Jamie Lee Curtis Hair

American character actress Jamie Lee Curtis, was born on November 22nd 1958 in Los Angeles. Jamie Lee Curtis earned the nickname “Scream Queen” for her early roles in horror movies, including the well known “Halloween” series. Since then, she’s been nominated for the Academy Award and begun a new career as a spokesperson. Jamie Lee Curtis is known for embracing her gray by cutting her hair into a silver pixie cut that looks youthful and trendy.

To create Jamie Lee Curtis hair, you can follow some steps below. And some things you have to prepare is Hair gel spray, Hair gel, Hair wax.


  • Cut hair short and sleek, mimicking a man’s haircut. Leave some short layers around the face, but keep the back as short as possible, such as Jamie’s look in “Halloween H2O.”
  • Trim bangs to around 2 inches long. You can either lift the bangs up for a modern look or lay them flat for something more natural and relaxed.
  • Spray the hair down completely with a hair gel spray. This will set the look, but keep it more natural and less stiff than a regular gel would. At home, you can try Nexxus spray gel helps hold the hair without weighing it down.
  • Part the hair along one side of the head. Curtis likes her part to the right, but you can go with what you prefer, if you’re not going for an exact look.
  • Mix together hair gel and wax in your hands and rub them through your hair. Scrunch the hair with your fingers to create soft waves. Bed Head wax works great when combined with Jason Hi-Shine gel to imitate this part of Jamie’s hairstyle.
  • Rub a small amount of hair wax onto the roots of the hair and lift it slightly. This helps create volume in the hair and keeps it from looking flat. Again, if you’re looking for one like Curtis uses, try Bed Head wax.
  • Finish off the look by adding another dab of Jason Hi-Shine gel to the bangs and push them in the opposite direction of the part. If the part is on the right, like Jamie’s, then push the bangs to the left.

For example, see the pictures of Jamie Lee Curtis Hair below!

This style is especially great for women who are growing out a dye job, since choppy cuts make it easier to hide grown-out roots. Regular trims will slowly but surely remove any leftover dyed strands and eventually lead to a chic, youthful pixie cut that is easy to maintain and looks fantastic with gray locks. Jamie Lee Curtis hair is one of the best examples that really, really short hair can look really, really sexy.

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