Little Girls Hairstyles

Most of you especially for mothers who have daughters, there could be nothing more enjoyable than dolling up your little girl and planning for her wardrobe. Apart from the wardrobe, you can also have a fun time planning for hairstyles for little girls.

The hairstyles can range from being fun to really the sophisticated kind, and mothers as well as daughters can have a field time trying out these at home!If you are looking out for little girl hair styles that are easy to sport then take a peek at some of the hairstyles mentioned below.

Half up braid

This is one of many fast and fun hairstyles that literally only needs a few minutes. For this one, begin by parting hair on either side. Comb hair into an off-side ponytail. Rubber band into place. braid all the remaining hair. When you get to the end of the braid don’t add another rubber band. Instead, flip hair up. Now add another rubber band around all of the hair. You will essentially have two rubber bands on top of each other when you are done. Add a ribbon or bow for pizzazz.

Shoulder-length bob style

Shoulder-length bob style is perfect for the “grown-up little girl”. You know her. She always acts like she’s the mom of the other little kids, and always takes everything so seriously – even playtime. The ends of the hair are softened with a razor. The hair is blown straight with smoothing product, cleanly parted using a curved line along the left side, and flipped gently outward at the bottom. The simple style appeals to the “not too fussy” preferences of the “grown-up little girl”, and still offers the option to style the hair more elaborately when necessary, and to pull the hair back when desired.

French braided edge

Make your little girl feel and look cool all with the help of one braid. It is a tat on the crafty side, but with a little skill it is fairly easy to do. Let your stylist show you the trick to form this edgy braid along the side of her face. It does not only keep her face open, but also keeps most of her hair under control, resulting in more fun and less knotts to brush out later. The braid ends at her ear where it is tied together with the rest of her hair to a little side ponytail.

Triple french braid and piggies

To create this style, firstly make two piggies. Leaving out a square on top. Make a part diagonally from the front corner of the square to back corner on the other side. Then make a part from the middle of the diagonal part to the other back corner. French braid these three sections, continuing the braids down to add to the pigs. Braid the pigs themselves, leaving a few inches at the end. Pull the ends up to the top of the pigs and secure with elastics.

Low and loose ponytail

Gather her hair into a low and loose ponytail and secure this with a ponytail holder. Divide the hair into half just above the ponytail holder. Now you have to take the ponytail and twist it through this gap in the hair you have created. You will need to use another ponytail holder and secure the second portion of her hair. Repeat the step above till this second section is flipped through the second gap. Loop some more sections. Secure it with a band at the end of the section.


This works great for little girl with long hair. Brush her hair neatly and gather it on top of her head. Use the band to secure it around the bun. You can even let some hair stick out of the bun to have a casual look.
In addition to some hair styles above, there are still many other styles that you can find and try for your little girl. Remember to use some cool accessories for little girl hair styles. This would also help to keep the hair in place. Remember to keep it simple, as most little girls would prefer to be comfortable throughout the day. Always avoid the use of hot irons and equipment that may harm the gentle hair, try to be creative without really harming her hair.

The little girl hairstyles pictures

Tips for little girl hair styles

  • Little girls with long-long hair are better off with hair braids as it will help to keep the hair in place and prevent it from getting knotted. Use colorful hair accessories for the fun factor.
  • Avoid the use of elastic on the hair. Hair being fragile, you need to handle it with care.
  • Teach your little girl the importance of hair care and hygiene. It is better to start young so that they realize the importance of the same.
  • Always brush hair gently to detangle the strands. This will help you to style the hair with ease.










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