How to Style Medium Layered Hair

Medium hair is generally defined as reaching from below the jawline to several inches below the collar, though different stylists may classify hair lengths differently.

When choosing a layered hair style for medium length hair, it is important to consider not only the length of the hair, but also the shape of your face so you have a style that best suits your features. Layers can add softness, distinction, and mystery to any style, depending on how they are cut and coordinated. If you asking how to style medium layered hair you can read some ideas below.

The following design ideas prove longer layers don’t have to be boring.

  • Curls : You can rock natural curls or create waves in layered hair with ease. Layered styles have less weight than one length tresses, making it even easier to support and hold curl on textured hair. Using curl enhancing products and a texturizing cream to smooth frizz and control wave is the best way to style curls with layers. Let hair air dry and gently break up ringlets with your fingers.
  • Straight : For fine straight hair, style your layers and maximize your volume with volumizing tonic and a mousse to build up the body before your blowdry tresses. When styling, using round brushes or hot rollers will give you superior lift and smooth volume with movement.
  • Wavy  : Wavy layers are the perfect sexy summer style. By using a large curling iron or setting the hair in jumbo rollers will give your shoulder length layered haircut a bohemian feel. Adding braids and plaits to layered waves helps to add interest and texture to the style.

For different looks:

Basic Blow Out

The basic blow out is one of the easiest ways to style a medium-length layered hair cut.

  1. Before drying, use a volumizing product to help lift the roots.
  2. Dry the hair with hands until the hair is approximately 90% dry.
  3. Then use a round hair brush to finish styling the hair. Use the brush to lift hair upwards from the root.

If you have face framing layers, use the round brush to work the layers towards the face, so they curve inwards.

Piecy Look

If you have choppy or razor cut layers you may want to create a piecy look. Dry the hair with a blow dryer and your hands, tousling hair while drying. Once dried, use a wax or texturizing pomade and rub the product between your thumb and ring finger. Use these fingers to apply the product the ends of the hair to create defined pieces. Finish with a strong hold hairspray.

How To Care?

Because medium length hair generally frames the face, the style is often more noticeable than with other lengths, and therefore it must be cared for properly to look its best. Regular trims (every 5-6 weeks) are necessary, and may be needed more frequently for styles incorporating a lot of layers. The ends of the hair should be carefully conditioned to keep them healthy, and any split ends should be trimmed away as soon as possible to avoid a frizzy look. Despite the versatility of the style, changing styles frequently is not recommended because it will put excessive stress on the hair and could lead to breakage or hair loss.

Medium layered hair is one of the most popular for hairstyles of medium length hair.Many order to use as well as also adapted to form the face, and desire. It was quite fun cannot be said to be dull, because each month, every year… it always show a bunch of different styles. So, try it! believe in me this will not be a hassle, even engrossing.



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