How to Style Medium Hair for Men 2012

The new era man is equally conscious about them and does his best to get that funky and stylish look that makes the ladies croon. Different men like different hairstyles depending on their choice and not one style suits everyone. For hair styles, almost of them want a style that’s cool and trendy, and others want a style that’s easily manageable and durable. It was actually not much different with the women. However, for men, hair styles most often used is the most simple style and non fuss. Male hair model in generally easier than female models. Almost all men tend to cut their hair to short, and medium or mid-length. Only a few men who like long hair, because it is inconvenient.  And if you have medium hair, how to style medium hair perfectly? you can try wavy/bangs/pompadour, layer, and curly.


Another way about how to style medium hair is; you can try is side-swept-bangs, to style; formed by splitting the hair to the side which is then given wax, while combing try not too neat so deflated, but which form a natural hairstyle to look a little fuller and bumpy.

The pompadour was also a fashion trend in the 1950s among male rockabilly artists and actors. In recent years the pompadour hair style has been adopted by those enamoured with vintage culture of the late 50s and early 1960s that includes antique cars, hot rods, American folk music, rockabilly bands, and Elvis Presley. This style has become popular among Italian-Americans and the “goombah” or “Guido” subculture. Many Mexican-American in the “Greaser” subculture also sport pompadours. To style the hair, one should apply some pomade or wax to the hands and rub them together to warm it. Next, rub the product through the sides and back to get an even application. Using a comb, slick the sides back keeping the hair as close to the scalp as possible. The back should be combed straight down. Repeat the process of warming pomade or wax between the hands before rubbing it into the top hair. Comb this section in a diagonal direction starting from the back and working toward the front and one side. This will create a part in one side. The front should flipped up and back to give some height to this section.

Robert Pattison

The Robert Pattison’s messy medium hairstyles for men  made a very unlikely style statement. The twilight star has left many a ladies weak on their knees with his messy long hair. Though these hairs could not be called as “smart”, yet they are good enough for masses to follow. Especially those who are young or even young at heart. The best part of Robert Pattison’s medium hairstyles for round faces, ova, long or broad. These haircuts are not at all face sensitive.

Curly and wavy hair can also look stunning when paired with a stylish medium haircut. Indeed if you are proud of your natural hair texture make sure you use it as the best source to pull off charming and chic hair styles. Muss up the locks with the help of mousse or styling paste then blow dry it until you have the desired look. A tapered cut would also take down from the bulky effect of the tight curls. Instead of leaving your tresses flat and boring make sure you ask your hair stylist to grant you with an up-to-date and fab style.
How about layers? Layers are great way to add texture, Layers may be cut into the hair so that they appear to be blended, or unblended. Unblended layers result in chunky texture that is easy to style with styling products. Usually, layered hair is combined with bangs that will perfectly framing your face to giving a unique look. Mostly layered hair is suit for any face shape and hair thickness.

Pay attention about your look is a must! A little suggests above about how to style medium hair may help you in choosing the perfect hairstyle. For men who have medium hair definitely no need to worry about the difficulty while trying to managing. The matter is follow the steps correctly it will create the perfect result.






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