How to Style Men’s Medium Length Hair

Medium length hair is popular since it used to be. This specific haircut is one of the most popular hair styles these days. While seeming to be the current trend with teenagers and 20 something guys, work well on a lot of men. Medium length hairstyles for men can have many definitions. And how to style mens medium length hair can have many ways to make.  But no matter what its variation, it can be very stylish.

The medium length hairstyles is normally considered to be one that sits on or simply above the shoulder. Some guys are into having a clean-cut look and keep their hair very short. Then there are the guys out there who prefer to have their hair longer for a number of reasons. About how to style mens medium length hair? Here’s you have a few choices to try out.


To achieve one of these hairstyles, do some planning ahead. If your hair is already short, and you want to let it grow into a medium-length style, have some layering done. All over cuts can simply lie flat, but if you get a mix of different lengths, it will create a whole new look for you. In addition, for fine hair or hair that just wants to lay there, you have a wide array of styling products available to you for improving the look. Slight waves and textures can be emphasized by using a sculpture lotion for thicker hair, and a lighter mousse for thin hair.



For guys that have some edge to them, give your hair an uncombed look. Comb it, dampen it and then shake it. This is an easy hairstyle and looks good.


Everybody likes looking at a man with blonde hair! (including mehhh :D ) Even those that already have blonde hair naturally can add highlights that are a couple of shades lighter than their natural color to get a great look. Blonde highlights in your medium length hair will give you a casual beachy appearance that will look great on you. Your hair will look like it has more texture to it which will help add some dimension and give you a fantastic appearance.


Depending on the length of your hair (medium length on guys could mean your hair is about shoulder length with longish or all one length bangs) pull all of your hair back into a low ponytail. It’s easy and stylish for a guy.


Okey, how about this? brush your bangs either to the left side of your head or to the right side. Try both to see which one you like the best. When you are brushing your bangs to the side you want to make sure that they remain forward as well, so the direction you are brushing them is forward and left or right, its your decide.


You might have to use a blow dryer for this style. Once out of the shower, rub a little volumizing gel through your hair. Blow dry your hair concentrating on giving your bangs and the rest of your medium length hair a bit of lift at your scalp.

OR You can make your medium-length hair keep a little more shape by getting it trimmed regularly, without going short. Having your hair stylist taper and texture your hair occasionally will keep this medium-length hairstyle looking great all the time.

These are just a couple of ways about how to style mens medium length hair. There are hundreds of other ways that you can style medium length hair, and since it is “in style” at the moment, you should have time to work on a few of those styles and figure out which one you like the most. The medium-length hairstyle for men is one that begs for experimentation. With the right cuts and styling product support. Then, you do not have to worry to join the party and seen by your lads or strangers (especially someone you love?) because you’ve done the right thing for your hairstyle.  You know, you look good.. Woohoo!










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