How to Style Medium Length Hair for Men: For Thick, Fine, Curly Hair

Medium length hair  is easily manageable and can be styled with great results . It’s not a straitlaced, gives you a chance to highlight your hair’s texture, and can look at home both at work and at play.

There is a large variety of hairstyles and cuts to choose for medium length hair.  You can alter your entire look and personality by going for a hairstyle that is different from what you normally sport. Here are a few suggest about how to style medium length hair for men yet for thick, fine and curly hair;

Hairstyles for Thick Hair

If you have thick hair and are searching for some medium length hairstyles for thick hair, then you can try layered haircut for thick hair. This is the best haircut for thick hair, as the hair is cut in step by step layers. It decreases the thickness and gives an elegant look to the wearer. What is interesting is that you can keep your hair at medium length or even longer. The next medium length hair styles for thick hair includes one without bangs. Bangs are not suitable for thick hair and you may cut your hair without adding bangs. Instead, a good option for medium length hair styles with bangs is adding perms. You can create soft perms or heavy perms to your thick hair and look gorgeously handsome.

Hairstyles for Fine Hair

There are many options for medium length hair styles for fine hair. You can try curling them or letting your hair fall down. You can try cutting your hair shorter on the sides and longer on the top. You can make it all shaggy in the top and just long enough to tuck the hair strands behind your ear. The angled bob is suitable medium length hair styles for round faces. It makes the face look thinner. It works on fine hair, as well as thick hair. Medium length hair styles for fine hair also include, the popular messy style. You need to create a ‘bedhead’ look. Cut hair at different lengths and use hair care products like hair gel or pomade and give your hair a tussled look. Make sure all your hair are messed up enough and spread in different directions.

Hairstyles for Curly Hair

There are many looks one can try for medium length hair styles for curly hair. You can try the large Afro look of the 1970s. These men’s hairstyles are great for naturally curly hair that grow in a puffy way. You can try wearing a hat and let hair puffs visible on each. You can also try the smaller version of large Afro. They make a man stand out in a crowd. You can try Adrian Grenier style as an inspiration for medium length hairstyle for men with curly hair. This hair style is suitable for men with square, oblong or rectangle face shapes. This hairstyle adds to the contour of your face cut. You can also try the short length curl hairstyles. Just cut the sides close and tight enough and add a few curls on the top. You may even spike some of the curls on the top.


Try a medium-length smart cut paired with careful styling, and look positively cool in comparison to shorter ‘dos. Your hair can be swept to one side with a comb and then “finger-combed” to add a little texture. Applying products that emphasize your hair texture are definitely welcome with this hairstyle. Styling mousse will add lift at the crown, and you can brush your medium length hair back past your ears for classic appeal.

Men with medium length hair can opt for braid hairstyles. You can try fishtail, French braid or twisted braids and look trendy and smart. The next best haircut, styles and ideas for How to Style Medium Length Hair for Men is a ponytail. Ponytails look great on thick hair. You can try wearing your ponytail high or low.

Plan to grow out a shorter hairstyle into a shaggy medium-length style with clever layering. An all-over cut can lie flat, but a mix of lengths can look stellar.  Shaggy hairstyles look great when slight waves and texture are emphasized. A sculpture lotion will add a stronger hold for thicker hair, while thin hair may be best shaped with a lighter hold mousse.

No doubt, these type of hair really got a lot style to pick! When you already pick your fave style, considering the shape of your face first, which medium length hair style will suits your face.  If you still confusing about  that……, Ask your friend or consulting it to your hair stylist . After all, your hairstyle plays an important role in making or breaking your hot dude look. Aw~ :D   And i hope this article help you to figure out about How to Style Medium Length Hair for Men.





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