Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

Lauren Conrad, aka L.C. of MTV’s hit show “The Hills” and former star of MTV’s “Laguna Beach” is a style icon known for her hair and fashion trend-setting. From her perfection of those golden blonde highlights to her signature headbands, Lauren’s hair is hip and trendy at all times. Her hairstyles are absolutely helped and inspiring so many women to enhance their appearance in every occasion. Be it formal to casual, for winter to summer, Lauren Conrad hairstyles are always looks effortlessly stylish!


Ballerina Bun

The Steps

  • To get Lauren Conrad’s hairstyle, start with day old hair (it will have more grip to it).
  • Apply a dollop of styling gel to your hair and comb it through well. Brush all of your hair up into a high ponytail, and secure it tightly with an elastic.
  • Take your ponytail and wrap it around the elastic to form a ballerina bun.
  • Secure the bun using bobby pins.
  • Mist your updo with strong-hold hairspray to make sure it stays in place.

Side Ponytail

The Steps

  • Apply a smoothing cream and blow dry hair straight.
  • Create a side part and pull your hair into a low, off-center pony.
  • Use a curling iron on the very ends of your hair, but keep the rest of your strands straight.
  • Now bring your cute ponytail forward over one shoulder for the finishing touch.

Side French Braid

The Steps

  • Part hair slightly off-center. On the heavier side, grab a section at the hairline and split it into three.
  • Start braiding like you would a regular French braid.
  •  Next, add in a piece of hair from the top. Skip the part where you’d grab a new piece from the bottom (like you would in a French braid) and continue braiding instead. Take another piece from the top and add it in. Continue this pattern until you have 5 to 7 sections added in.
  • Once you’re just past the ear, stop adding in new hair and continue to braid normally. Tie if off with a clear elastic, and you’re done!
Lauren Conrad Wavy Hair with Ribbon Headband

The Steps

  • Apply a quarter-size amount of styling lotion onto damp hair and blow dry two-inch sections straight with a paddle brush.
  • Spritz the lower part of a one-inch section with styling spray. Grab the ends and wrap the section around a large curling rod or a curling iron without the clamp.
  • Hold in place for a few seconds to set the curl and release. Repeat all over while alternating the curl direction.
  • Create a slightly off-center part and add an outfit-matching ribbon as a headband.

For another Lauren Conrad hairstyles, you can go check some video tutorial below :

The Video Tutorial of Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

Source: Youtube

The Example Styles of Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

So, if you are a fan of Lauren Conrad Hairstyles then you must trying out some ideas above to go.  Lauren Conrad is a beautiful,smart, and gorgeous woman who really inspiring us for her hairstyles and fashion.  Big thanks to Lauren!






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