Keratin Hair Treatment Side Effects

Curly, frizzy hair is no doubt difficult to manage. A person having curly frizzy hair is often not able to take proper care of his or her hair and end up with drying and making it rough even more. Fortunately, we live in an age where technology has a solution for everything. The technique that has been developed to relieve the discomfort of people with unruly mane is called keratin hair treatment. This treatment known for making kinky locks straight, sleek, and frizz-free are a pricey but very popular  in many beauty salons. All seems well with these treatment.

Well, Absolutely NOT though. In fact, this hair treatment technique is potential enough to cause numerous negative effects on you. They are visible only after a couple of days of undergoing the treatment. It takes 72 hours to pass for the known side effects to be apparent. Below are some keratin hair treatment side effects that I can mention to you.

Formaldehyde led to the Cancer

You must have heard of formaldehyde in school or formalin. That distinct smell in your zoology lab where they kept all the specimens was the smell of formalin. Formalin is a forty percent solution of formaldehyde and is used to preserve biological specimens. Most of the problematic and much publicized keratin hair treatment side effects stem from the presence of formaldehyde in the hair products used in this treatment. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogenic (cancer-causing agent) and can be dangerous in heavy doses. Regulation by the FDA says that no more than 0.2% concentration of formaldehyde should be used in cosmetics. When keratin solution with formaldehyde is applied to the hair, it releases noxious fumes which are deleterious to not only the person getting this treatment done, but also to those in the vicinity. Eye and lung irritation, nosebleeds, rashes, dizziness, vomiting, etc. are among the other keratin hair treatment side effects caused due to formaldehyde exposure. Stylists at the salon are coming in contact with these noxious fumes every time they carry out the keratin hair treatment for their clients. This affects the stylists health as much as it affects the client getting this treatment.

Hair Loss

This is one of the most immediate aftermath of keratin hair treatment. Many customers who have had the treatment done report heavy hair loss as a side effect of this treatment. The hair start falling from its root after the first wash itself, even if you wash with recommended hair care products only.

Moreover, the amount of hair fall is so overwhelming that a prominent thinning pattern can be observed within weeks of treatment. However, your dermatologist might want you to undergo a few tests to rule out other causes, before treating you for hair loss due to keratin treatment.

Allergic Reaction

Some people may experience allergic reaction from this keratin hair straightening treatment. Itching, rash, eczema scale on scalp can occur for some people with sensitive skin / scalp. Sow how can you avoid this allergic reaction? Please ask your hair stylist first before you undergo keratin hair straightening treatment. After you are sure that your scalp is okay with keratin hair treatment then please go ahead with the treatment. And please don’t forget to tell your hair stylist about your history of allergic reaction.

Deterioration of the Hair Texture

As the potent chemicals are not the part of the body, their interaction with the natural chemicals of the hair, would give rise to adverse reactions. The initial luster of the hair starts fading within 2-3 weeks of undergoing treatment.

How to protect?

Most keratin treatment systems also have a shampoo and a conditioner in the same product range: use them to refresh your treatment, to protect your hair and to maintain and enhance the look. Keratin treatment shampoos and conditioners are available from your hairdresser. Avoid shampoos that contain sodium chloride or sulfates. If not, you should avoid this treatment as much as possible, it is better to prevent than cure.

After learning about keratin hair treatment side effects, it’s obvious that the cost of achieving shiny, voluminous, silk smooth hair is very high. The probability of contracting cancer because of a beauty treatment seems ridiculous. Living with curls or frizzy hair is not that big a problem to live with, that one should go in for treatments that open the door for cancer. But, all decisions is yours! so think wisely…





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