Long Hairstyles For Women Over 70

Regardless of a woman’s age, her choice of hair style should make her feel good about herself. It should be a style that compliments the shape of her face and her facial features. Today, however, women over 70 or so are no longer shy to select different hairstyles that flatter them according to their style and taste.  After all, good hairstyles have nothing to do with age. Many hairstyles are classic. The key to looking your best, no matter what your age, is to find a hairstyle that suits your personality, type of hair and face shape. The first misconception that many women have is that women over 70 can only wear short haircuts. That is not true. Women over 70  can have long or short hairstyles depending on what suits their face shape and personality. Long hairstyles also can make women over 70 look younger and elegant. Managing them might be a bit difficult and time-consuming, but it will definitely suit  women over 70.

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And here are some long hairstyles for women over 70 :

Braid Hairstyles

Braid hairstyles are one of the best styles for women over 70 who wish to have an organized and neat look. It can also serve as a good long hairstyle for a professional look that working women can carry with style. You can experiment with variety of braid styles, be it, French braids, cornrows, Dutch braids, and English braids etc. All of them may not be ideal for office but you can try them on formal dinner parties etc.


This updo hairstyle is the easiest and the most convenient hairstyle for  women over 70 with long hair. Not only does it define their age, but it also adds the needed glamor and maturity to an elderly woman’s looks. You will need to style the bun well if you decide to sport it and do not worry, not much maintenance is required with this hairstyle. You can also use various hair accessories with this hairstyle.


A layered hairstyle can suits women over 70 but with some consideration, and  you should be careful of the way you style and sport it. It should not look too over the top, but should look graceful and elegant when you leave your long hair lose. You can opt for shorter layers on the crown area so that it looks mature and sophisticated at the same time.

Open Hair

Nothing looks more beautiful than a woman with open loose hair. And the first step to adorn this hair style, trying some good long haircut styles and ideas. Instead of routine V and U cut or straight cut, you can go for long layer cut or step cut that looks great even on  women over 70. It will add volume to your hair and make you a chic look. For more younger look, you can also go for hairstyles with bangs that are in.

See the pictures for an example!


For those of you who are confident enough to sport slightly trendier hairstyles, you can opt for a short sassy hairstyle or a medium length hairstyle with a few well-defined bangs. Do this only if you are willing to experiment.


  • Long hair can be a lot of work. There’s washing and drying time, and it’s easier to get split ends because you tend to brush long hair more than short hair.
  • Your hair needs to be healthy – long hair looks ragged if you have dry, split or otherwise problematic hair.
  • If you like to color your hair, it will take longer to maintain that color, and it also costs more money since there is more work involved.
  • Shorter women with extra long hair can look disproportionate. Try to match your hair length appropriately to your style and stature.
  • You’ll likely end up using more shampoo, although daily washing for long hair is unnecessary. Extra conditioner is almost always a must, though.
  • If you have naturally curly hair, long hair can become tangled and hard to manage.

The Benefits of long hairstyles for women over 70

Long hairstyles can do wonders for women over 70. First of all, let me tell you that long hair is still in and is still considered sexy by many people . If the hair texture and quality is good, long hair can make you feel youthful and young. There are many ways you can experiment with your long hair and get a distinguished look. Long hair allow you to try many different and trendy hairstyles and can add glamor to the overall personality. The biggest advantage is that you have number of hair accessories to choose from, be it colorful hair clips, hair pins, barrettes, and chopsticks etc. With so many pros of long hairstyles you can easily neglect few cons, such as, high maintenance and time-consuming etc. A good hairdo supported by right hair care products can make you look ten to fifteen years younger than your actual age.

How to Care?

After you get a new hairstyle, you will want to make sure you speak with your stylist about keeping your hair looking great. Ask your stylist for tips on how to style your hair and on tips for how to keep your hair healthy. As hair ages, it tends to be more prone to dryness and breakage so speak with your stylist about these issues as well to ensure your hair stays beautiful. Long Hairstyles for  women over 70 will need maintenance in the form of a good hair care regimen that consists of oiling, shampooing, conditioning and leave-in aftercare. Make sure you use the appropriate hair care products and sport your hairstyle with confidence.

These were some of the long hairstyles for  women over 70. Apart from this, you can also go for hair highlights, hair bleaching, hair straightening or curling etc. that can help you accentuate the hair styles that you opt for.

You can choose any of the long hair styles, but make sure to carry them with confidence and grace. After all, it’s your attitude that makes you look beautiful and young! smile~Smile~smile! :D









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