Jessica Stroup Short Hair

Jessica Stroup is an American actress and model, born on October 23rd 1986. Jessica is known for her role as Erin Silver in “90210″. The first thing everyone notices about Jessica are her amazing big blue eyes with the most perfect lashes. Then it is her quirky persona and her fun hairstyles. Jessica has gone through quite a transformation that all started with sensuous, long and brunette curly cascades and continuously became shorter.

Her naturally brown hair has been lightened and ever-so-softly highlighted for a slightly piece-y look, which was then cut into a choppy bob. Stroup always wears her hair parted to the side, and usually musses it up with gentle, uneven waves. Jessica Stroup short hair choppy bob is really inspiring many women.

A short even length bob was extremely sexy and chic and she looks super sassy with a longer front and shorter back that was the base of a variety of short haircuts and styling. Her face is so expressive and feminine that she can get away even with very angular gamine cuts, but the best hairstyles on her do have a little bit of elegant volume and some soft texture in the tips. Her main color is a deep brown that makes her eyes seem even brighter!

Not forget about her the most adorable pixie haircut. Stroup’s pixie chic crop has a hint of volume and a tousled feel. To get the style; Blow dry hair, and flip head over for the final few minutes. Finger style hair into place.

On the other time, Jessica Stroup short hair was a semi smooth look with ends flittering about displaying her layers. Her flattering hair color is close to a rich warm coffee brown that definitely makes her blue eyes pop out more. Jessica’s hairstyle and color is not the usual trendy norm that we see today and is refreshing to see a close crop of one color. Low maintenance! The glossy hair color would be simple touch ups. A quick blow dry with your medium sized vented brush would do the trick; spritz some hair gloss for shine.

Jessica has a class act look. The perfect short haircut can definitely be sexy, easy to care and really versatile. Jessica Stroup short hair style is really adored by many women, including me! how about you?






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