehead. Accenting bangs have a more blunt look that can be flat ironed or blown dry and swept to the side. Not all shag haircuts require bangs. Determine your face shape to decide whether you want a shag hairstyle with bangs.

The Example Long Shag Styles Pictures

To Maintain

  • The best part about these styles is that they’re relatively low maintenance. Shags typically need trims every 4-8 weeks, but because they’re purposefully erratic, ragged ends are not as noticeable. After washing, hair can be left to air dry naturally or it can be minimally styled with a bit of volumizer or spray for control. Using conditioner regularly will help keep the style healthy and prevent tangling between the different layers.
  • If letting the style grow out, go for 8-12 weeks before trimming. While growing out other hairstyles requires more frequent trimming, messy or split ends on a shag hairstyle are not as noticeable. After this initial grow-out phase, layers can be trimmed to blend in with the hair better without taking too much length off, and the shag can be transformed into a smoother, more subtle hairstyle.

Long shag hairstyles work well with multiple face shapes and are versatile when it comes to styling. These shag types use very few layers to prevent the cut from looking ragged and unkept.






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