Lisa Rinna Hair

Lisa Deanna Rinna (born July 11, 1963) is an American television host and actress. She is known for her roles as Billie Reed on Days of our Lives, Taylor McBride on Melrose Place, and as the host of  Soap Net’s  Soap Talk. Lisa Rinna has hair that many women admire. She has donned a short hair style for several years, and the look of her hair has remained relatively consistent over time.

Lisa Rinna hair style can be best described as a short shag, and it seems to look great no matter where she appears – on television, the red carpet, in a movie, or in magazine pictures.Many women and girls all over the United States and even the world would love to have Lisa Rinna’s hair because she seems to be able to couple her hairstyle with flashy clothing that fits her adorable figure to a “T,” and her completed look can make just about anybody turn his or her head.

Lisa Rinna hair is one of her best noted features, second only to her voluptuous lips. Her rich chocolate brown color painted with light highlights proves brunettes can experiment with blonde without going overboard and changing their natural roots in entirety. Her hair is usually parted on the side and her bangs are swept over part of her forehead in an eye-catching style that has a huge following of fans. People love her fun and stylish look, for good reason.

There are several layers in Lisa Rinna hair. The perimeter and crown of her style are kept shorter to add volume and sexy lift, while the longer top layers and fringe help to maintain the tousled style. Her hair owes plenty of its appeal to mere styling. A flick of the wrist, a round brush and a blowdryer along with a few styling products are key to defining and creating a long and flippy shag like Lisa’s. Before you consider this type of cut, make sure you’re willing to style your hair daily.

To style the hair, wash it, towel dry and then apply a volumizing gel or mousse and work through your hair from scalp to ends. The top should be blown dry using a rounded brush after the hair is nearly 75% dry. The underside, or the bottom of the hair should be dried with a blow dryer with the air being forced upwards along the neck. The “flick” on the ends can be shaped with hair paste to help define and separate the texture and playful layers of this cut. Similar to the Meg Ryan cut, her fresh and easy medium length cut is flirty, fun and youthful without losing the signature shape that helped create her mane’s fame in Hollywood. Ask your stylist to get creative with this layered haircut and go shorter or longer as desired. So long as the layering and bangs are in place, you can style your cut in a versatile and effortless fashion and make this timeless shag your own signature look.





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